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Personality and Mind Reading, Signed, Limited CD-ROM
Personality and Mind Reading, Signed, Limited CD-ROM

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Once purchased, download is available for seven days with a maximum of five downloads per item purchased.

If your PDF or audio link does not show immediately, please keep checking back online in your account online at Wonder Wizards. Once the credit card has cleared, or PayPal has confirmed payment, the link will show up in your online account at Wonder Wizards

So sign into your account and keep checking back there, for your PDF link if needed.

Once you log in at Wonder Wizards go to:

My Account Information

Then click on...

Previous Orders

Look for your download order and click on it. At the bottom of your order information is a list of your available download links. Click on the link to download it. If the link does not appear right away, allow time for payment confirmation. Keep checking back in your download order section until you see the link - then click and download!

You may also try right click on the link (underlined) to your downloads, then click or highlight "Save Link As". This will allow you to chose where to save each download. Just right-click on each underlined download link, and then choose SAVE AS. In that way you can choose where to save your files to find them more easily.

It's simple - it's all here online for you - and only at Wonder Wizards.

FOR INTERNET EXPLORER USERS - IMPORTANT! : We're not sure why, but Microsoft has a strange thing with IE as people download PDFs. It's probably for security reasons. It really depends on how your personal browser is set up. Here's the thing. When you download the PDF your IE window will probably go blank for a while. BE PATIENT. Hang in there!

EVENTUALLY the browser window will show the file in it! Then you can read the PDF, for instance. After you see it in your browser... BE PATIENT still. IE will take a while to download the complete PDF. If you scroll through, you may freak out because all the pages are not there. Hang in there. Soon enough all the pages will appear. Once the do, you can go to the top of the browser and under FILE go to SAVE AS. Then you can save this file wherever you wish on your own computer. TRY TO CLICK "SAVE AS" when you click on your download button in Internet Explorer - that's the easiest and best way to save your files with IE. Otherwise, be patient and save it later as suggested above. IE people will probably know all about this already, but it's here for you just in case!

OR... (better we have found!) download a free Firefox Browser and you won't have any of these downloading delays at all. You will still need to be patient a bit as all the files download, because there is a lot in this complete system!

Get your free copy of the Firefox Browser to avoid these issues at:


We finally talked Kenton into Firefox for his own personal use, and now he wouldn't be without it!

IE will work fine - eventually - you'll just need to be additionally patient as you watch a blank screen during the PDF download.

HOW TO UNZIP ZIP FILES: We have put some files into ZIP archives to make it easier for customers to download. Most modern computers have an unzip program built-in. If you can't open the file, we suggest the free program: 7-zip (PC users). Mac users can rely on Stuff It Expander.

NOTE: Allow each file to download one at a time completely. If you get impatient, you may think you can't open the file because you didn't allow it all to download entirely. If you get a .part extension on your file it means you got impatient. You'll need to download it again (you get seven attempts, so you'll be fine) SOME OF THESE FILES ARE LARGE as you are getting hours of audio programming. Please BE PATIENT. Trust us, it's worth it. Patience is a virtue...


Here is a video on how to save PDFs on iPad for starters:


OR click on the link below:


For Mp4 movies, videos, audio files, according to Apple, films and TV shows are in the Videos app.

Some videos may be found in the iTunes app, as may some of the audio programs.

The files ARE there and you CAN save the files by using these programs. Apple suggests if you still have issues, check with them about how to save your items on their devices.

YOU WILL open your files perfectly, if you follow these instructions.

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