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Cashliostro Three-sum Package (Downloads)
Cashliostro Three-sum Package (Downloads)
Mind Reading Lessons Let's See What We Have Here

DOWNLOADS ARE GOOD FOR ABOUT ONE WEEK. For this reason we cannot accept checks for download items, sorry. By the time we get the checks, the downloads have usually expired. If you don't have a credit card, join PayPal and use a debit card or simply PayPal itself instead.

"This is a Mind Reading Course in a series of Lessons. TO AVOID CONFUSION you need to read Lessons 1, 2 and 3, in order, before moving on to later lessons. PLEASE don't skip to a later lesson without having the lessons that come before it. That will only confuse you. Learn properly what we are teaching by reading the lessons is order, starting with the first Lessons. This is like coming to a course I am teaching. If you miss the first three classes, you can't expect to understand the cool things to do in the fourth and fifth class. The Lessons are numbered in order for a reason. READ THE LESSONS IN ORDER." - Kenton

Because you'd rather be seen as a Mind Reader, rather than someone doing mind reading tricks, these Mind Reading Lessons are for you

(See the review and link at the bottom of this page)

Through special arrangement with Kenton Knepper and his S.E.C.R.E.T. School a new Student Affiliate Program has been created for our direct customers only.

Do you know the basics of mentalism and now you want to take it to the next level?

Perhaps you are already a mentalist and want to appear more as a real Mind Reader - not a fake psychic or a trickster doing mentalism tricks

You may have heard about the inner teachings by Kenton's S.E.C.R.E.T. School and wished to have direct instruction on their unusual methods, applications and effects.

Many have asked us for help applying the classic book "Mind Reading" by Kenton and his S.E.C.R.E.T. School Students to their already outstanding performances.

Others have asked the exclusive S.E.C.R.E.T. School for private lessons and have been told that only a handful may join the School, and never by asking.

We found a way to do all of this and more.

Kenton and his renown Students wanted to add much more to their teachings on how to be a true Mind Reader... and at last the new Mind Reading Lessons are being released.

The first three lessons are available as a special deal - buy three lessons at once and get the Mind Reading Book FREE in PDF download format.

You may purchase individual lessons. Each lesson sells for only $20 each The lessons are in order, so you do need to begin with lesson #1 and go on from there.

When you sign up for the first three lessons you also become a Student Affiliate of the S.E.C.R.E.T. School, which has produced some of the most important insider works in mentalism today ("Mind Reading", "Ultimately Under", "Act of Imagination", "Risk Assessment" and "Mystery By Association" for starters) Your claim to this affiliation remains as long as you are continuing the School lessons.

We are excited about these new downloadable lessons, as they will help all mentalism performers to be viewed as real Mind Readers, not fake psychics or tricksters doing mentalism tricks. These lessons will also provide more access to the S.E.C.R.E.T. School and its work than ever allowed before.

These lessons are for those newer to mentalism as well as full time professionals. You need to know the basics of mentalism before you start these lessons. If you do not know the basics, a couple of books, DVDs or Youtube videos (sad, but true) will probably give you anything else that you need. Fortunately, you cannot explain what are in these Lessons on Youtube!

Our Mind Reading Lessons allow you to Know things only a real Mind Reader would Know.

* You will jot down impressions about people and their inner lives, and they will quickly see where you are correct.

* You will do readings without doing readings.

* You will appear to get inside the minds of all you meet, casually or professionally.

* You will know the inner thoughts and workings of others at a glance

* You will predict daily events in your every day life

* You will Know things rather than have to ask people questions

and much, much more.

People will think, "Stop" during a book test and you will STOP.

People will finish writing down something and you will say, "You are finished" like a real Mind Reader - not "Are you done yet?" like most mentalism performers.

Kenton and his remarkable students take you on a journey to new heights, where anyone serious about making their mentalism look like REAL MIND READING will be able to do so.

Please see the details in each lesson and special package for more.

We anticipate these lessons will continue to build and grow, but still you need only to purchase one lesson at a time. This is a dynamic series that will grow with you, while allowing you to apply to your own performances the material in each lesson. You'll get our latest thinking on these subjects through our lessons. Unlike a book, when once it is written it's finished, these lessons continue to advance the very latest work.

If you still want more information...

Here is a snippet of the recent review from Jheff at marketplaceofthemind.com:

" ...for me, this promises to be a very useful and exciting series. And at $20 each, Kenton has provided an incredible bargain. I strongly think it's undervalued and that fans of Kenton's work should take advantage now before some sense is knocked into him. Of course, even if he were to raise the price a bit, it would still be worth it. Without question, this is highly recommended."

Read the complete, frank and outstanding review here in full:

Mind Reading Lessons Review by Jheff of Market Place of the Mind

Or copy and paste into your browser this address: http://www.marketplaceofthemind.com/Mind_Reading_Lessons.html

JUST IN! The reviews have been constantly stunning. The Lessons have grown to full book size and yet cost only $20 each. The feedback has been nothing short of astonishing.

In fact, JMOM and http://www.MarketplaceoftheMind.com Reviews Names MIND READING LESSONS AS THE BEST MENTALISM PRODUCT OF 2009! Read the full review in our REVIEWS links on the right side of nearly every product page. Other products of ours made the list too!

If you don't Know why you need these yet, or what all the talk is about, isn't it about time?

    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Book Download   Mind Reading Book Download   $35.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Intro Lessons 1 and 2 - Download PDF   Mind Reading Intro Lessons 1 and 2 - Download PDF   $40.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 10 (PDF and JPG Downloads)   Mind Reading Lesson 10 (PDF and JPG Downloads)   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 11 - PDF Download   Mind Reading Lesson 11 - PDF Download   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 12 (PDF Download)   Mind Reading Lesson 12 (PDF Download)   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 13 (Audio & PDF Downloads)   Mind Reading Lesson 13 (Audio & PDF Downloads)   $35.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 3 - Download PDF   Mind Reading Lesson 3 - Download PDF   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 4 - Download PDF   Mind Reading Lesson 4 - Download PDF   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 5 - Download PDF   Mind Reading Lesson 5 - Download PDF   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 6 - PDF Download   Mind Reading Lesson 6 - PDF Download   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 7 (MR7) - PDF Download   Mind Reading Lesson 7 (MR7) - PDF Download   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 8 (MR8) PDF Download   Mind Reading Lesson 8 (MR8) PDF Download   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lesson 9  - PDF Download   Mind Reading Lesson 9 - PDF Download   $25.00  Buy Now 
 Mind Reading Lessons COMPLETE (Downloads)   Mind Reading Lessons COMPLETE (Downloads)   $225.00  Buy Now 
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06.Mind Reading Lesson 7 (MR7) - PDF Download
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