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Post Mental Signed, Limited CD-ROM
Post Mental Signed, Limited CD-ROM
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Signs of Influence Review   Date: Wednesday 05 August, 2009
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The Linking Ring Review of "Signs of Influence"

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Signs Of Influence

Linking Ring Review

by Fred Rosenbaum

Signs of Influence by Kenton Knepper

eBook and pictures, download only, $35

Available only from http://www.wonderwizards.com/ or http://www.wonderwizards.com/product_info.php?products_id=384

Kenton Knepper is famous in the magic world for his Wonder Words franchise. He has 3 volumes and a workbook on it so far. I am a little surprised he didn't call this Wonder Pictures or Wonder Signs as it is appropriate and really does expand the franchise. What Wonder Words does for words, Signs of Influence does for pictures.

The basic premise is that your on-stage volunteers appear to be in a trance and do or say what you want. Much like hypnosis but without the hypnosis part. Your helper sees one thing while the audience sees something else It really appears that you are hypnotizing people with photographs and creating alternate realities.

What you get is a 91 page ebook, 48 picture files, 24 influence swirl card images, and 35 images of cards that are of use to anyone that owns the Kentonism book. All are electronic downloads and are quite large. If you are on dial up you may want to download at a friend's house.

Like most of Kenton's work, you don't just get a routine and a prop that you then go out and perform. You receive a full routine that uses the majority of the picture files. You could use this package and put on a pseudo hypnosis show with no further training. You can also pick and choose and do a short set with the same premise. What is not recommended is to try to add a quick sign or two as part of a magic show. A good magician will be able to routine this into their act, but it is not a simple throw away effect. You are dealing with people's minds, they will believe it is real, and you don't want to confuse them by adding it to a magic act.

Some of the pictures can be used even if they are presented quite small. That makes them ideal for loading on your iPhone or PDA and you can be ready any time anywhere.

Thirty five dollars is an amazing price for what you get, but you must realize that it is just the beginning of your expenditures. The 91-page book is provided as a pdf file. You can read it on your computer, but I printed it out on my printer and had it comb bound at a copy place for $5. You also receive jpg files for 48 pictures. The majority of these are very high resolution and can be printed quite large. They also print nicely as 4x6 pictures, or you can print them on your own photo printer. But you will want to print them to use them. The beauty of not having Kenton provide them printed for you is that you just print the pictures you want, at the size you need, saving money for all.

This package is highly recommended for the right performer. In the hands of a mentalism pro this will be killer, if you are a birthday party magician you should save your money. If you have a hyp act and want to liven up the pre-talk, if you want a full hyp show but aren't trained for one, need to expand a strong mentalism show, or can routine this into your magic show in a way that makes sense, this is for you.

Order "Signs of Influence" Here: Order Signs of Influence Here - Click Here

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