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Review: Modern Miracles of Suggestion   Date: Saturday 31 October, 2009
News Summary:
Any part of the main book is worth $35. Whether you want the tricks, the equivoque advice, the tips and tricks to improve your performance, you will get your money’s worth.

News Content:
Modern Miracles of Suggestion by Kenton Knepper

- Review by Fred Rosenbaum, January Linking Ring Magazine 2010

61 page pdf document

Bonus 4 page pdf document and 5 audio files (mp3)

$35 download only from www.wonderwizards.com

Kenton Knepper again improves on a previous work. In 2002 he wrote “Miracles of Suggestion.” He has expanded it to over twice its original size and added five audio files. At the same time he made it downloadable to keep it affordable and accessible to anyone with a reasonable Internet connection.

As is the case with much of Kenton’s work, this contains a mix of ideas, subtleties, recommendations and effects. To get the most from it it needs to be read several times. There are several effects you will be able to do immediately, some ideas that you will be able to apply to effects you are performing now, and some ideas that will come in handy as you develop new presentations.

The theme of the book is suggestion. Rather than give direct statements to your spectators you give them suggestions, which leads to more powerful presentations. An example is provided that explains how to perform a card in card box effect and how you can make it a better trick by using suggestion.

A lot of time is spent on equivoque, explaining what to say, why to say it, and just as importantly how to say it. If you ever need to have one item of a group selected you’ll get your money’s worth from this section alone. This handling is very different than taught in his “Kontrol” effect and manuscript.

Along with equivoque Kenton describes how to force a spectator to just think of a specific card. While not 100% guaranteed, it will hit quite often when done as taught.

Also taught is a book test that is totally impromptu, can be done with any book anywhere as long as you have prepared your presentation (always a good thing to do) and have the wherewithal to pull it off.

In Eyes of Svengali you shuffle a deck face up, have the spectator shuffle then cut and look at the top card. The selected card matches your prediction. While this reads like just another card trick, with the presentation provided this fools and entertains magicians and laymen alike.

The final trick taught has a spectator name a color or two and a shape. You produce a small package and the shape and colors match. Most of the time. When they don’t you end up with different, but still good, effect.

The book ends with three effects by Luke Jermay, originally published in the original “Miracles of Suggestion.” Slip of Suggestion involves a verbal ESP card force, Blurred Vision is another ESP card effect and RGM (Reverse Gestalt Moment) is a suggestion-based effect in which a spectator forgets the name of the card they saw even though the entire audience remembers it.

The bonus portion includes a short pdf document that explains how to use the audio file and has a 1-page answer sheet that can be copied and passed out to the audience. You then play the 16 minute audio file and have the audience answer 19 questions. You then can give a lecture on why they answered the questions the way they did. The information for the lecture is based on the contents of the book, the short document, and a 20 minute audio file.

Also as a bonus there are 3 tracks (35 minutes total) that have Kenton using his verbal techniques on spectators and then he explains what he did.

Any part of the main book is worth $35. Whether you want the tricks, the equivoque advice, the tips and tricks to improve your performance, you will get your money’s worth. But the real value comes when you reread the book again and again and pick up more of the gems you missed the first time through. Highly recommended for all performers.

Fred Rosenbaum

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