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Cashliostro's Astro-Divinations (Download)
Cashliostro's Astro-Divinations (Download)
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Readings - Where Do I Start?   Date: Sunday 30 May, 2010
News Summary:
Once you have started the Mind Reading Lessons some want more help with readings and mentalism basics. Here is a list of our usual suggestions.

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It depends a bit on what you feel that you need. Do you have the basics of mentalism? Are readings only entirely new to you?

To help boost your confidence in readings we suggest three things to consider:

1) Readings For The Magician

2) Completely Cold

3) Wonder Words

You can buy and download Readings For The Magician here:


You can buy and download the updated and expanded version of Completely Cold as a new audio book and with real life audio examples of this method in use so you can learn how to do it easily, here:


Something else you may want to consider getting right away if you do not have it is Wonder Words. Wonder Words will help your magic greatly, and also teach you many ways to consider what may be said during readings. You will find that Wonder Words is referred to constantly in the Mind Reading Lessons.

You may buy the three volumes of Wonder Words separately on the website, or we have just released a download special of the full set - the equivalent of twelve CDs and three booklets for about half the price this set sold for when it was out on cassette tapes.

Read more about Wonder Words on our website and see the deal here:


It IS an investment, but most pros today are using some of this work to make a name for themselves in magic and mentalism and it de-mystifies elements of NLP and other related methods. In fact, the NLP craze in mentalism began due to Wonder Words.

These three items are things that we always consider and suggest for new readers, along with the Mind Reading Lessons.

If you don't have The Jinx or any Annemann works, we suggest you get some of those along with Corrina's 13 Steps To Mentalism too. You can look into some of the Annemann works and order them via our website under the MInd Reading Props section. You'll find that here:


Then click on the right link in this section that reads "Books, DVD, Audio" etc.

Thank You For Your Support and Hope This Helps You Now!

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