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Stone Cold Readings (Download)
Stone Cold Readings (Download)
S.A.R. 1.7 on CD-ROM $135.00
Media Type: CD-ROM

CD-ROM VERSION OF S.A.R. - This does NOT include the "S.A.R. Toolbox". This is the original manual on a CD-ROM in MSWord and Text files. You can get this S.A.R. Training Manual as well as the S.A.R. Toolbox alone or together at a special price in our DOWNLOADS SECTION only. The item below is for those want to have a physical copy of the Training Manual on a CD-ROM rather than as a download. Repeat, this does NOT include the S.A.R. Toolbox or Back Of The Room book for the Toolbox.


WARNING TO AUCTION BUYERS AND SELLERS. We do NOT authorize or issue certificates to second-hand buyers of S.A.R. Purchasing S.A.R. gives you the right to be certified. One certification per CD-ROM. For details see S.A.R. Questions on our Questions page. Don't become UN-certified!

To be certified you must order from us directly now, due to piracy. We are no longer allowing S.A.R. to be sold through dealers. We will keep your name and ID number on file, and you will have 6 months from your purchase date to get your certification online. S.A.R. will now come with a number written on the CD-ROM itself, and certification and listing on the S.A.R. website is available to those with a number and name that match their IP address and our direct customer information. See more details on the bottom of this page.

Do NOT order S.A.R. unless you are serious about working with it.

"S.A.R. is the first thing magic related that I spent $150 on that I have actually used." - Steve Wachner

Many years ago now J. Tank and Kenton released a system for readings called “SAR”. Soon this made its way into mainstream therapy and so we pulled it off the market for a while. For years, it has “vanished” in fact.

This new 1.7 version contains the same text as the original, except it is on a CD-ROM. Of course, you will then be able to print out your own copies of the papers provided by yourself on your own printer.

As a special bonus, certified S.A.R. buyers will be listed on a special S.A.R. site. This allows clients to check up on you and see that you are legitimate, get basic contact info and more! This is a new addition to the 1.7 version.

We do not have any other way we offer SAR right now other than on CD-ROM. But for those of you futuristic and modern types, CD-ROM will be what you have been waiting for from us!

You will get the CD-ROM only. This CD-ROM will open in many different text formats and “Word” file versions – both for PC and Mac. Don’t expect fancy labels or covers though – this is “just the real work” and no cute eye candy. We know you care more about the real work that is inside anyway – that's why you are at our site!

What is SAR? You may read all the details below. There is a great deal of information here!

Go to the very bottom of these details to order, and read a review It’s worth it. Here is the information many have asked us to supply:

“If you ever wanted to add an air of real legitimacy to your readings - and even reprogram people at a true subconscious level - then this is for you! And that’s just the beginning...”

Subconscious Analysis and Reprogramming, or S.A.R. has been extensively developed over a three-year intensive field study.

S.A.R gives the appearance of a sound “psychological” reading. In fact, it seems so legitimate that psychologists and therapists all over the country have offered thousands of dollars to be “trained” in S.A.R.

Fortunately for you, we didn’t oblige them. Still - the only way you can become trained in S.A.R. is to get this devious system from us!

When we first starting doing S.A.R., we thought we were just naturally “gifted”. Then we realized that the S.A.R. system was secretly doing all the work. We only seemed “brilliant” because the system itself was brilliant.

So we went to work purposely redesigning the S.A.R. system to be even more diabolical. To make it even more accurate. To be even less work. Soon a college level technique became like kindergarten.

At last, we had found a way to bridge the questionable nature of psychic readings with the more acceptable systems of psychology. As it turns out, this has little to do with our own training in academia. It has everything to do with our understanding of everyday illusions, and how to take clear advantage of them.

Now you can too!

That’s what S.A.R. is all about. How to use simple yet powerful illusions to create an astounding and accurate reading with very little effort.

The results you will get with S.A.R. are virtually guaranteed. As simple as S.A.R. is to do, the discoveries are profound and lasting. In truth, the Client does most of the ‘work’!

Once you know the secrets of S.A.R., the rest is easy.

Here’s What S.A.R. Will Do For You:

  • Analyze and read a client accurately without worry.
  • Tell a client about their hidden subconscious beliefs.
  • Literally change these hidden beliefs at a deep subconscious level.
  • Change a client’s conscious point of view.
  • Help clients evaluate and modify past behavior.
  • Give clients mental shortcuts to further success.
  • Teach clients how to get their conscious and subconscious minds to work together.
  • Clients take home physical proof of a successful reading.
  • Be beyond reproach among Psychologists and Counselors.
  • Add instant credibility to all of your work.
  • Apparently erase a client’s “old tapes”, and initiate new ones.
  • Learn the simple words that fool science and psychology alike.
  • Get the single secret word that “reprograms” a client instantly.
  • Use illusions in a practical and productive manner.
  • Actually reprogram a client’s hidden beliefs!
  • And become a certified S.A.R. Technician, complete with diploma at no additional cost. It’s all part of the package when you purchase the S.A.R. System.

If you care about being taken seriously, S.A.R. is definitely for you.

You will receive the complete S.A.R. System: The S.A.R. Training Manual on CD-ROM. You will seem legitimate because you will be legitimate.

If you still wonder what S.A.R. can do for you, here’s the initial response we received from the first gathering of magicians and mentalists during the first release event:

“Wow, with all this great information, I’m not sure that I want to have that much business. I mean, I have a nine-to-five. What would I tell my boss? ‘I’m leaving the company to do readings?’ “ (He later did leave to do SAR full-time. Your results may of course vary

“I’ve learned more useful information in S.A.R. than all the years I spent in Grad school. I’m thinking now that S.A.R. is real, and that my PhD. is a sham.!...”

“At first I thought this was a bit costly. I figured all I was buying was a trick. Then I read the Training Manual. I didn’t realize I was going to get such a great education too.”

“I know nothing about psychology or “readings”. Or I guess I should say I knew nothing until S.A.R. ... Now I sound even more legitimate than my friends who are licensed Psychologists. This is a riot! Not only does S.A.R. work; it has raised my credibility to a very high level in just a few days!”

“I’ve been doing “Psychic Readings” for years. Unfortunately, I did not know that this kept me out of the loop for some very high end parties. Now with S.A.R., I can work any party no matter how prestigious. People now believe I am a “Psychic” or a “Psychologist” as the situation requires. I never claim either one. With S.A.R. I don’t have to. But I am getting a lot more work! Please keep sharing your wonders, I beg of you!!!”

“As a Therapist I can tell you that S.A.R. is going to be part of my legitimate practice. I understand the System does more than many of the methods I was trained in to obtain my degrees. It’s also a helluva lot easier!”

“WOW! And I thought I knew everything about making readings seem legitimate. S.A.R. is so simple it changed my views overnight. I will never look at readings or psychology the same. I cannot thank you enough...”

“In just a couple of sentences I now know how to improve my client’s memory, how to explain simply the workings of the conscious and subconscious minds, and how to say things that seem instantly legitimate. Are you sure you shouldn’t be charging thousands of dollars for this?”

“OK, I figured this system would be a bit difficult to learn. How did you ever find a way to make this profound material so simple a sixth grader could learn it? And I thought Wonder Words was amazing. Since I can’t seem to “memorize” anything, it astonishes me that I know everything in S.A.R. by heart! Then again, you even explained that too...”

“Once again, you have changed the face of magic and mentalism forever...”

Original LIST PRICE... $175.00

SAR on CD-ROM ONLY $150.00

RELATED NEWS... Hey, check this out! It's yet another bit of research you can tie into your talk and work with S.A.R. :


Do you have technical CD-ROM questions or other personal SAR inquiries? E-mail us at : info@wonderwizards.com ONLY.

Though we have much information on our Questions pages, we still get many people asking about how to be certified, etc. Therefore we are placing the following notes of important information and general answers here. That way we know you can find them!

What you pay for in part when you purchase S.A.R. is your S.A.R. certification.

We NEVER certify someone who gets a copy secondhand, regardless of the situation.

This is similar to taking a course in school. Your friends may give you all the books and lesson notes from that course, but this does not allow you to be certified or get a diploma.

You have to pay for schooling to get the credit and appropriate credentials.

That is how it is with S.A.R. and no matter who tells you otherwise on another website or auction house, you will only be certified now if you can tell us the CD ROM Number and YOUR NAME and E-MAIL.These must MATCH what WE HAVE ON RECORD HERE when we approve certification. Only when you order directly from us will you have this information. If you order the download version, we already have your name and order on file. All you need to provide is your order number.

If you did not purchase this directly from us, you will not have said information and without it you cannot and will not be approved, validated or certified.

For ALL S.A.R. questions, please write to:


You MUST be certified now via the website and e-mail by writing to us at the above address ONLY.

We CANNOT honor mail-in certification tests any longer. We have waited several years for people to get caught up with this policy. If you have waited several years to get certified and are mailing in a written copy of the test, we will not likely receive it.

We repeat, ALL information, tests, and certification must go to:


Please be patient. We will get back to you. You will first be sent another email address to write to, so that we avoid SPAM. So keep your first email to us at the above address brief!

As you know the power of words and labeling now, please do not call S.A.R. (said as three initials) as "SARS" which is a disease. S.A.R. has no letter "s" on the end either, for that matter. Of course any well-studied S.A.R. applicant will be sure to avoid such a negative linguistic choice.

You can order a legitimate copy of S.A.R.in PDF format as a DOWNLOAD elsewhere on this website.

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