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Kenton Knepper

Products by Kenton Knepper

  • Kut Ups (Downloads)

    Kut Ups (Downloads)

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    Digital Lesson
    • Mentalism with photos that make mentalism visual.
    • Appear to do subliminal and mental influence.
    • Use images that people randomly cut apart, and predict exactly what they will do.
    • Funny, scary, unusual, seemingly ordinary images all work to provide quick mentalism entertainment.
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  • Trick Deck Real Deck

    Trick Deck Real Deck

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    Digital Lesson
    • Full 12 minute visually stunning and overwhelming card routine that people will never forget
    • Do more with an ungimmicked deck than with a dozen trick ones
    • Make quick, visual, deep and lasting impressions, all with a deck of cards.
    • Kenton uses this as his closing card routine to this day.
    • All in streaming videos, instantly available
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  • Automatic Imp and Sucker Spirit

    Automatic Imp and Sucker Spirit

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    Digital Lesson
    • In both streaming online video and/or download file version, both for this one price.
    • Turn a simple prop into a real miracle for audiences.
    • Make the old Imp Bottle into a life-changing positive experience for someone special.
    • Do readings in a novel and mysterious way using inexpensive Imp Bottles.
    • Cause a sucker or Tootsie Pop to become a haunted piece of candy with a very active spirit!
    • No gimmicks to hide, no threads to worry about in Kenton's unique methods.
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  • Enchanted Flower Production Instruction Only

    Enchanted Flower Production Instruction Only

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    Digital Lesson
    • Beautiful visual magic audiences remember
    • Original methods taught nowhere else
    • No steals or special holders
    • A secret lesson in real suggestion
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  • Mentor Special

    Mentor Special

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • One on One with Kenton Knepper
    • A Full Day and Night with The Master
    • Book one or multiple days
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  • Kolossal Killer (Original) PDF

    Kolossal Killer (Original) PDF

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    Digital Lesson
    • The ORIGINAL effect, principle and method by Kenton Knepper
    • Use an ordinary wallet
    • No equivoque required
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  • Online Consulting with Kenton

    Online Consulting with Kenton

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    Digital Lesson
    • Just you and Kenton one on one
    • Up to a full hour and a half with Kenton working on whatever you wish
    • No group interference or anyone else to take away from your private work with the Master himself
    • Live online video mentoring with Kenton directly
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