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Name, Color, Symbol, Guide (download)


If you found this consider yourself fortunate.

This is a very special deal for those who really want to learn Kenton's pet methods. Both simple and profound, this is a FOUR PACKAGE SET all in one.

In this special, personal, set if included:

* Symbol Readings and Reprogramming

* Mystic Name Readings System

* Color Square Readings System

* The Guide audio and insider teaching manuscript in full detail

See our website for more on each of these important works by Kenton and his students.

These are works that are very special to Kenton. Find out why for yourself. Order all four together and save BIG.

NOTE: There are MANY downloads to this package. Please be patient! You will be getting audio files, PDF files, and JPG files. Please download each one at a time. Patience is a virtue.

See our HOW TO DOWNLOAD page link on the top left of nearly every page of our website if you need directions in getting your downloads. This is a LOT of material to download, so we are giving you TEN DAYS to download all of these files...a little longer than usual, just to be sure you get them all!



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