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Mind Reading Lesson 9 - PDF Download


The legendary Mind Reading Lesson Series continues with a jam-packed Lesson of effects...

Here are just some of the effects and inner work you will learn in this Lesson

* The Unseen Reader

* Charts As Readings

* Real Personality Reading

* Amado's Unifying ESP Symbols Deck

* X- Change of Mind (Mark Townsend)

* Kenton's Hoy Deck Method and Presentation

* Kenton's Out Of This World Method (like the REAL thing)

* It's In The Cards Readings and Impossible Revelations

* Dr. Bill's "A Case of Intuition"

* Intuitive Flashes

* Participant As Mind Reader

* Energy Firings

* Luca's Time and Pepper

* Zingg's Phone and Influence Jibberish

* Ben Highway's Moniker

* Fraser's Telepathy Through A Touch

* Outstanding Impression Deck

* Double Luck or Psychological Persuasion

* Kenton's Triple Threat Sealed Envelope

* Movies III

and more inner psychology, Mind Reading and readings online and over the phone, Mind Reading and cards, Kenton's map moves for remote viewing or predictions, Rebecca Harris-Corinda-Kenton map pin secret, and still more.

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NOTE: This is a very large download due to many photographs and being over one hundred pages in length. PLEASE BE PATIENCE as this Lesson downloads!

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