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Truly Subliminal 2010 (PDF Download)


Ben Highway and Kenton’s

Truly Subliminal

In 2007 Ben Highway and Kenton once again pushed past the barriers of what could be done in mentalism and magic. Like Kolossal Killer before it, Truly Subliminal brings a new standard to dealing with spectator intuition and free spectator choice, challenging all previous methods. Now, it's been upgraded so nearly anyone can perform it with ease.

A card is selected and returned to the deck. The deck is cut or mixed. It’s NOT a card trick. This is a real demonstration of subliminal influence.

The spectator deal cards face up on to the table, stopping whenever they feel the urge. The participant must stop dealing using only his or her own actual intuition.

The performer can remain hands off as the spectator deals. The spectator deals using intuition, and stops at their own selected face down card.

The spectator does not know how he or she finds their own card.
But they do. Really.

The effect may vary slightly, but in any case the effect is that the spectator is influenced by subliminal impression or real intuition to stop dealing and find his or her own card. Should the spectator fail, you as the performer will always be correct. You cannot lose, and usually the spectator can't help but be influenced to find their own card either.

The method is even more amazing than the effect, and that’s saying a lot.

This is as real as it gets to demonstrating intuition and subliminal influence, because this is in part how the effect actually works. Yes, we are very serious. It’s little wonder audiences are completely floored. The patter is the reality, and who would believe that?

Kenton and Ben Highway have had everyone wondering whether or not they were “just lucky” when they performed this effect for mentalists and magicians in several countries. It isn’t luck, friends. It’s a devious secret you won’t believe until you try it.

In this newly updated version Ben and Kenton have worked out all the angles so you will never fail. Truly Subliminal is now simple and easy to perform. The audience and participant will always be impressed with their ability to tune into subliminal influence or use their intuition.

No conscious cues, no stooging, no trick deck. The spectator is as impressed as the audience. Standard and basic sleights are required only, plus a secret bit of something that will blow you away when you read it.

Just wait until you try it a few times! This is unlike any other method on the market today. It will change how you look at spectator influence forever.

We know Truly Subliminal works wonders on our audiences – Find out how well it will work for you too. The novel breakthrough that has them all talking...

What's in the new version?

Along with the original material you will also learn:

* My Intuition Says... + 2

* Psychic or Subliminal Word Influence Ploy

* Kenton's Slip Force Handling

* Color photos to make everything clear

Kenton made a name for himself among other pros using this effect. It astonishes the wise and laypeople alike as real intuition and subliminal influence is at work.

This new version has additional explanations, new handlings and ploys, clear descriptions with photos, and important subtle changes that make this now 100 % reliable with only minor adjustments.

Ask yourself what you would do to learn how to perform real intuition or subliminal influence reliably in your mentalism demonstrations. Then imagine it is easier and less expensive than ever to make such impossible dreams come true.

Yes, it will take a little practice, but this is not difficult and well within the abilities of most mentalists or close up performers. We have also provided ways to do almost nothing and make this work, provided you can at least manage to force a card.

Now, isn't it about time you learn this influence too?

At this price, you simply can't go wrong.

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