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Wonder Words Workbook One

  • The workbook that goes with Wonder Words Volume One
  • NOT a book version of Wonder Words
  • You need to own Wonder Words Volume One to make use of this workbook

The classic Wonder Words Workbook now available in download PDF format!

For all of you Wonder Words fans, here is a real treat! Imagine being able to have Kenton create personalized linguistic deceptions for your very own style and performances. Now imagine what that kind of time and knowledge would cost!

Imagine getting nearly four hundred deceptive phrases, just waiting for you to use! And all you have to do is "fill in the blanks" to fit your needs.

It has never been easier to apply the great information you received in Wonder Words to your own work. This little workbook not only gives you examples from the tapes, it expands and explores more deeply your potential for creating real magic!

Of course there's an inexhaustible supply of ground-breaking applications for you mentalists too.

No, this is not "Wonder Words: The Book". You need to listen to the tapes before using this workbook. Armed with this new creation, your Wonder Words tapes will become more valuable than ever. You'll find tons of hidden applications you may have never even considered - UNTIL NOW.

If you like Wonder Words at all, then the Wonder Words Workbook is a must for you. It will change what you do and how you do it... just like the tape series.

OK, so you think this has got to be expensive right?

Fortunately, Kenton and J. Tank have found a way to do all of this - at a price you can easily afford.

Get the Wonder Words Workbook, fill in the diabolical blanks, and become a true master of linguistic deception.

See our Wonder Words Workbook TWO also on this website exclusively.


  1. Wonder Words Workbook 1 (22.93 MB)

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Media Type Digital Lesson

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