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Gemstone Hand Readings Props (Art and Magic Productions)

  • All the props you need in a sturdy case to perform Kenton's Gemstone Hand Readings
  • Gems, wooden hand, stand, and wooden book box
  • Kenton's Training Manual in Gemstone Hand Readings
  • Approved by Kenton Knepper

"Oh... my... word! That is the most beautiful reading prop I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe how low of a price you’re selling it for. You have outdone yourself on this one, I’m blown away! Great job."  - Brian Srota

This is a beautiful engraved wood set of Kenton's Gemstone Hand Readings System, complete with everything. (If you want the system with printable charts only and no props, CLICK HERE)

This amazing set includes: The specially engraved wooden hand, stand for the hand so that it sets upright to grab attention, 7 real gemstones, gemstone bag, and large engraved wooden box that looks like a book, that can hold the entire system, and other props, inside of it.

Add to all of that, Kenton's stunning original Gemstone Hand Reading System.

This isn't traditional palm reading. It isn't color or gemstone readings either. Kenton's Gemstone Hand Reading System is a special readings system that combines psychology, tried and true, with secret symbolism. You don't have to memorize scripts, stock lines, or do cold reading to use this system.

A bag of real gemstones are given to the participant who places some of the stones onto the wooden hand. The participant may use as many or as few of the stones as they wish. A real psychological reading is then given based on the stones and the position on the wooden hand. This is an exciting, unusual, colorful readings tool, that is very different from what everyone else is doing.

The wooden hand also stands up to get attention to your readings at your table. Then it is set flat on a table so that the reading itself can be made private.

The entire system has a beautiful mystical wooden box that looks like a book, to carry the system in. This wooden book box may also be used to carry other performance props within, ala Dr. Jaks.

Get the secrets and working instantly as downloads. Please allow 7-10 for shipping as this is preorder only. Limited supplies of this item will be available.



The Gemstone Hand Readings system allows you to give quick, accurate, novel, psychological and symbolic readings without difficult study or memorization.

A mystical wooden hand is shown. Real gems are placed upon the wooden hand by a participant.

Amazingly, from this simple action, the Mind Reader can talk all about a person's likely traits, issues going on in their lives, and other relevant,  vital information.

You are supplied with SIX DOWNLOADS including two different hand charts, a chart to be used as a sign or poster for your advertising, the full system instructions and a take home sheet to give to your clients or participants, along with the wood hand, stand, wooden book box to carry everything in, and even a nice bag filled with all the proper gemstones.



Here are some of the important facts to keep in mind about this system:

* It is easy to do

* No difficult memorization is required

* You do not have to know anything about palm or hand reading

* You intuitively know everything about this system already, so it will be natural to you

* Reminders of what to say will be right in front of you on hand and on the paper you give to a participant

* Participants leaves with tools to help themselves with their issues

* A UNIQUE and VISUAL reading system that is a true original

* Use the secrets of this system in other mentalism or Mind Reading

* Includes 5 downloads and a bonus business card effect to help you advertise your Gemstone Hand Readings, complete with artwork for this bonus effect



It is important today to do readings that are not what everyone else offers. Gemstone Hand Reading incorporates the best of what people want in a reading, without telling people just what they want to hear.

This original system is full of Kenton's typical psychology, secret symbolic clues and hidden influence. It is both esoteric and entirely pragmatic, based upon psychology proved over the ages by countless therapists and influential healers of all kinds.

Best of all, you will be able to learn how to perform this easily, virtually overnight. The new props make it possible.

Most readings systems require memorization, daring, learning stock lines, or difficult study to be effective. This system will work for you without fear or worry, and without making difficult decisions or adjustments. The system is so simple and direct you will know immediately what to say, and all you need to say is right in front of you during your reading! It really could not be easier.

You get all five downloads, complete with charts and handouts to print and use for your reading. You  get the hand, stand, gems, bag and wooden book box too.

You will be fascinated by this system and how it works. It is based in part on an oft-forgotten teaching in Wonder Words, taught completely for the first time in this system, along with subconscious meaning and symbolism... none of which you have to force yourself to remember.

If you could observe Kenton in daily life you would see that he himself uses a part of this system constantly. We are sure you will too.

The Gemstone Hand Readings can also be used as a short interlude or quick example to advertise any other reading you do, such as more traditional palm readings. It is also a great way to begin readings, although it can be a full-blown reading system on its own, if you prefer.

A great price for a memorable, easy to use and novel reading system from Kenton...A MUST for all Mind Reading Students.

Please allow 7-10 for shipping as this is preorder only.

Limited supplies of this item will be available.



An Independent Review:

Kenton Knepper, has developed a new reading system called Gemstone Hand Readings, and it is very good! I have been road testing this system for a couple of weeks now, and it is well received by my sitters. A friend allowed me to do these readings in his coffee shop here in central NJ. This system uses colorful, aesthetically pleasing items and that attracted people to my table. More on that a little later.

The system is one that allows the reader to give accurate and entertaining readings regardless of his/her level of experience. Whether you have never done a reading before or you are an old pro, this system has something to offer. The versatility of the system allows you to stick to the basics or go as far as you and the sitter might like.

Included in the e book are 24 pages of instructions/directions, well, I think "guidelines" is a better term. Also, there are 9 pages of charts for the system.

What the reading consists of is a sitter with a chart on a hand, along with some gemstones.

The sitter picks a colored gem and places it on a finger on the hand chart. By combining the meaning of the color and the meaning of the finger, you have a lot to talk about. Several meanings of the colors and the fingers are supplied by Kenton, but more importantly, Kenton suggests that you reflect on the colors for a bit and see what they convey to you, based on your experiences with them. That's part of the beauty of this system. You can stick to the given meanings, intuit your own or, IMO, the best situation, a combination for the two. But its all up to you. You will have enough information to be successful regardless of which road you take.

The hand chart is a wooden hand with esoteric symbols on the tips of the fingers. Well, they LOOK esoteric, but in actuality, they are clues to the meanings of the fingers. As with the colors, Kenton gives extensive meanings of each finger, along with key words for each. Plus, you may add your own interpretations or feelings of what the fingers mean or a combination.

There is a page in the ebook titled Can I Remember All of That? The short answer is that you don't have to. No need to study or memorize. As Kenton points out, you already have an inherent knowledge of the meanings. Think, for example, which finger makes you think of blaming someone. See? The meanings Kenton gives you are given to make you more consciously aware of the meanings. 

In addition, you are given a handout for your sitters. This handout also serves as a cheat sheet for you, the reader. Sneaky eh? Yes, but effective. The handout is one sheet long and is packed with everything you need to know in a very easy to read form. It looks perfectly legitimate to the sitter. What I did was put my contact information on the back of the sheet, along with a brief bio.

OK, you want to expand the reading? Ask them to put another stone on a finger on the chart. There are a lot of things you can do here. You can use just use 7 stones, one of each color ( or 6 or 5 or whatever you want). What I did was bought several of each color. This expands the readings greatly if I choose to do so. They can put a different color on each finger, or the same color on more that one finger or a different color on the same finger, well, you get the idea. And I can go as far as I want, using seven stones, one stone, etc.

You can give personality readings, "psychic" readings, general readings, answer questions, give people direction, give people self confidence and more.

Oh yes, Kenton includes a nice idea for a business card effect with the hand chart. Artwork is included.

A section about "Helping Others To Integrate and Harmonize Themselves" is included.

This isn't hocus pocus at all, but symbolic and subconscious association. I used it at the end of every reading. It is easy and non esoteric and made at least some of the sitters feel better.

This entire system contains a lot of subconscious response and psychology, but you don't have to learn any of it. If you follow the system, it all comes out for you, rather effortlessly. Its built in. You may not even realize you are using it, and it gives you several layers to the readings.


As you may have realized, I am excited about this system. I recommend it highly. I intend to use it frequently. I also may use it to up sell my SAR readings.

Contact Kenton at . The system is I believe, very well worth it.

- Tony Razzano, Professional Reader and Psychic Entertainer


And yet another review about this system from The Linking Ring:

If you have ever wanted to try giving readings but didn't want to make a large investment in learning a system, this Gemstone Hand Readings was produced for you. The ad says It is easy to do, no difficult memorization is required, you do not have to know anything about palm or hand reading and you intuitively know everything about this system already, so it will be natural to you. 

All of this is true. You really could read this booklet and give readings the same day. If you've never done it before the readings won't be great, but they should be accurate. And with practice you will get better. The provided tick sheet and hand help guide you through the reading, and they can keep the tick sheet as a reminder of what you said and who you are. Best of all, if you decide to learn more and pursue a full study of palm reading most of what Kenton teaches will be consistent and help you learn that much faster.

To begin the reading you show a hand and a few gemstones. They choose a stone and place it on a finger. Based on the chosen stone and where it is placed you are able to give an accurate, fairly detailed character analysis. The hand has some hidden mnemonics, as does the tick sheet. Both will help you use what you already know to give the reading.

After you've done some readings as described you could sketch a hand on the back of a business card and use a four color pen for truly impromptu readings. I've even done a few using the hand image on my iPad and M&M candies instead of stones. A slight color adjustment is needed but it is easy to make the substitutions..

Files containing the hand images, the tick sheet, an advertising card and the training manual PDF are all supplied as instant downloads once you place your order and pay online. The physical items will be sent out shortly thereafter to you.

Kenton has been known to put out some esoteric material best suited for the professional mentalist, but this system is also geared to the magician who wants to begin giving readings. It is highly recommended.

- Fred Rosenbaum


This is the full set complete with 6 downloads, the special wooden hand, the wooden hand stand, the proper gemstones, gemstone bag, and the engraved wooden book box to carry the props in.

Please allow 7-10 for shipping as this is preorder only. Limited supplies of this item will be available.



  1. Gemstone Hand Readings Setup (13.03 MB)

  2. Gemstone Hand Readings Training Manual (48.60 MB)

  3. Gemstone Hand Readings Handout (33 KB)

  4. Gemstone Hand Readings Hand 1 Chart (3.49 MB)

  5. Gemstone Hand Readings Hand 2 Chart (3.35 MB)

  6. Gemstone Hand Readings Poster (3.63 MB)

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