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Opening Shot

  • Limited Availability
  • Complete with All You Need
  • No Fuss Vanish

This is a secret Kenton classic he has performed for years. He mentioned it in his Sorcerer Series, Rarely do we have sets for other students to obtain.

Right now we have a very limited amount of these sets.

Perfect for performers, bartenders, MCs, club performers, close-up, street, and stage performers.

Do it in jeans and a t-shirt, even in your birthday suit if you want.

VERY limited sets available.

Real glass shot glass and gimmicks included.

It looks even better in real life!



  1. Opening Shot Explained. Use Password! YOUR PASSWORD IS: 97264Ksh

Tags Magic, real, glass, limited, trick, disappear, vanish, drink, shotglass, shot, liguid
Media Type Shipped Product

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