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Help Kenton Recover From Theft

Kenton Knepper here.

As a surprise after my birthday my home was broken into and many important and valuable items were stolen.

One of the hardest things to have taken was a brand new Mac computer I needed for business. It was a gift from a loved one to help me move forward in  my work to help more people. This hurts my business greatly, and it hurts my heart too. This was a major investment and gesture, and now it is gone. I never even got the computer out of the box. It is required to do what I already do in the world, and was a vital part of my transitioning into doing new work that helps far more people.

Also taken were guitars and musical instruments I need to do my music and meditation work.

Loads of items worth a lot of money were taken, and I will never be able to replace most of it.

I am reaching out to ask friends and fans to try and recover the loss of the computer and some instruments that I absolutely need to keep my mentalism, magic, music and meditation work going. The computer was such a loving gift, and to have it stolen hurts on levels I can't even write in words.

The great news is that we are all okay. My family and I were not physically harmed. 

It's humbling to have to ask for help, but I have been told that while I love to give, I need to learn how to gratefully receive too.

So, if you are a friend of mine, or feel my work or my being has helped you in some way, and you can afford to send a donation of any size to help, there is a button below.

Thank you for caring. I'm not going to let these thieves steal my heart, mind or life. I am going to turn a lousy situation around to show how compassion, love and goodness can and will overcome lesser actions.

Thank You.

Kenton Knepper