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Mind Reading Membership Mind Reading Members

From $16.67 / month


Monthly lesson files and bonuses Access to the Mind Reading Members private Facebook page Special access to Kenton, member only files, specials and more

The complete Mind Reading Lessons broken into manageable sections, with new writing, audio and videos to make key ideas easy to apply and use right away. 

This monthly set of instructions will take your Mentalism to new depths and heights while making it easier than ever to learn and apply Kenton's original Mentalism methods. 


"Kenton's work has been almost single handedly responsible for much of the 'new' mentalism of today." - Bob Cassidy


"For me Kenton's thinking is second to none. It's not a need or a want, it's a must! If you want to learn from a pro, no a master, at how do things right the right way the first time then you need Kenton's Mind Reading Lessons! I still use Kenton's work in my everyday life and I know I will continue to go back to it time and time again." - Peter Turner


"The Mind Reading Lessons are The Tarbell of the Mentalistic and Mystery arts. They are essential reading and some of the most important teachings available." - Fraser Parker

"People have asked me for a program that allowed them to more easily use the material from my classic Mind Reading book and my Mind Reading Lessons. Others wanted more in-depth understanding of the Mind Reading ideas. We'll investigate more deeply my classic Mind Reading Lessons, and you will get my latest insights and applications of these, along with new audio and video examples, many more effects, and direct ways to apply these ideas more quickly. The Mind Reading Membership is for those who want to understand my approach to Mind Reading with less effort, including more direct applications and effects." - Kenton Knepper

Kenton continues to teach and expand his classic Mind Reading Lessons exclusively through his Mind Reading Membership program now.

You can't get the original Mind Reading Lessons anymore, except through this exclusive Membership.

Even if you have the original Mind Reading Lessons, this Members Only program helps break the original lessons into smaller, easier to learn pieces. Then it adds new material, and additional effects, to help you do more than you could before. 

People who own the original Mind Reading Lessons have told us they would like to learn it bit by bit instead, so they could learn how to use all of these original insights and psychologies better, and more quickly.

That is what the Mind Reading Membership is all about.

Kenton's Mind Reading Membership is a yearly or monthly membership program.

With the Mind Reading Membership Each Month You Get: 

* A main monthly focus or topic from the original Mind Reading Lessons.

* Then Kenton will focus in on specific areas of this material, so you can understand these ideas better than ever before. 

* 1 or more effect related to the principles or concepts, so you can learn in a practical way how to apply these ideas to your own performance. 

* Study guides to help you recall and apply the methods discussed.

* Extra bonuses to help you learn and use these ideas and effects.

* Additional supportive audio and video bonuses to make using this material quicker and easier than ever before.

* Access to a Members Only chat area (on Facebook, so you will need a Facebook account) allowing you to talk about these principles with other Students, post questions for Kenton, ask for future monthly topic discussions, and with occasional visits and input from other well known names in magic and mentalism.

* First chance and members only access to special materials or rare releases. 

Each month we will look into a new part of Mind Reading from Kenton's original teaching. Each month you gain access to a set of materials to keep as long as you like on your online Members page. New file and secret bonus access will appear about 30 days after your previous files and lessons.



Membership is a recurring payment, either monthly or yearly. You may cancel at anytime. If you cancel, all access will be revoked.  Only current paid members will have access to new files, interviews, membership chat area, and other privileges.

If you cancel a yearly subscription this means you will not be renewed for the next year. Yearly subscriptions are for a full year from purchase date, not a partial year, and may be canceled by the end of the paid year. 

You will be paying for only 10 months, not 12, with your yearly subscription, so you get TWO MONTHS FREE with a yearly subscription.

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at the end of a payment cycle.

We have made access incredibly affordable so anyone who really cares to learn directly from The Master his original principles and applications, with all the insider information, can do so easily.

For Review Then:

Monthly Membership (Renewed Monthly) - $24.97 

Annual Membership (Renewed Once A Year) - $250.00 

You get two months free when you go for the Yearly Membership

You may cancel at anytime. Cancel by the end of the terms of your renewal to be sure you will not be charged for renewal in the next month or year. We cannot cancel retroactively, but we will be sure to cancel you right away if you so choose, so you will not be charged for the month or year to come. If you sign up for one year you will be able to cancel at anytime to not be charged for the next year. Yearly memberships cannot be refunded but may be canceled before the 365 days of your membership, so you will not be charged for the next 365 days. The videos in teaching memberships are for current members only. We don't release much of the membership material separately, and we don't have downloads of the videos to keep them out of the hands of non-members. If you ever leave a membership please be sure to take notes on the video sections as they are not accessible if you are not a member. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep our special membership teaching to those students currently enrolled in these memberships. The memberships get material other teaching sections do not. 



This is rare access to the Master Kenton Knepper. You will have insider perspectives on how to use his methods, how Kenton's Mind Reading Lessons should really be applied, and how to understand and use these ideas more quickly and easily than ever before.


Question: I have all of the Mind Reading Lesson downloads and everything Kenton has ever put out. Should I still join?

Answer: Many of our first Members have almost everything Kenton has ever offered. This Members Only program helps you review Kenton's original work in bite-size pieces, as well as offers new ways to expand and apply Kenton's Mind Reading teachings. Many members say that having a way to be guided through Kenton's work alone is worth more than the price. You will get new insights, applications and interviews too. Your membership will help you apply and expand what you have already. People who do not have the Mind Reading Lessons at all will of course find this membership very useful as well, even if they are new to Kenton's principles. 


Question: I’m already the pleased owner of a full set of the original Mind Reading Lessons and consider them one of my best investments in mentalism.

Will you provide for me, and other owners,  an overview of what extras we will find in the upcoming membership… basically I just want to ease my buying decision ;-)


Answer: Many people are asking this same type of question, and we understand why.


First of all, the new Membership version helps break the Lessons into smaller sections. We have learned that too many people miss important aspects of the Lessons because they are so packed with material. The Membership files make learning all the material in the Lessons much more manageable.

Second, Kenton wanted to help make it easier for people to actually apply the ideas in the original Lessons. So, he is adding new audio and video to make some of the main principles and effects easier to see and apply quickly.

Third, there will be additional material from Kenton’s prolific work put into the Membership that is not part of the Mind Reading Lessons. 

Fourth, new additional material by Kenton and his famous students will be added to the Membership only files that won’t be available anywhere else. For instance, in the first month’s files, there are three videos that demonstrate Mind Reading. The videos explain an idea by Pablo Amira, and then Kenton performs his approach to this effect with a live demonstration, and then explains in another video exactly how to do what he does. Material from Peter Turner, Fraser Parker, Luca Volpe, Pablo Amira and more will be added to the monthly files as the monthly lessons go on.

Fifth, there is a private, Members only access, Mind Reading Membership Facebook page, where Members can discuss, interact, create and work out their own ideas with the monthly material.

As you can see, that is a great deal of difference between having the original Lessons only! 

People have been asking Kenton to make the old original Lessons more accessible and easy to use. They wanted Kenton to help them apply the ideas from the original material. That, and greatly expanding on the original work, is what the Mind Reading Membership is all about.

Thank you for asking!


Question: Is the Mind Reading Membership the same as the Inner Sanctum membership program? Are there are differences? Anything that is the same?


Answer: The Mind Reading Membership is entirely different from the Inner Sanctum.

The Inner Sanctum membership is for those people who wish to study in-depth Kenton's approaches, philosophies, and works generally, in a deep and more serious manner. The Inner Sanctum is for those rare individuals who wish to push the boundaries and work intensely, inside and out, to live mentalism and magic as only Kenton can teach.

The Mind Reading Membership is more for people who want to learn Kenton's important mentalism ideas in a way that is easier, with more direct applications and effects.

Of course some people belong to both memberships, as there are big differences between these two membership programs. That's a great way to learn! There is a little crossover between the two membership programs, but mostly they are very different.