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Complete Packages

  • Tarot Trilogy Course

    Tarot Trilogy Course

    5.0 Stars
    Online Course
    • Learn correct and perform well-respected Tarot 24 hours or less
    • No memorization or previous knowledge of Tarot required
    • Based upon renown esoteric interpretations, rather than made up mentalist meanings
    • The best Tarot system for mentalists made easy and practical
    • 45 minutes of live readings to hear how the Tick Tarot system works in real life situations
    • Includes the special Tarot Audio Reprogramming Guide with full rights to use for your clients
    • Learn the deeper Tarot key words and meanings which take your Tarot readings to the next level
    • Learn the unique 5 Scent Reading using scented oils, complete with handout sheet
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  • Kolossal Killer Complete Training

    Kolossal Killer Complete Training

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Three powerful Kolossal Killer tools in one place
    • Kolossal Killer (Original)
    • Killer Konceptions
    • K.E.N.T.
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  • Signs of Influence

    Signs of Influence

    5.0 Stars
    Online Course
    • The original way to have people look at words or images and see what others do not
    • Full-color photos with images, not just words
    • Telepathic Mind Reading and influence effects
    • A complete act without real hypnosis
    • Supplied with more images than you will ever need
    • Images help a participant heal issues
    • Beautiful images become ugly to a participant in a trance
    • Telepathic hypnosis causes participants to see hilarious things which are projected into their mind by the performer
    • Large Tarot images are used to make people hallucinate, go into trances, or become intuitive
    • Kenton's classic Signs of Influence using Tarot imagery
    • Includes the classic book Kentonism in PDF format
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  • Kenton's Canes Live Training (Kenton's Kanes)

    Kenton's Canes Live Training (Kenton's Kanes)

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    Digital Lesson
    • Kenton's Kane is a realistic floating, dancing, magnetic staff using a simple staff or materials you have at home.
    • Kenton's secret work on the Magnetic Cane too, which was a feature in the act of many mentalists.
    • Use your own staff, sword or cane, or do an impromptu version by borrowing a cane from an audience member.
    • Honestly claim that you use your own natural energy to accomplish these feats, not threads or the sort of thing magicians and fakers use.
    • Get instant video access to material in the teach-in, and extra bonus material not taught in the workshop.
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  • The Complete S.A.R. System

    The Complete S.A.R. System

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    Online Course
    • S.A.R. System
    • S.A.R. Toolbox
    • S.A.R. Cards and Readings
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  • Character and Principles Package (PDF & Audio Downloads)

    Character and Principles Package (PDF & Audio Downloads)

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  • Kenton's Sphere

    Kenton's Sphere

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • It's not a trick for sale. It is a legendary piece, featured in the act of a legendary mentalist and real life wizard.
    • Kenton will train a very few sincere people his Sphere effect and methods in personal live training sessions, one on one.
    • If you are accepted, you will come to the event at the time and date detailed, to be trained by Kenton himself in his Sphere Solution methods.
    • Upcoming one-on-one training with Kenton Knepper in Phoenix, Arizona. Email us at for dates you desire.
    • Look here for details and apply today by clicking on the order button, or writing to for available dates before you book it.
    • THIS SUMMER 2017 we are opening up enrollment for this training. Book now to ensure you reserve a space for personal training with Kenton. Just email us and tell us you are interested, and we will coordinate your timing this summer with Kenton's schedule.
    • Kenton's Sphere can be performed in full light, with audiences very near, even outside, as shown in the photo.
    • Any questions? Just drop us an email now at
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