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The Complete S.A.R. System

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  • S.A.R. Cards and Readings
  • Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.

S.A.R. System

"S.A.R. is the first thing magic related that I spent $200 on that I have actually used."
— Steve Wachner

How much do you think people will like you when you help them transform their lives for the better?

Do you want to do psychological readings, complete with Certification, be seen as an expert in a unique field, and do logical or subconsciously symbolic readings easily without effort? S.A.R. will do all of this for you and more.

Many years ago J. Tank and Kenton Knepper released a system for readings called “S.A.R.” Soon this made its way into mainstream therapy and so we pulled it off the market for a while. For years it “vanished”, in fact.

This new download version contains the same text as the original S.A.R. Training Manual. Of course, you will now be able to print out your own copies of the papers on your own printer. This comes in very handy for those who do a lot of S.A.R. sessions. We even provide a separate download just for your handout papers as part of this new package.

When you purchase, read and complete the test at the back of the S.A.R. Training Manual, you will be able to be certified as a legitimate S.A.R. Technician online at no additional cost. You will be able to print your certificate once we send it to you as a PDF.

You need to send your test answers to us at:, along with your order number of this course, to get your certificate.

There is no other legitimate way S.A.R. is offered.

Don’t expect fancy labels or covers in the Training Manual – this is the S.A.R. “text book” and there is no cute eye candy involved. This is legitimate training and not a silly trick to show off on Youtube. This is short and to the point, because Kenton took difficult principles and made them easy to learn and use right away.

What Is S.A.R.?

“If you ever wanted to add an air of real legitimacy to your readings - and even reprogram people at a true subconscious level - then this is for you! And that’s just the beginning...”
— Docc Hilford

Subconscious Analysis and Reprogramming, or S.A.R., was extensively developed over a three-year intensive field study. For over two decades now it has proved its effectiveness in all manner of business and self-help circles.

Basic Working: A Client makes some doodles or haphazard scribbles on a paper. This is analyzed by you, allowing you to give very detailed feedback to the person about their personality. This is not one of those copycat "doodle readings" products magicians sell you. You are able to give deep insight into a Client's conscious mind, subconscious tendencies, things a Client dislikes, avoids or refuses to acknowledge, and more.

Then you help the Client reprogram themselves to have the mindset they want, and create a better life for themselves.

S.A.R. gives the appearance of a sound “psychological” reading. In fact, it seems so legitimate that psychologists and therapists all over the country have offered thousands of dollars to be trained by us in S.A.R.

When we first starting doing S.A.R., we thought we were just naturally “gifted”. Then we realized that the S.A.R. system was secretly doing all the work. We only seemed “brilliant” because the system itself was brilliant.

So we went to work purposely redesigning the S.A.R. system to be even more accurate. To be even less work. Soon a college level technique became like kindergarten.

At last, we had found a way to bridge the questionable nature of psychic readings with the more acceptable systems of psychology. As it turns out, this has little to do with our own training in academia. It has everything to do with our understanding of everyday illusions, and how to take clear advantage of them in positive and productive ways.

That’s what S.A.R. is all about. How to use simple yet powerful illusions to create an astounding and accurate reading with very little effort. As if this were not enough, the Client will change a hidden belief system during your session and leaves with PROOF that they have been reprogrammed!

The results you will get with S.A.R. are virtually guaranteed. As simple as S.A.R. is to do, the discoveries are profound and lasting. In truth, the Client does most of the work.

Once you know the secrets of S.A.R., the rest is easy.

Here’s What S.A.R. Will Do For You:

  • Analyze and read a client accurately without worry.
  • Tell a client about their hidden subconscious beliefs.
  • Literally change these hidden beliefs at a deep subconscious level.
  • Change a client’s conscious point of view.
  • Help clients evaluate and modify past behavior.
  • Give clients mental shortcuts to further success.
  • Teach clients how to get their conscious and subconscious minds to work together.
  • Clients take home physical proof of a successful reprogramming.
  • Be beyond reproach among Psychologists and Counselors.
  • Add instant credibility to all of your work.
  • Apparently erase a client’s “old tapes”, and initiate new ones.
  • Learn the simple words that fool science and psychology alike.
  • Get the single secret word that “reprograms” a client instantly.
  • Use illusions in a practical and productive manner.
  • Actually reprogram a client’s hidden beliefs!
  • And become a certified S.A.R. Technician, complete with diploma at no additional cost. It’s all part of the package when you purchase the S.A.R. System.

If you care about being taken seriously, S.A.R. is definitely for you.

You will receive the complete S.A.R. System: The Legitimate S.A.R. Training Manual in download PDF. You will seem legitimate because you will be legitimate.

If you still wonder what S.A.R. can do for you, here’s the initial response we received from the first gathering of magicians and mentalists during the original release event:

“Wow, with all this great information, I’m not sure that I want to have that much business. I mean, I have a nine-to-five. What would I tell my boss? ‘I’m leaving the company to do psychological readings?’ “ (He later did leave to do S.A.R. full-time. Your results may of course vary. See the S.A.R. Toolbox for help in making this happen for you.”

“I’ve learned more useful information in S.A.R. than all the years I spent in Grad school. I’m thinking now that S.A.R. is real, and that my PhD. is a sham.!...”

“At first I thought this was a bit costly. I figured all I was buying was a trick. Then I read the Training Manual. I didn’t realize I was going to get such a great education too.”

“I know nothing about psychology or readings. Or I guess I should say I knew nothing until S.A.R. ... Now I sound even more legitimate than my friends who are licensed Psychologists. This is a riot! Not only does S.A.R. work; it has raised my credibility to a very high level in just a few days!”

“I’ve been doing “Psychic Readings” for years. Unfortunately, I did not know that this kept me out of the loop for some very high end parties. Now with S.A.R., I can work any party no matter how prestigious. People now believe I am a “Psychic” or a “Psychologist” as the situation requires. I never claim either one. With S.A.R. I don’t have to. But I am getting a lot more work! Please keep sharing your wonders, I beg of you!!!”

“As a Therapist I can tell you that S.A.R. is going to be part of my legitimate practice. I understand the System does more than many of the methods I was trained in to obtain my degrees. It’s also a helluva lot easier!”

“WOW! And I thought I knew everything about making readings seem legitimate. S.A.R. is so simple it changed my views overnight. I will never look at readings or psychology the same. I cannot thank you enough...”

“In just a couple of sentences I now know how to improve my client’s memory, how to explain simply the workings of the conscious and subconscious minds, and how to say things that seem instantly legitimate. Are you sure you shouldn’t be charging thousands of dollars for this?”

“OK, I figured this system would be a bit difficult to learn. How did you ever find a way to make this profound material so simple a sixth grader could learn it? And I thought Wonder Words was amazing. Since I can’t seem to “memorize” anything, it astonishes me that I know everything in S.A.R. by heart! Then again, you even explained that too...”

“Once again, you have changed the face of magic and mentalism forever...and now maybe therapeutic practices?”

People are looking for new ways to make money and stand out from the competition. S.A.R. has been the perfect combination to achieve these goals for many performers, readers, and mentalists.

S.A.R. has been deemed a worthy source on income and/or psychological help to countless numbers of people around the world for over a decade. We have made it easier than ever to be trained and certified without an expensive weekend training, airfare, etc.

"Thank you for SAR it is totally accurate in getting a read on the homeless people I work with, and the information I receive by using it is a valuable guide in determing what I need to do to help them with their individual problems, and knowing which of them has the best chance of completing our rehabilitation programs."
— Michael E Lyles Sr.

Be trained in the privacy of your own home, and be certified online at no additional cost to you.

Begin your new journey now!

S.A.R. Toolbox by Richard Tenace

Turn S.A.R. Into A Successful Business or Pleasant Part Time Job.

Richard Tenace and many others have made S.A.R. into a lucrative business, and now Mr. Tenace reveals his secrets so you can do it too. Once you have learned S.A.R., it's time to get your S.A.R. business really working for you.

Richard Tenace could make S.A.R. his full time job, but he still likes to perform and do other readings as well as his S.A.R. sessions. In the S.A.R. Toolbox Mr. Tenace gives you his S.A.R. business tools, how to easily promote S.A.R., how to get new clients, and all the details he has used to make S.A.R. a profitable and reliable source of income.

You get the complete lecture Mr. Tenace gives at society clubs on S.A.R. which promotes his business, while also giving him instant credibility. You are free to use this lecture as your very own, and give this talk to groups everywhere. You'll be an "instant-expert" once you learn this talk.

PLUS: The talk pitches a Back Of The Room book about S.A.R. and symbolism. People hearing the talk will want to purchase this book. As a bonus, you receive a PDF of this book with full rights to reprint and sell as your own, after your talks or at your own S.A.R. sessions. There is space for you to add your own contact information at the end of the book. You may print the book in full color or black and white - your choice.

You will also learn the important factors of running S.A.R. reading sessions as a business, including The Ethics Chart, Proper Tools, The Office, Setting The Mood, Crisis Lists With The U.S., Keeping Records, Making House Calls, Marketing Ideas, Ways To Get New Clients, Telephone Script and much more.

This Toolbox also contains Additional Tools for S.A.R. such as

  • How to apply Graphology Basics to a S.A.R. session, including important yet easy to recall graphology factors
  • How to apply other Symbol systems to S.A.R., including a list of additional symbols, their meanings and how to incorporate them
  • How to "Think in Symbols"
  • Additional meanings of Numbers
  • The S.A.R. talk/speech and pitch book
  • Avoiding a common mistake that ruins so-called "experts"

and more....

If you want to make S.A.R. into a real business and make money by doing S.A.R., the S.A.R. Toolbox will give you just what you need to help you make that happen!

To quote but one S.A.R. Technician:

"The RULE OF FOUR in the S.A.R. Toolbox is worth ten times the price of the Toolbox to me. Honestly, it may well turn out to be worth hundreds of times the cost of the Toolbox and S.A.R. combined!"

If you are ready to take your sessions to the next level, or ready to have S.A.R. become a real business, you're ready for the new S.A.R. Toolbox by Richard Tenace - approved by Kenton and the C.A.S.P.

S.A.R. Cards and Readings

S.A.R. made short and simple for close-up or as quick personal readings.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a way of doing psychological readings that no one else was performing and that had the spectator do much of the work? That very system, as used by Kenton Knepper and Luca Volpe, is revealed here for the first time.

An incredible system that allows you to do making the client help read for themselves!

Three different sets of ten different downloadable images are used as special cards for these readings. The images help the client reveal things about themselves by their choices, getting quick insights into their personality and life situation.

This is NOT a "divination" tool. It may appear that way. In fact, the client chooses one card and their choice gives you and the client real insight.

Each of the three special sets of ten cards work in their own unique manner. 

  • One set tells you secretly about a person based upon their choice of colors and order on a card.
  • Another set tells you secretly about a person based on what they see in pre-made doodle cards, as well as the secret meanings in these cards that you know.
  • A third set of cards tells you secretly about a person based on what they choose among various symbolic and metaphorical imagery. These images also urge people to talk to themselves about their issue.


After the main personality reading you can use the cards to visually reprogram ideas the client holds in their mind. This is a simplified reprogramming version of S.A.R. that many will find useful. Not only do you help a person realize more about themselves and their situation, you end with the client making a new choice, and implanting a visual reminder in their mind to help make that a reality.

Best of all, because these are downloadable card images, you can print out the card sheets and make up as many as you want for giveaways, business cards and more. You also get each image as its own file, so you can enlarge, shrink and use them as you best see fit.

The 30 cards are DOWNLOAD IMAGES that you print out as you wish, and use as directed in the System's instructions.

A fine, innovative, and unique collection for readings, reprogramming, psychological and personality examination. A must for S.A.R. Technicians and readers of all kinds.

This Course gives you the first lesson(s) to work and play with immediately. Then, every 7 days, a new part of the Course will appear in your online account, until you receive all of the lessons in your Course.

The Courses allow for you to learn well each part or lesson before moving on to the next part. We have found this to be the very best way to study and learn Kenton's classic and most important works.

With the three lessons above in this course you will learn how to do S.A.R., become a Certified S.A.R. Technician, learn how to market and make money doing S.A.R., and have a close-up version for short S.A.R. readings when you don't want to take the time to have a client draw anything.

Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.

What People Are Saying...

"Downloaded the new S.A.R. Card Set on Friday and played with them all weekend. They are an excellent tool, and could be absolutely lethal in the right hands! I intend to use them in my practice and in my lectures."
— Robert Ing, Forensic Scientist, Mentalist. LifeStrategies Coach

"Thank you for SAR it is totally accurate in getting a read on the homeless people I work with, and the information I receive by using it is a valuable guide in determing what I need to do to help them with their individual problems, and knowing which of them has the best chance of completing our rehabilitation programs."
— Michael E Lyles Sr.


  1. S.A.R. System

  2. S.A.R. Toolbox

  3. S.A.R. Cards and Readings

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