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Items tagged with "mind reading"

  • Kentonism


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    Digital Lesson
    • Demonstrate influence by apparent telepathic suggestion
    • Appear to use mental powers to put people into trance states
    • Seemingly cause people to act out your thoughts
    • Do hypnosis, mentalism and powerful influence without actually having to worry about real hypnosis or true influence
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  • Dunninger's 2 Plus

    Dunninger's 2 Plus

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    Digital Lesson
    • Complete 3 phase routine of Mind Reading, mental influence and clouding the mind.
    • The full routine that has fooled mentalists and laypeople that Kenton has kept to himself.
    • All new material never tipped by Kenton before.
    • KNOW what card a person will be thinking of, even predict it, before they have taken their card from a deck.
    • Includes "A Touch is a Connection" in which a couple surprise each other, and the mentalist surprises everyone.
    • New and classic Kentonism psychology that fools regular people and performers alike.
    • Memorable and meaningful mentalism using nothing more than a deck of cards.
    • An brief essay on why cards can and do work in mentalism, and how not to be fooled into not using them.
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  • Omniscient


    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Exclusive to Wonder Wizards
    • Win or tie playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with anyone... due to your intuitive and psychological abilities.
    • Know which hand a person hides a coin in behind their back repeatedly, using real influence and mental powers.
    • Know when a person is lying or telling the truth in performance using psychological ploys.
    • Intuit how many fingers a person is hiding behind their back, and repeat this too.
    • Uses real mental abilities, influence and psychology.
    • Failsafe physical methods always work while you learn to do it all for REAL.
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  • MTP Mentalism Trance Powers: Relax and Chill Trance Mind Reading

    MTP Mentalism Trance Powers: Relax and Chill Trance Mind Reading

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    Digital Lesson
    • Create the illusion and reality of instant trance states, without worry. You cannot fail with these methods.
    • Make standard mentalism effects more powerful and realistic.
    • Cause people to feel sand, cold, water, pavement, rain, stone, and all sorts of sensations that relate to a place the person holds secretly in their mind.
    • Help people reduce or eliminate migraine headaches apparently with your mental powers.
    • Mix mentalism and hypnotic trance effects without having to do hypnosis at all.
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  • Developing a Psychological Profile

    Developing a Psychological Profile

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    Digital Lesson
    • Nearly 2 hour video lecture by award winning mentalist Christopher Rose
    • Learn the practical ins and outs of Cold Reading
    • Master the illusion of personality profiling with classic as well as original methods
    • A $100 video lecture now half price thanks to Kenton and Mr. Rose
    • Purchasers can also get additional material by Mr. Rose at a discount, directly from him.
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  • Mental Influence With Cards

    Mental Influence With Cards

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    Digital Lesson
    • Kenton's Dual Reality Deck Secrets
    • Subliminally Wild Influence with Additional Applications
    • Hypnotic Color Changing Deck
    • Mates For Life Effect
    • Sleightly Touched Blank Effect
    • Cards of Influence book
    • Memory Mashup book
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  • Modern Miracles of Suggestion - EXCLUSIVE Download

    Modern Miracles of Suggestion - EXCLUSIVE Download

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    Digital Lesson
    • The classic work updated to 60 pages of practical insight on using suggestion and real influence in performance.
    • Discover how real suggestion and influence can be used in classic effects such as Equivoque.
    • Over an hour of additional audio tracks to help you hear how to make it all work.
    • With video demo and explanation of Kenton's Eyes of Svengali effect.
    • BONUS "Audio-ence" audio trick to prove your powers of influence instantly.
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  • The Voodini Collection

    The Voodini Collection

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    Digital Lesson
    • Over $400 worth of Paul Voodini's incredible work.
    • Includes "A Magicians Guide to Tarot" which is not sold on its own.
    • Includes Multidimensional Out of This World MULTI-DIMENSIONAL OUT OF THIS WORLD
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  • Famous Students and First Works

    Famous Students and First Works

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    Digital Lesson
    • The first groundbreaking works by Kenton Knepper's Famous Students
    • Works by Peter Turner, Fraser Parker, Luke Jermay, Luca Volpe, Pablo Amira, Enrique Enriquez, and Chris Rawlins
    • Includes over an hour and a half live interview video with Kenton, Peter Turner, Fraser Parker and Luca Volpe
    • Includes another over 1 hour live video with Kenton Knepper
    • Each book originally sold for $35 and up
    • Hard to get works available for a limited time
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  • Insider Session 2: Symbolic Readings

    Insider Session 2: Symbolic Readings

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    Digital Lesson
    • 10 streaming videos and a downloadable eBook
    • Visual psychological readings
    • Do readings instantly without fear
    • Use psychology mixed with mentalism and magical principles to achieve realistic and entertaining reading effects
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  • Neo Coffee

    Neo Coffee

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    Digital Lesson
    • Read and reveal the inner desires of a participant.
    • Predict their future.
    • Deeply connect with an audience member, or several, in an engaging and entertaining manner.
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