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Developing a Psychological Profile

  • Nearly 2 hour video lecture by award winning mentalist Christopher Rose
  • Learn the practical ins and outs of Cold Reading
  • Master the illusion of personality profiling with classic as well as original methods
  • A $100 video lecture now half price thanks to Kenton and Mr. Rose
  • Purchasers can also get additional material by Mr. Rose at a discount, directly from him.

This video has sold for $100  at select mentalism and magic outlets.

Thanks to Kenton's friendship with Mr. Rose we can now offer this unique video lecture at half the price.

Cold reading is one of the most important tools that a modern mentalist can possess. 

Whether aspects of the technique are the whole of a performance piece, or the techniques are applied to make the impact of something else more personal and powerful, few professionals would deny the importance of a knowledge of cold reading. 

This video lecture by Christopher Rose is a detailed description of both what techniques are worthy of learning, and how one can apply them. 

This is a nearly two hour video lecture packed full of practical, useful, real world information.

Subjects covered in the lecture include: 


Additions to the Bascom Jones List
Approaches to Cold Reading
Sensory Development 
Lowering Sensory Thresholds 
Memorizing Sensory Input
Interpreting signs from the spectator
Leading and Following 
And many others. 
Please note: This is a video shot live in real time from a lecture in Las Vegas, with one camera. This is not a highly produced, slick, video. There is background noise and real life happenings recorded on the video, just as if you were in the room at the original lecture. Seats to the rare lecture, if you could get them, were $50 and up. You are paying the same price people paid some years ago to be able to hear Mr. Rose reveal his work with Cold Reading. The value here is in what is taught by Christopher Rose, not in the video. If you must have a slick packaged video, you probably are not ready for this material or video yet. The value is in the lecture given. It is worth watching this video several times at least, and work to hear all the details of the talk by Mr. Rose. You will need to listen closely at times, and rewind pieces to hear everything well. The original $100 version had so much noise you could hear very little.  We have reworked the live video and enhanced sound to make it possible to hear Mr. Rose. Still, please understand that there is background noise you will have to get over. You are not paying for a video, or a pristine video shoot, but rather for access to amazing insider information, tools and practices used by the award-winning Christopher Rose. 

Who is Christopher Rose?

Christopher Rose is a Magician, Mind Reader, and Mystery Entertainer from Las Vegas, NV. 
Most notably, he partnered with Teller of "Penn &Teller" to develop and perform the American Repertory Theater's production of Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST. 
He is also the recipient of an L.A. Drama Critic Circle Award for his development and performance of stage illusions and magic during the South Coast Repertory Theater's Run of THE TEMPEST.
Christopher Rose has performed his private show at numerous hotels on the Las Vegas Strip including the Royal Resort, The Orleans Hotel, and the Harmon Theater of Planet Hollywood.
In addition, Rose has worked as a member of the production team (Magic Design/Execution) on several shows including Jeff McBride's WonderGround, Piff the Magic Dragon at the Flamingo, Florian Zimmer Productions, The Boston Lyric Opera House, and many others.  

IMPORTANT OFFER: When you purchase the lecture video here, and decide that you want the full notes of the marketed effect and a set of special cards Mr. Rose displays,  you can contact Mr. Rose directly at and he will sell you the $100 set for only  $50. To get this special price of $50 for the extra notes and special cards, you must have purchased the video lecture here, before you contact Mr. Rose for the extra bonuses and pricing.


  1. Developing a Psychological Profile


  1. Reminder Notes on Developing a Psychological Profile (33 KB)

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