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Beyond Limits Lecture with Kenton Knepper

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  • Learn how to actually implant ideas, suggestion and intuition into audience members without their knowledge.
  • Discover how you can make audience members into real intuitive performers, without instant stooging or Dual Reality.
  • Learn Kentonism style secrets that push far past ordinary methods and effects.
  • See Kenton perform this work for his peers, and then learn how you too can create realistic, seemingly impossible, mentalism.
  • Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.

With a combination 45 minute video of Kenton performing and teaching live to some of the world's most famous mentalists, and a collection of rare Kenton Knepper books (in instantly available download format) you will see and learn what others think cannot be done.

This Course is a true gift to mentalists around the world. Rarely does Kenton allow out video of his more realistic mentalism for teaching people outside his Inner Sanctum. Some of the books in this course have sold for nearly as much as this entire course price.

The reason for this Course is simply to help mentalists better understand how to do truly realistic mentalism, and mentalism that seems to allow for real audience intution, rather than coming across as a trickster doing mentalism magic tricks.

See Kenton perform principles behind his works such as The Secret, Risk Assessment and other mentalism work only some of Kenton's peers and insiders know.

Get the hard to find Kenton books in PDF format as part of this course, including: The Secret, Q: The Secret Influence, Risk Assessment, Mind Reading and even details of the original Emo Book Test.

This unique combination of Kenton's classic books, and rare lecture filmed in front of some of the world's most famous mentalists, allows you to see, experience and grasp Kenton's unique methods.

What some thought was mere theory can now be clearly seen as the realistic, natural mentalism, that is the framework that has made Kenton famous among audiences and peers alike.

Besides the startling principles that can change the way you think about performance mentalism, you will also learn the following effects:

* No-stooge audience members correctly intuit photos, ESP cards, Tarot cards in sealed envelopes or held between their hands. They will always be right, yet they will have no idea how they are able to intuit such things.

* Audience members accurately describe feelings about a scene on a book's page, before they turn to an honestly random page in a book. They have no idea how they get these impressions or how they get to be quite accurate in their intuitive thoughts about the page.

* A participant freely chooses the order of a set of bottle caps that then seem to tell the participant the order they would choose.

* A participant looks at a deck of cards, shuffles it, cuts it, only to discover the card they randomly cut to (and may have had in mind too) was predicted by the mentalist long in advance. The principle will shock you. You have to see Kenton do it to grasp the importance of this principle and method. Now you can. The effect looks and feels like real mind implantation to the participant.

* Learn principles that make mentalism appear and feel realistic, including the use of actual mind patterns and real mental influence.

Right now, you are getting $100 OFF this course, because Kenton wants you to see for yourself what critics say cannot be done. More importantly, Kenton wants you to be able to do it all too rather than think it is the stuff of legend or mere theory. After you see how Kenton does the seeming impossible, learn how to do it all yourself, both on video and with this amazing collection of PDF books by Kenton Knepper and his famous Students.

Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.

I decided to do something radical, in a positive way, for mentalism. That's why I created this Beyond Limits Course. It is as close as you can get to being in a private session with me, at an introductory price that is hard to believe. Believe it, because I want you to see and feel for yourself why my work seems so realistic to audiences. I want you to understand why critics want to keep you away from this powerful material, and force you to perform their standard way of doing tricks instead. It's time for you to see why I have relied on my principles for decades and how you can do that too. If you want to be seen as a mere trickster, this Course can help you, but you may not be ready to learn everything in it yet. If you can open your mind to thinking beyond the obvious, then you are ready to walk into that realm of mentalism that looks and feels like the real thing. Ask my audiences. Watch my peers react in live situations. Welcome to my world. You CAN do it, and I will show you how with this Course.  -- Kenton Knepper


  1. Beyond Limits READ FIRST

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  2. Beyond Limits Video Demonstrations and Overview of Methods

    1 Video
  3. Kenton's "The Secret" in PDF Download

    1 Download
  4. Q - The Secret Influence in PDF Download

    1 Download
  5. Risk Assessment

    1 Download
  6. Emo Book Test

    1 Download
  7. Mind Reading Book Download

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  8. Kentonism Deck

    2 Videos
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Customer Reviews

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    Jam packed and what you need to go beyond the ordinary

    5 Stars

    Want to kick your performances up to the next level? Are you interested in performing real mysteries and not just tricks? Want to learn the theory behind what turns a simple 'trick' into a real miracle? This is where it starts.

    BEYOND LIMITS is jam packed with tidbits of Kenton Knepper's philosophy and ideas on implanting ideas, suggestion, audience management, multiple outs, non-verbal cues, inference, learn styles of Kentonism that will bring your performances a more realistic look and feel.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone. However, this work is not for the casual performer - this is the real work. The more I learn from Kenton the better I get at performing.

    Beyond Limits is exactly what any mystery performer needs to rise above the ranks of ordinary and move into the realm of extraordinary. Thanks again, Kenton... as usual you a real winner on your hands here.

    -Tommy Burnett The Unconventionalist

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...or 2 monthly payments of $26.00