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Completely Cold Expanded Audio Downloads

  • Learn how to do readings without memory virtually overnight
  • Hear live real world examples so you can apply it instantly
  • Apply the secret methods to other things like equivoque
  • How you can never be wrong using this readings method

THE Classic Origination by Kenton and J. Tank For INSTANT READINGS OVERNIGHT - with NO MEMORY or STOCK LINES.


Dan Harlan has called it "The DREAM System" for cold readings. Many pros swear by it, as they make a living from this system alone.


"I use only this when I give readings. It is all you need. Highly recommended. It allows you to go with your real insights and intuition without worry." - FRASER PARKER


TWO Audio Download Set...PERFECT For All Mind Reading Lesson Students! 


"I feel this is as close as it gets to personally training students and peers in my original system. Each time I listen to this, I remember important aspects I need to keep in mind myself. If you want to know what I suggest for you as instant cold reading material, or as a vital supplement to our Mind Reading Lessons, this nearly two hour audio set of mp3 audio teaching is THE recommendation by me. The audio lessons give so much more than the original booklet that these are bound to answer those questions in the back of your mind about 'How to' do this right away. No more excuses. Now, right now, you really can learn to do readings virtually overnight. No memorizing stock lines. Make a difference to people you read, make each reading unique, read impossible things as if they are clear as day, all without heavy lifting. I am speaking from many years of experience. I know what a difference this system has made for me!"

This material is NOT in any of the Mind Reading Lessons. It needs and deserves its own place in the history of mentalism.

This is the classic reference for making cold readers in under 24 hours, and now it just got pushed to the next level! On two audio programs you will get all the inside work so you can begin to do readings virtually overnight.

  • NO memorizing
  • NO props
  • Get this material in your head and be ready to go to work as a reader tomorrow!

This new version contains the entire original material as an audio book, plus an application for use with a mental card forcing equivoque, Kenton's answer to those afraid of doing readings and more. Then a second audio program teaches you by example as you listen to "Cold" in action in real life readings situations

Here are the missing pieces to the classic system everyone has been waiting to have - at last.

The Original "Completely Cold" has launched the careers of many readers, and literally taught mentalists overnight how to sneak readings into their everyday conversations to gain rapport.

We never thought Kenton could make "Cold" better than it was. It's been a cherished, sometimes controversial classic, for well over a decade. Now he has outdone the original. Hear it for yourself with all the extras at last.

Listen today, perform readings tomorrow.

Audio Program 1: 

  • The Original Completely Cold in Audio Book Form
  • NEW WORK including how to begin a reading, what else to say, 
  • Other word and category options, what you already know and more. If you felt the original was a bit stifling, this will change that notion forever.
  • Over 60 minutes in length!

Audio Program 2 - Live Readings and More:

  • Track 1 - Opening Remarks
  • Track 2 - Donna's Reading
  • Track 3 - Dave's Reading
  • Track 4 - Reactions from Donna and Dave
  • Track 5 - Kathryn's Reading
  • Track 6 - Notes About Kathryn's Reading
  • Track 7 - Kathryn's Reactions To Her Reading
  • Track 8 - Completely Cold As Card Equivoque
  • Track 9 - Live Cold Card Force
  • Track 10 - Holly's Extreme Reading
  • Track 11 - Ending Comments, Fear and Action
  • This Audio Program # 2 is almost 60 Minutes in length.

That's nearly TWO HOURS to listen to on your iPod, phone, on the road, in the plane, car...anywhere! Listen and learn. It doesn't get easier than this.

Hear for yourself why this system has been THE go-to system to learn to do readings virtually overnight. This has been a classic for insiders for over a decade. NOW EXPANDED with additional information and in audio, for less money than the original booklet will cost you. Learn the system more easily than ever, hear real life experience in your earbuds, learn how to apply Cold to conversations, equivoque, and more. This has been THE system for countless performers, personal coaches and Mind Readers. It is simple, easy to learn and to do, and it will change how you think about cold readings forever...thousands of performers can vouch that this is a FACT.

“Kenton, I thank you wholeheartedly for what you've done for mentalism, especially your two marvels ‘Completely Cold’ and ‘Wonder Words’ which encouraged me to do readings. I now make a living with my Q&A act and private readings, and can't thank you enough for that.”
— Aymeric De Valon



  1. Completely Cold CD 1 Audio Download (75.69 MB)

  2. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Download (62.36 MB)

  3. Completely Cold CD 1 Audio Download (76.05 MB)

  4. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 1 (807 KB)

  5. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 2 (9.18 MB)

  6. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 3 (11.47 MB)

  7. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 4 (2.12 MB)

  8. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 5 (15.48 MB)

  9. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 6 (1.18 MB)

  10. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 7 (1.57 MB)

  11. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 8 (5.90 MB)

  12. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 9 (1.20 MB)

  13. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 10 (9.33 MB)

  14. Completely Cold CD 2 Audio Downloads Part 11 (5.13 MB)

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Customer Reviews

  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    If I can do it, so can you!

    5 Stars

    I bought this two days ago and listen to the first CD just once. I started using it yesterday. I know NOTHING about cold reading other than it was mentioned in a book, and it seemed like an interesting topic. I read a little more, and then found Kenton's website and this Completely Cold system. I am not a magician or mentalist or performer.

    I have never, ever, attempted anything like this before.

    I asked the person if I could do an experiment on intuition and connection with them. After my "reading" they stated that they were, and I quote, "blown away" by how much I knew about them and understood them.

    They were not nearly as blown away as I was to see how this elegant and simple system is also effective.

    - Dr. Savage

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    It's THE one.

    5 Stars

    This system is perfect for anyone looking to dive head first into readings in either a casual or professional setting. I have played around with it a bit, and I must say it is perfect for my needs. The system is super easy to pick up, and Kenton has designed it to be virtually bulletproof from really missing. I would be hard pressed to look toward any other reading system.

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo
  • 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

    Must Have

    5 Stars

    I have to say that out of all the methods I know I use Kenton's Completely Cold and Pendulum Programming more than anything else in my arsenal.

    I use these two at least once a day and I thank you for these. They have helped me help countless people and friends and can't think what I would be doing without this knowledge.

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo