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Wonder Words

For over a decade Kenton would tip some of his secrets under the guise of magic performance and NLP to a handful of performing students. Eventually, he was prodded to teach an exclusive group of some of the world’s most famous mentalists a little about what he knew. It was this teaching to select students and peers which lead in time to Wonder Words.

Wonder Words changed everything in mentalism and magic, creating principles such as "multiple reality" which later became called "dual reality", using real trance states in mentalism and magic, creating trance illusion, using real influence in mentalism and magic, creating methods where words alone were the only gimmick to the trick...and all of this is just for starters.

Each Course gives you the first lesson(s) to work and play with immediately. Then, every 7 days or so, a new part of the Course will appear in your online account, until you receive all of the lessons in your Course.

See the Wonder Words Course information on what Wonder Words will now do for you.