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Mentorship Program

How Would it Feel to Command Transformational Power and Live the Life of a True Magician?

Today, many people feel alone, empty, without connection, without purpose, insignificant, and even inferior.  People seek to connect to something greater than themselves with the desire to access true transformational power.  People seek out Magic to initiate change, connect to something meaningful, find transformation, or find purpose.  Magic has the power to fill these voids.

This is why you, as a True Magician, have the ability (and responsibility) to initiate potent transformational power, a power that will infiltrate the lives of those you touch. The world desperately needs to hear your message.  But, you find yourself feeling that you cannot get heard.  Why?  The answer is simple.  

People THINK they want tricks.  They want tricks ONLY because they do not yet know how Mystery Performance can transform their lives for the better, connecting them to a higher self. However, to initiate meaningful change for others, you must first learn the secrets to transforming your own life. Not only do you need to learn them, but you need to work these secrets of transformation personally, professionally, financially, emotionally, and mentally—on stage and off.  To connect others to something greater and deeper, you first must connect within.  If you want others to respect your Magic, you must find and respect if first. 

Kenton Knepper carries on a legacy of deep Magic and purpose.  He is inviting you to become a part of that legacy through his mentorship program, committed to accepting you as a True Magician as he helps you craft your own footprint that you will gift to the world. You do not need to be alone.  You will find that you are not insignificant, powerless, or without purpose. 

With Kenton as your mentor, you will be guided to find your own True Magic that will give you a voice that the world can hear (and will continue to hear) in your absence.  You can be empowered to live your purpose and dream of Mystery, build your persona, your performance, your finances, your inner powers, your deep connection to Something More.  We all carry that Magic, we just need to find it.  When the student is ready, the True Teacher appears.

Serious applicants only as this exclusive mentorship opportunity is only be available to nine students.  To be considered for this program, choose your level of commitment and sign up today (minimum six month commitment with either level).

Are you ready?  Sign up now.

If you are on the fence about taking advantage of the mentoring offered by Kenton, you should take the plunge. Your presence at this website shows that you are already interested in a deeper dive into what a magician and mentalist can be or do. You have already been changed. It's likely that your vision no longer meshes as well as it once did with the mainstream.

Imagine having a close connection with someone who really gets it, who really has your interests in mind, not just selling a process. Kenton has already clearly demonstrated his ability to draw upon multiple disciplines and perspectives. What would happen if you got that capability directed toward achieving your personal success goals, with real feedback?

You've seen how personal attention from Kenton to some of his closer students has catapulted them forward. You have a chance to get that kind of attention. This is the time to be bold and take advantage of the hand that is reaching out.

- Chris Walden

This is NOT for everyone, but if you are someone sincere, you will value everything that Kenton Knepper offers with his powerful mentorship. Believe me, is a life-changer.
- Pablo Amirá