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Learn all of the inside secrets, completely, of Kenton Knepper's best loved teachings.

Our Courses are a collection of works that help you learn a subject completely.

Find out all you need to know to do Mind Reading, Tarot Reading, S.A.R. Psychological Readings and Influence by Signs.

Each Course gives you the first lesson(s) to work and play with immediately. Then, every 7 days or so, a new part of the Course will appear in your online account, until you receive all of the lessons in your Course.

The Courses allow for you to learn well each part or lesson before moving on to the next part. We have found this to be the very best way to study and learn Kenton's classic and most important works.

  • Wonder Words: The Complete Course

    Wonder Words: The Complete Course

  • Tarot Trilogy Course

    Tarot Trilogy Course

    5.0 Stars
    Online Course
    • Learn correct and perform well-respected Tarot 24 hours or less
    • No memorization or previous knowledge of Tarot required
    • Based upon renown esoteric interpretations, rather than made up mentalist meanings
    • The best Tarot system for mentalists made easy and practical
    • 45 minutes of live readings to hear how the Tick Tarot system works in real life situations
    • Includes the special Tarot Audio Reprogramming Guide with full rights to use for your clients
    • Learn the deeper Tarot key words and meanings which take your Tarot readings to the next level
    • Learn the unique 5 Scent Reading using scented oils, complete with handout sheet
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  • Signs of Influence

    Signs of Influence

    5.0 Stars
    Online Course
    • The original way to have people look at words or images and see what others do not
    • Full-color photos with images, not just words
    • Telepathic Mind Reading and influence effects
    • A complete act without real hypnosis
    • Supplied with more images than you will ever need
    • Images help a participant heal issues
    • Beautiful images become ugly to a participant in a trance
    • Telepathic hypnosis causes participants to see hilarious things which are projected into their mind by the performer
    • Large Tarot images are used to make people hallucinate, go into trances, or become intuitive
    • Kenton's classic Signs of Influence using Tarot imagery
    • Includes the classic book Kentonism in PDF format
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  • Instant Trances and Trance Illusions

    Instant Trances and Trance Illusions

    No reviews yet
    Online Course
    • Do trance effects without fear of failure.
    • Show off unusual mental powers over others.
    • Make people apparently go into a trance during standard mentalism effects.
    • Learn secrets to perform hypnosis-like abilities quickly and easily.
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  • Metal Bending Secrets Course

    Metal Bending Secrets Course

    No reviews yet
    Online Course
    • Kenton was one of the very first metal bending performers, along with Uri Geller and Steve Shaw (Banachek), in the 1970s.
    • Realistic metal bending without tricky misdirection or those quick, suspicious moves, others do.
    • Bend, melt, obliterate, shred and mutilate, spoons, keys and coins.
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  • Developing a Psychological Profile

    Developing a Psychological Profile

    No reviews yet
    Digital Lesson
    • Nearly 2 hour video lecture by award winning mentalist Christopher Rose
    • Learn the practical ins and outs of Cold Reading
    • Master the illusion of personality profiling with classic as well as original methods
    • A $100 video lecture now half price thanks to Kenton and Mr. Rose
    • Purchasers can also get additional material by Mr. Rose at a discount, directly from him.
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  • The Complete S.A.R. System

    The Complete S.A.R. System

    No reviews yet
    Online Course
    • S.A.R. System
    • S.A.R. Toolbox
    • S.A.R. Cards and Readings
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  • Meaning Trilogy

    Meaning Trilogy

    No reviews yet
    Online Course
    • This is Kenton's "Secret Trilogy" to create meaning no matter what sort of magic or mentalism you do.
    • Anti-tada, Genuine Amazement and It's Suggestion with bonus video.
    • Acclaimed by Jeff McBride, Fraser Parker, Larry Haas, and mentalists around the world.
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