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Complete Kentonism Course

...or 2 monthly payments of $39.00
  • Kentonism 1, Kentonism 2, with all the bonuses, Kentonism 3: Kentonism Videoism, with all the videos and downloads
  • An entire course, released in segments that are easy to digest, with everything you need
  • Entire acts have come from these materials, lessons and routines
The video above is one very small example from Kentonism 3. How to use these videos, and why, are part of this Course.


Get the classic teaching of the Original Kentonism, the complete inner work of Kentonism 2: Subliminal Kentonism, and all the videos and downloads of Kentonism 3 for a Course price that is less than the Course materials purchased on their own.


This is the complete course on supposed and real subliminal influence and telepathic trance illusion known around the world as Kentonism.

See the course materials on our website for more information on each section.

The Original Kentonism gives you the start of the trance illusion, dual reality, telepathic hypnosis and subliminal suggestion craze for modern performers. A whole act can be done with this material. It may also be performed close-up in small effects, even on your business card. Hypnosis effects without the hypnosis. The original teaching, plus the bonus graphics to use as you see fit.

Kentonism 2: Subliminal Kentonism is the large training on seeming subliminal suggestion, an entire show or act built upon the methods revealed in this lesson, no-prop ways of performing subliminal suggestion and a hypnosis type act without trances or hypnosis, chair routine influence, and so much more. This lesson contains all the download materials including the "subliminal audio music" that causes a participant to be influenced by members in the audience.

Kentonism 3: Kentonism Videoism which is a very large lesson all on its own. Easy to do, yet packed with materials to help transform yourself and others using special videos. Suggestion and subliminal influece is used to alter consciousness, help people relax, and apparently implant ideas such as symbols, shapes, and cards. This part of the Course and these videos actually help people, as well as provide entertainment for mentalism and hypnosis presentations. Included are videos of revelations that appear to have unconsciously influenced audience members. This is perfect for legitiate use as well for life coaches, hypnotists, suggestionists, mental trainers, and the like. Powerful tools to help transform others, as well as yourself.

Includes all 19 videos and 22 downloads.

​The Original Kentonism lesson sold for $35 when available. 

Kentonism 2 sold for $50 as a lesson on its own.

Kentonism 3: Kentonism Videoism, sells for $49.97 on its own.

When you get the full Course here you save $10 (scratch that, you get to keep about $50 right now!) but only when you get them all together here in this Course.

If you already have one of the lessons, it is still a better deal right now than getting the Course materials alone.

See the lessons elsewhere for more details if you need. 

This Course is subject to go up in price or vanish entirely.


Your music, your mysticism, your healing ability, and of course your wizardly inspiration, is a blessing for all of us. - Jeff McBride


PLEASE NOTE: All Courses release files over a period of time. This Course gives you plenty to study for the first 15 days.  In about 16 days after that you will receive the remaining work for Kentonism 3.  Kentonism 1 and 2


See Kentonism 3: Kentonism Videoism separately in our Lessons for more details


  1. Kentonism

    1 Download
  2. Kentonism Deck

    2 Videos
  3. Kentonism 2: Subliminal Kentonism (Download PDF and MP3)

  4. Kentonism Videoism - Kentonism 3

    19 Videos
Media Type Online Course

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    This must be some of the strongest material you've ever put on the market Kenton!

    5 Stars

    I'm glad I took you up on recommending this and bought it, as this must be some of the strongest material you've ever put on the market Kenton!

    Thank you for your willingness to do so!

    Pure Magic that can be used for so many reasons, but also to end readings--giving the client something to remember both the reading and programming positive vibrations for them, as well as for meditations and personal introspection... Wonderful!

    Kephri Scarabus Sweden

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...or 2 monthly payments of $39.00