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Signs of Influence

  • The original way to have people look at words or images and see what others do not
  • Full-color photos with images, not just words
  • Telepathic Mind Reading and influence effects
  • A complete act without real hypnosis
  • Supplied with more images than you will ever need
  • Images help a participant heal issues
  • Beautiful images become ugly to a participant in a trance
  • Telepathic hypnosis causes participants to see hilarious things which are projected into their mind by the performer
  • Large Tarot images are used to make people hallucinate, go into trances, or become intuitive
  • Kenton's classic Signs of Influence using Tarot imagery
  • Includes the classic book Kentonism in PDF format
  • Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.

Signs of Influence Full Course

You will discover three essential things through the Signs of Influence Full Course:

First, how to really bring your spectator and so your audience into a modified state of perception and awareness

Secondly, how do you develop your own tools according to your language or your region of the world

Finally, how to go beyond the simple trick to establish a real subliminal and symbolic connection with your spectator

I speak knowingly because I use SOI professionally. The devil is hiding in the details… Kenton will show you how to exploit small details that will take your presentation to another dimension.

BUT, there is more as usual with Kenton Knepper.

Stephane DAMOUR


Look, if we said to you, "You can do a complete hypnosis act without hypnosis or lengthy training, or you can force people to see things that others know for a fact are not there, without anything more than flat paper photographs or signs" would you be interested?

Can you make people do your bidding, cause them to think things, react to your mental suggestions, make people hallucinate, or mentally become hypnotized without any hypnosis or trance states? You can do all of that, and much more, when you get this special Signs of Influence Course.

Pay someone else $500 to do much less for you if you want. But learning directly from Kenton Knepper, the Master and originator of this approach, means you get tons more material, insight and props to print out than those who followed Kenton's lead. Here is just a sampling of what you get in this complete course.

SOI 1: Signs of Influence 1

A Full Act of Suggestion and Telepathic Influence

"Kenton -

The photos in this recent release can be effortlessly carried in my iPhone, and I have an act on my hip!

Thank you for the great thinking and sharing."

— Dave Arch, President, Sandler Training

Best of 2008 List :

" Kenton Knepper's SIGNS OF INFLUENCE: "

"Can you hypnotize people through pictures? Yep, sure can. It uses a bit of psychological and verbal manipulation, which would be ideal for someone like Kenton Knepper to develop, right? Right. And here it is. Print these pictures out or have them on your PDA/iPhone and you'll have a great new utility tool for your arsenal."

— Jheff's Marketplace of the Mind

For many years people have asked Kenton to teach them "How Kenton hypnotizes people with photographs."

Kenton was the first to use special signs and photographs in performance which caused people to apparently go into a trance (they actually may do so), hallucinate vividly, pick up on telepathic projections, fall under his influence, and more. This happens because of the special signs and photos Kenton innovated, created and uses, along with important linguistics and special psychology.

If you want to perform a hypnosis show quickly and easily you will find this system to do everything for you from the beginning "inductions" to the closing finale. It doesn't matter whether or not anyone goes into a trance because they will act like they are completely under all the same.

Mentalists who will NOT do trance work will also find this work useful as the photos may apparently change to reveal someone special that the spectator has in mind.

You not only read thoughts; participants occasionally see their thoughts projected in photos as you read their thoughts.

Imagine being able to hire yourself as a SAFE hypnotist or mental influencer without the concern of whether or not people will go into a trance, whether it is legal, or any other typical hypnosis show issue.

People helping you on stage will not be able to explain away all that they see. The audience will see one thing and the helpers will see something radically different. This is not the use of old optical illusions as some performers have tried to sell you as my work. No one has had all the inside secrets until now.

If you do not care to perform any type of hypnosis show, mentalists will want to use this work as a way to prove their power and undeniable influence over others. This material is highly entertaining, extremely realistic, and adjustable to nearly any situation.

Here are a few of the things you will do with this complete system:

  • As participants approach the performer they fall under his or her influence. The nearer the people get to the performer, the more deeply under they seem to go. A simple word seems puzzling to the helpers while the audience watches on with complete amazement.
  • A photograph of a mirror is shown... A participant swears that various family members fade in and out of the photo, as if looking into a crystal ball. The audience sees nothing however.

You're probably thinking "This is all blatant cues and Kenton's dual reality or something" but that's not really the story here. Of course Kenton uses dual reality, prompts and linguistics as much as I can.

But the real work here is in the original signs and photographs themselves.

The audience can clearly see a scene, photograph or sign just the same way the participants under your influence see these things. The audience may continue to look at the sign while the participants insist that they see new images fading in, cannot read signs anymore, are following subliminal suggestions, watching beautiful imagery become horrific and much more.

Look, if we said to you, "You can do a complete hypnosis act without hypnosis or lengthy training, or you can force people to see things that others know for a fact are not there, without anything more than flat paper photographs or signs" would you be interested?

Here are a few more examples:

  • Three participants look at a photograph of an hourglass. Because they are apparently under your influence, they claim they know what time the hourglass indicates. These times are different, yet the times named are the very ones the mentalist has attempted to project into the participant's' minds. 
  • A photograph of an old chalk slate has SET GOALS written on it. The performer speaks about the importance of setting clear goals, one at a time. The participant is told to think of two goals at once and try to read the photograph. The participant says it is now hard to read as the words are as if they are written twice, in double writing, making it very difficult to see. When the helper sits back down and focuses on one goal only, he can read the sign easily again. This is an object lesson any seminar teacher, business performer, or mentalist can put to use right away.
  • Many participants gaze at a photograph of clouds in the sky... You know how people imagine things as they look at clouds? The audience may see clouds and sky, but the influenced participants vividly imagine angels, a dragon monster, SEE music, and more. Not only that, they will SWEAR THAT THESE ARE REAL and not imagined things.
  • A woman who nose... A photograph of a woman with a nose cold is shown. Everyone agrees on what the picture displays. But due to some verbal influence the rest of the audience clearly notices, the participants strangely begin to count MANY NOSES on the poor woman's face! Those under the performer's influence will point and agree to seeing the noses while the audience watches on and can see that clearly no other such noses exist! But participants swear the poor woman has a nose on her eyebrow, her hand, her lip, her fingers! This is very funny stuff to the audience, as the participants helping cannot imagine why what they are saying is so hysterically funny.

This can be performed in a living room, platform, on television, on the street or most anywhere you have an audience. This can be performed in homes as well as in banquet rooms or other small stages. You can even use the images on your phone, tablet, etc.

There is nothing more that you need to buy.

You get over THREE DOZEN signs and photos as JPG files that can be printed out on your computer in just this first lesson of the course. These signs and photos do most of the work for you. You also receive an in-depth 90 page lesson ebook in PDF format to explain every nuance and detail in using these signs, how they work, and how to make a complete act, from start to finish, out of these devious pieces of illusion.

This is a treatise that has taken a long time for me to write and produce for you. This work is not like anything else out there. Unique principles and applications create a system of seeming influence that you can get to work and use right away.

PLUS... We also supply the original "Kentonism Graphics" that go with the original "Kentonism" book as part of this system. These graphics have been long unavailable. The Kentonism Graphics+ on CD-ROM sold for $25.00 and more. They have no instructions, as the book "Kentonism" ARE the instructions. Now you get these graphics as an additional part of this course.

SOI 2: Signs of Influence 2 - Healing & Horror

A powerful tool that helps people heal themselves, creates memorable readings, and freaks people out...all in one lesson.

(People are using this on their phones so they can take this anywhere...)

TWO main aspects to the SOI 2 lesson:

  1. HEALING READINGS: In the process of doing a reading mystical healing images and a special process is used to help people move past problem issues in their life. This is real wizardry at its best.
  2. STRANGE TRANSFORMATIONS: Looking at simple pictures, participants see photos transform into frightening images, strange metaphors appear, and the stars of Twilight get really damn ugly, among other things.

A Few Of The Things You Will Do:

  • Create profound, positive change for people during your show or in a private reading. A person names an issue they have and an envelope is opened to show a photo inside that strangely represents this concern. As the person looks at this photo new images come forth which work consciously and subconsciously to help this person heal their area of concern. No, we are not kidding. This was a HUGE HIT at McBride's Magic and Meaning 2010.
  • It's Also Fun! You appear to instantly hypnotize members of the audience and they hallucinate all sorts of things...seeing UFOs in a picture, Godzilla in Japanese art, spirits in a photo of an old mansion, a Chinese bar-b-que shop in a Halloween pumpkin, a doctor that turns out to be operating on himself, and more.
  • A Twilight Poster Becomes Haunted and the beautiful stars become the ugliest creatures in the world to the seemingly hypnotized audience members! The character Bella has a sewn-on face and Edward becomes a sadistic clown. What more could you want? There is loads to laugh about here for fans and haters of the Twilight movies alike. While very humorous, there is also deeper social commentary hidden in this piece.
  • Do Seeming Hypnosis and Realistic Suggestion With No Hypnosis At All.
  • Halloween images including a girl named "Candy" who seems to change costumes according to a tranced-out spectator and a witch that has sisters only the spectator can see, along with the jack-o'-lantern, UFO people, Godzilla, spirits and more appear to supposedly hypnotized people (they're not!) These may easily be used at times other than Halloween too, of course! Do Spirits, UFOs or Godzilla ever go out of style completely?
  • Non-readings and non-frightening effects too. A mess of playing cards photographed on a sheet seemingly turns into one card only that a participant sees repeatedly in the photo...and that card turns out to be another person's card.
  • Sound Waves pictured in a photo are accurately described...A participant sees sound waves and swears they can tell which one visual wave image is a violin, guitar, gong, amplifier, and many other things. Is it hypnotic hallucination or Kentonism Thought Transference?

There are fifteen very special secret images and a special Free Bonus of the "Twilight/Twi-dark" image, plus the 30 page lesson. Read the digital lesson, open up the sixteen jpg files and print out the ones you like, and you're set to perform. Your signs will never wear out as you can continue to print more.

Why this work is so important... Kenton on occasion releases his work that is very close to real magic and the healing arts. This is one of those rare pieces. 

  • If you want to just have fun with unusual images and trance illusion, do something different for a party or show, then the second part of this work is especially for you.
  • If you want to touch people, help others, move them, help people heal their own issues, make a lasting impact on others, do readings that help without offering advice, and have a new way of doing mentalism and readings, this is a most important work for you, without a doubt. The first part of this lesson is all about how to do just this.
  • If you want to do Kentonism, trance illusion or just have new signs for your Signs of Influence act, this set is for you too.

Perfect for therapists, life-coaches, counselors, readers and hypnotists as well.

That said, it's all very easy to do...because it is built-in for you. Kenton has spent a huge amount of time and energy perfecting these images so you can perform them without effort. They just work. Kenton's done the hard part for you. Now all you have to do is play with them and discover their power for yourself.

"I was thrilled with this material! Both sides of the equation are endlessly useful."
— Ed Underwood

SOI 3: Signs of Influence 3 - Tarot

Can you make people see into the fourth dimension?

You can now.

Named as one of the TOP 10 MENTALISM PRODUCTS OF 2011

This is Kenton's acclaimed SIGNS OF INFLUENCE principle performed with select TAROT IMAGES!


The performer talks about the power of Tarot imagery and how it can help people see into the fourth dimension. Some may scoff but several participants volunteer to see for themselves.

The images from several Tarot Keys are shown to the audience at large. Perhaps The Fool, The Devil and Judgment are displayed. To the audience these seem to be typical Tarot images.

But soon...

Participants swear The Fool is wearing a parachute and has a bridge he can use to cross the abyss rather than fall into the abyss! The audience doesn't see this but the people helping the performer swear it is so. They also insist they can see Limitless Light going into another dimension! There is a dragon breathing fire out of the sleeve! This can go on and on.

The Devil is seen to be a jester. The chains that bind the victims in the card are broken. Participants go from fear to laughing at the joke of a Devil.

In the Judgment image participants insist they see "the fourth dimension" in numerous ways, and that this makes perfectly good sense, although they cannot explain this dimension or put it into words. The rest of the audience sees the usual gray people coming out of graves in the Tarot Key imagery. They have no idea all the stuff the participants insist they see but cannot explain.

This can continue with other Tarot images. The Hierophant has the Pope peeking over his shoulder, and a person looking out from within!

A participant accurately explains the esoteric meaning of The Lovers or the Wheel of Fortune even naming alchemical symbols they never knew before, speaking another name it!

Death becomes a positive card for participants while the audience still sees the image of Key 13 as frightening. The Tower seems to make participants shake or move their eyes like wild as they look at the Tower imagery.

Wait until the audience hears a participant say that the letters on the High Priestess indicate an ice cream company...and the performer shows his prediction is that very brand of ice cream!

This is a wild mix of seeming hypnosis, altered states caused by Tarot, heightened intuition and an ineffable something that simply cannot be explained away. The participants admit they see the fourth dimension itself, and can comprehend it but not put it into words!

Fans know Kenton takes Tarot work to a new level. Kenton has spent his life studying such symbolism and makes it accessible in exciting and performable ways. TAROT SOI is a culmination of several of Kenton's most important principles applied in a manner only he could manage with all of his years of study.

Kenton admits that putting this together has even helped solidify his own understanding and application of Tarot. What more can be said about why you should get this for yourself?

"Real secrets are revealed here that only those who ponder what is openly taught will grasp. This work may be performed as entirely surface entertainment. Yet the meanings are far deeper for those who wish to be and do greater things. I have said more than I should in this work. I know those who are ready to go to the next level will read and take to heart what is given in this release."
— Kenton

This is not a deck of Tarot cards, but rather the imagery used on seemingly typical Tarot cards. You may print these seemingly traditional Rider Waite style Tarot Keys on card stock, photo paper or keep them on your portable device.

These images are not at all what they appear! The special images do all the work for you so you can concentrate on meaningful and amazing performances.

You get the 22 page PDF lesson with all the details plus the very special images you can print out forever of Kenton's image work with: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Hierophant, The Lovers, Strength, Wheel of Fortune, Hanged Man, Death, The Devil, The Tower, The Moon and Judgment. You will only use three or four images at most in any given performance. This is not a physical or complete Tarot set. These are very special images of the Tarot imagery mentioned here, that allow you to do all of these wonders, and much more.

This may be performed alone, as an introduction to why you should be booked for Tarot readings for a group, as an altered state performance piece, a bizarre magic act, a sincere demonstration of the power of imagery and Tarot on the subconscious, as metaphors and symbol adjustment to help people overcome issues, and much more.

You get the PDF lesson book and resizable, forever reprintable special artwork and images with this lesson.


The Classic Kenton Knepper work that changed mentalism, made telepathic trance effects practical, and generated a whole new form of seeming influence.

"WOW! I just got Kentonism today. What can I say? More real information from the Master !"

Shane at On-Line Visions says:

"I got it three days ago, and I've read it over a dozen times, cover to cover. It's a consummate work, Kenton, and the absolute ultimate in secrets. This is the real work. Period... I'm almost tempted to put the "tricks" away once and for all. Good heavens, the stuff you reveal here!"

Since eight years of age, hypnosis and what seemed to be actual magical, mental powers fascinated Kenton. Over the decades, Kenton has created and developed certain secret methods - known to but a very few of Kenton's closest friends. These are the exact methods used by Kenton to create absolute awe and fascination in the minds of Kenton's clients.

Kenton has guarded these concepts most jealously. Finally, the full story can be told. What was once legend and myth is now within the grasp of anyone who cares to study and apply these ingenious concepts. So, what is "Kentonism"? What can you do?

With Kentonism you may appear to:

  • Have a participant slip into an altered state - just by looking at your business card!
  • Cause a participant to choose thoughts and objects based on subliminal suggestion.
  • Perform a full "hypnosis " type act, without having to learn or do hypnosis.
  • Write thoughts down on a pad of paper, then stand back, and watch as audience members are compelled to do these things!
  • Apply telepathic and subliminal influence close-up or on stage.
  • Learn legitimate suggestion techniques, and innovative methods created by Kenton.
  • Includes special "subliminal" art designs to copy for your own business cards.

We know what you usually get. This is not a work that uses "all stooges". Of course not - this is KENTON. Kenton has incorporated linguistic deception, dual-reality, and actual suggestion into these unusual principles and applications. KENTONISM is a rare look into Mr. Knepper's most secret work. This material is NOT for the magic hobbyist. This material is NOT a way to get people to date you. This is the real secret work for thinkers and performers. This lesson is over 60 full size pages in length.

This Course gives you the first lesson(s) to work and play with immediately. Then, every 7 days, a new part of the Course will appear in your online account, until you receive all of the lessons in your Course.

The Courses allow for you to learn well each part or lesson before moving on to the next part. We have found this to be the very best way to study and learn Kenton's classic and most important works.

Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.

A Personal Note from Kenton:

I would love to tell you all the great things that you will experience when you do what is in this manuscript, but there is no way to do that. Neither do I care to even accidentally oversell what is in this book. Making my name the title is not something I do lightly, however.

If you are a fan of Wonder Words, then this lesson is simply one you should have. If you think of me and think of easy material anyone can do, you may not be ready for this work yet. This is not a work for the magical hobbyist. Maybe you will want this in the future. Some have called "Kentonism" a style of suggestion or hypnosis. Kentonism is not easy to put into words. My friends do say this book is one of my defining works.

What I will say about Kentonism is this: Many of my clients believe I can actually implant thoughts into their minds, by both subliminal and telepathic methods. There are those who feel that what I do is REAL. Some of my friends think I truly sit around and make people do things with my mind - somehow. Even those associates who should know better question whether I honestly make attempts at influencing people telepathically. Some swear I can "hypnotize" people by having them stare at my business card or other artwork. Audiences both close-up with a deck of cards, or on stage with a pad of paper believe I can do all of this and more. How far you take these concepts and methods is strictly up to you.

I can make all of these statements without any worry about overstating what others have seen me do. Am I such a well oiled machine that I never fail? No, I am human - ask any of my friends. Yet, I am convincing enough with this material that people take what I do quite seriously. Is it all a simple trick? No. Is it all real? No.

I told you this wasn't easy to describe. Miraculous powers usually are not.

Still, the methods are not difficult nor far beyond the realm of what you are likely already doing. Some of the most basic ideas have been alluded to in my other works. Never have the real work and full details of Kentonism been put into writing for all to see. Now I have truly done it.

Surely in the future I will again write simple works anyone can do without any study or thought. This isn't one of them. But if you have ever wanted to apparently be able to influence others, be taken as a serious student of the mind, or have magical abilities, this just may be for you. If you get the idea I am trying to scare away all but the devoted student or performer, you are right. I did not "dumb down" a bit of my actual methods. I do not wish to have careless performers get their hands on this intense and commercial material. Legends have been, and will be, made from this work - period. If you feel you are the right type of person to handle these methods with respect, then join me in that realm of the miraculous that is "Kentonism".

"Kentonism" has become a term mentalists and magicians use to describe word play and trance illusion effects. This is the book that made "Kentonism" a popular term. See for yourself why, and how this work is the secret source behind so many others.

"Kentonism" as become the modern foundation for performers and a current classic reference. Combine "Kentonism" with "Signs of Influence"and you will have a real hypnosis type of act with no hypnosis required! Just the thing needed in this age of new laws and lawsuits against real hypnosis in performance.


  1. SOI 1: Signs of Influence 1

  2. SOI 2: Signs of Influence 2 - Healing & Horror

    1 Video
  3. SOI 3: Signs of Influence 3 - Tarot

    1 Download
  4. Kentonism

    1 Download
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    The Real Thing

    5 Stars

    Signs of Influence Full Course

    You will discover three essential things through the Signs of Influence Full Course:

    First, how to really bring your spectator and so your audience into a modified state of perception and awareness

    Secondly, how do you develop your own tools according to your language or your region of the world

    Finally, how to go beyond the simple trick to establish a real subliminal and symbolic connection with your spectator

    I speak knowingly because I use SOI professionally. The devil is hiding in the details… Kenton will show you how to exploit small details that will take your presentation to another dimension.
    BUT, there is more as usual with Kenton Knepper.

    Imagine in your hands, a tool that can bring not only fun and entertainment, but also well-being, care and possible help in healing to those around you.

    If you wish, you can apply these lessons immediately. You can also go a lot further with these concepts, and develop really Magical things.

    Stephane DAMOUR

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  • 100% Unreservedly Recommended. WAY BEYOND the copycat products.

    5 Stars

    Signs of Influence is awesome, Packs flat, plays massive and is truly powerful material that is worth its weight in gold to any true Mentalist and Mystery Performer.

    And what you can do with it goes WAY BEYOND the copycat products that have followed it.

    100% Unreservedly Recommended.

    -- Alex William Smith

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