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SOI 1: Signs of Influence 1

  • Before the 100th Monkey was Kenton's Signs of Influence
  • The ORIGINAL way to have people look at words or images and see what others do not
  • Full-color photos with images, not just words
  • Telepathic Mind Reading and influence effects
  • A complete act without real hypnosis
  • Supplied with more images than you will ever need

We received great customer feedback the very day this was released...

"Kenton -

The photos in this recent release can be effortlessly carried in my iPhone, and I have an act on my hip!

Thank you for the great thinking and sharing."

— Dave Arch, President, Sandler Training

Best of 2008 List :

" Kenton Knepper's SIGNS OF INFLUENCE: "

"Can you hypnotize people through pictures? Yep, sure can. It uses a bit of psychological and verbal manipulation, which would be ideal for someone like Kenton Knepper to develop, right? Right. And here it is. Print these pictures out or have them on your PDA/iPhone and you'll have a great new utility tool for your arsenal."

— Jheff's Marketplace of the Mind

For many years people have asked me to teach them "How to hypnotize people with photographs."

Yes, I know that sounds strange, even suspicious. So let me tell you right now what the big secret is all about.

I use special signs and photographs in performance that cause people to apparently go into a trance (they actually may do so), hallucinate vividly, pick up on telepathic projections, fall under my influence, and more, just by looking at them. This happens because of the special signs and photos I use, along with important linguistics and special psychology.

If you want to perform a hypnosis show quickly and easily you will find this system to do everything for you from the beginning "inductions" to the closing finale. It doesn't matter whether or not anyone goes into a trance because they will act like they are completely under all the same.

Mentalists who will NOT do trance work will also find this work useful as the photos may apparently change to reveal someone special that the spectator has in mind.

You not only read thoughts; spectators occasionally see their thoughts projected in photos as you read their thoughts too.

Imagine being able to hire yourself as a SAFE hypnotist or mental influencer without the concern of whether or not people will go into a trance, whether it is legal, or any other typical hypnosis show issue.

People helping you on stage will not be able to explain away all that they see. The audience will see one thing and the helpers will see something radically different. This is NOT the use of old optical illusions as some performers have tried to sell you as my work. No one has had all the inside secrets until now.

The use of just a few of these signs in KWA Stage Hypnosis Training had students reeling. They understood how it is impossible to escape the influence of the signs, even without any use of hypnosis or real suggestion.

If you do not care to perform any type of hypnosis show, mentalists will want to use this work as a way to prove their power and undeniable influence over others. This material is highly entertaining, extremely realistic, and adjustable to nearly any situation.

Here are a few of the things you will do with this complete system:

  • As spectators approach the performer they fall under his or her influence. The nearer the spectators get to the performer, the more deeply under they seem to go. A simple word seems puzzling to the helpers while the audience watches on with complete amazement.
  • A photograph of a mirror is shown... The spectator swears that various family members fade in and out of the photo, as if looking into a crystal ball. The audience sees nothing however.

You're probably thinking "This is all blatant cues and Kenton's dual reality or something" but that's not really the story here. Of course I use dual reality, prompts and linguistics as much as I can.

But the real work here is in the signs and photographs themselves.

The audience can clearly see a scene, photograph or sign just the way the spectators under your influence see these things. The audience may continue to look at the sign while the spectators insist that they see new images fading in, cannot read signs anymore, are following subliminal suggestions, watching beautiful imagery become horrific and much more.

Look, if I said to you, "You can do a complete hypnosis act without hypnosis or lengthy training, or you can force people to see things that others know for a fact are not there, without anything more than flat paper photographs or signs" would you be interested?

Here are a few more examples:

  • Three spectators look at a photograph of an hourglass. Because they are apparently under your influence, they claim they know what time the hourglass indicates. These times are different, yet the times named are the very ones the mentalist has attempted to project into the spectators' minds. Remember - The photo is shown to the audience without any switches, special lighting or anything else. The audience sees one thing, but the helpers swear they see things very differently.
  • A photograph of an old chalk slate has SET GOALS written on it. The performer speaks about the importance of setting clear goals, one at a time. The spectator is told to think of two goals at once and try to read the photograph. The spectator says it is now hard to read as the words are as if they are written twice, in double writing, making it very difficult to see. When the helper sits back down and focuses on one goal only, he can read the sign easily again. This is an object lesson any seminar teacher, business performer, or mentalist can put to use right away.
  • Many spectators gaze at a photograph of clouds in the sky... You know how people imagine things as they look at clouds? The audience may see clouds and sky, but the influenced spectators vividly imagine angels, a dragon monster, SEE music, and more. Not only that, they will SWEAR THAT THESE ARE REAL and not imagined things.
  • A woman who nose... A photograph of a woman with a nose cold is shown. Everyone agrees on what the picture displays. But due to some verbal influence the rest of the audience clearly notices, the spectators strangely begin to count MANY NOSES on the poor woman's face! Those under the performer's influence will point and agree to seeing the noses while the audience watches on and can see that clearly no other such noses exist! But spectators swear the poor woman has a nose on her eyebrow, her hand, her lip, her fingers! This is very funny stuff to the audience, as the spectators helping cannot imagine why what they are saying is so hysterically funny.

Did I mention this is all very easy to do? That it can be performed in a living room, platform, on television, on the street or most anywhere you have an audience?

You will need to have a few feet of distance between you and the audience, but nothing drastic. This can be performed in homes as well as in banquet rooms or other small stages.

There is nothing more that you need to buy.

You get over THREE DOZEN signs and photos as JPG files that can be printed out on your computer. These signs and photos do most of the work for you. But I also supply an in-depth 90 page book in PDF format to explain every nuance and detail in using these signs, how they work, and how to make a complete act, from start to finish, out of these devious pieces of illusion.

This is a treatise that has taken a long time for me to write and produce for you, but it is here at last. Now you know what I have been quietly doing lately behind the scenes. This work is not like anything else out there. Unique principles and applications create a system of seeming influence that you can get to work and use right away.

PLUS, as if you won't have enough to download in this huge project ;-)

I have also supplied the original "Kentonism Graphics" that go with my original "Kentonism" book as part of this system. These graphics have been long unavailable. The Kentonism Graphics+ on CD-ROM sold for $25.00 and more. They have no instructions, as the book "Kentonism" ARE the instructions. Now you get these graphics as an additional FREE DOWNLOAD when you buy this complete Signs Of Influence system.

We're all dealing with a slow economy I know, so I have also priced this entire system well below what peers have suggested that it sell it for here. This has been a major project for me, but because I am releasing this direct only through Wonder Wizards right now you get the best price possible. I hope this helps everyone.

I have been very pleased with the results of this system in my own performances and training work. All who see this system in action swear by it. I am proud to be able to share this system at last with all the detail and nuance I felt this important work demanded.

This system brings a whole new meaning to the "Art of Influence."

Now, it is yours. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

NOTE: BIG FILES! HUGE. BE PATIENT! They will download if you wait for them patiently, ONE AT A TIME please.

Kenton has a LOT in this, so please be patient for these large downloads... they are really worth the wait!

Downloads are 149.13 Mb, 15.68 Mb, 18.59 Mb, 5.29 Mb

You might want to download the small ones one at a time first... and then the largest, 149.13 Mb file last while you go out to do something else for a bit.

This is SIGNS OF INFLUENCE PART ONE. See SIGNS OF INFLUENCE PART 2 elsewhere on our website.


  1. Signs of Influence Swirl Prompting Images (5.29 MB)

  2. Signs of Influence Graphics and Photograph Set (149.13 MB)

  3. Signs of Influence Book (15.39 MB)

  4. Kentonism Graphics (18.59 MB)

Tags Mentalism, Wonder Words
Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • Fred Rosenbaum

    5 Stars

    Kenton Knepper is famous in the magic world for his Wonder Words franchise. He has 3 volumes and a workbook on it so far. I am a little surprised he didn't call this Wonder Pictures or Wonder Signs as it is appropriate and really does expand the franchise. What Wonder Words does for words, Signs of Influence does for pictures.

    The basic premise is that your on-stage volunteers appear to be in a trance and do or say what you want. Much like hypnosis but without the hypnosis part. Your helper sees one thing while the audience sees something else It really appears that you are hypnotizing people with photographs and creating alternate realities.

    What you get is a 91 page ebook, 48 picture files, 24 influence swirl card images, and 35 images of cards that are of use to anyone that owns the Kentonism book. All are electronic downloads and are quite large. If you are on dial up you may want to download at a friend's house.

    Like most of Kenton's work, you don't just get a routine and a prop that you then go out and perform. You receive a full routine that uses the majority of the picture files. You could use this package and put on a pseudo hypnosis show with no further training. You can also pick and choose and do a short set with the same premise. What is not recommended is to try to add a quick sign or two as part of a magic show. A good magician will be able to routine this into their act, but it is not a simple throw away effect. You are dealing with people's minds, they will believe it is real, and you don't want to confuse them by adding it to a magic act.

    Some of the pictures can be used even if they are presented quite small. That makes them ideal for loading on your iPhone or PDA and you can be ready any time anywhere.

    Thirty five dollars is an amazing price for what you get, but you must realize that it is just the beginning of your expenditures. The 91-page book is provided as a pdf file. You can read it on your computer, but I printed it out on my printer and had it comb bound at a copy place for $5. You also receive jpg files for 48 pictures. The majority of these are very high resolution and can be printed quite large. They also print nicely as 4x6 pictures, or you can print them on your own photo printer. But you will want to print them to use them. The beauty of not having Kenton provide them printed for you is that you just print the pictures you want, at the size you need, saving money for all.

    This package is highly recommended for the right performer. In the hands of a mentalism pro this will be killer, if you are a birthday party magician you should save your money. If you have a hyp act and want to liven up the pre-talk, if you want a full hyp show but aren't trained for one, need to expand a strong mentalism show, or can routine this into your magic show in a way that makes sense, this is for you.

    Fred Rosenbaum

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo