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SOI 3: Signs of Influence 3 - Tarot

  • Large Tarot images are used to make people hallucinate, go into trances, or become intuitive
  • Kenton's classic Signs of Influence using Tarot imagery.

Can you make people see into the fourth dimension?

You can now.

Named as one of the TOP 10 MENTALISM PRODUCTS OF 2011

Kenton's been holding this close for too long. This is Kenton's acclaimed SIGNS OF INFLUENCE performed with select TAROT IMAGES!


The performer talks about the power of Tarot imagery and how it can help people see into the fourth dimension. Some may scoff but several participants volunteer to see for themselves.

The images from several Tarot Keys are shown to the audience at large. Perhaps The Fool, The Devil and Judgment are displayed. To the audience these seem to be typical Tarot images.

But soon...

Participants swear The Fool is wearing a parachute and has a bridge he can use to cross the abyss rather than fall into the abyss! The audience doesn't see this but the people helping the performer swear it is so. They also insist they can see Limitless Light going into another dimension! There is a dragon breathing fire out of the sleeve! This can go on and on.

The Devil is seen to be a jester. The chains that bind the victims in the card are broken. Participants go from fear to laughing at the joke of a Devil.

In the Judgment image participants insist they see "the fourth dimension" in numerous ways, and that this makes perfectly good sense, although they cannot explain this dimension or put it into words. The rest of the audience sees the usual gray people coming out of graves in the Tarot Key imagery. They have no idea all the stuff the participants insist they see but cannot explain.

This can continue with other Tarot images. The Hierophant has the Pope peeking over his shoulder, and a person looking out from within!

A participant accurately explains the esoteric meaning of The Lovers or the Wheel of Fortune even naming alchemical symbols they never knew before, speaking another name it!

Death becomes a positive card for participants while the audience still sees the image of Key 13 as frightening. The Tower seems to make participants shake or move their eyes like wild as they look at the Tower imagery.

Wait until the audience hears a participant say that the letters on the High Priestess indicate an ice cream company...and the performer shows his prediction is that very brand of ice cream!

This is a wild mix of seeming hypnosis, altered states caused by Tarot, heightened intuition and an ineffable something that simply cannot be explained away. The participants admit they see the fourth dimension itself, and can comprehend it but not put it into words!

If you have Kenton's Signs of Influence this is an absolute must. If you are into Tarot or have Kenton's Tick Tarot this will be invaluable to you as an entertainer as well as deeply educational in your other Tarot performances or study.

Fans know Kenton takes Tarot work to a new level. Kenton has spent his life studying such symbolism and makes it accessible in exciting and performable ways. TAROT SOI is a culmination of several of Kenton's most important principles applied in a manner only he could manage with all of his years of study.

Tarot SOI is perfect for mentalists, hypnotists, trance illusionists, Kentonism performers, Tarot readers, motivators, counselors, and the typical Kenton fan.

Kenton admits that putting this together has even helped solidify his own understanding and application of Tarot. What more can be said about why you should get this for yourself?

This is entertaining, amazing, thought-provoking, realistic mentalism and symbolism at its best.

"Real secrets are revealed here that only those who ponder what is openly taught will grasp. This work may be performed as entirely surface entertainment. Yet the meanings are far deeper for those who wish to be and do greater things. I have said more than I should in this work. I know those who are ready to go to the next level will read and take to heart what is given in this release."
— Kenton

If you like Signs of Influence, Tick Tarot or Kenton's trance work, this is your kind of thing! If you like to do trance illusion, make unusual impressions on others, talk about symbolism, teach others about Tarot, do readings or perform deeply memorable effects, you'll love this too.

This is not a deck of Tarot cards, but rather the imagery used on seemingly typical Tarot cards. You may print these seemingly traditional Rider Waite style Tarot Keys on card stock, photo paper or keep them on your portable device.

These images are not at all what they appear! If you have Signs of Influence parts One or Two, you know what we mean! The special images do all the work for you so you can concentrate on meaning and amazing performances.

You get the 22 page PDF with all the details and the very special images you can print out forever of Kenton's image work with: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Hierophant, The Lovers, Strength, Wheel of Fortune, Hanged Man, Death, The Devil, The Tower, The Moon and Judgment. You will only use three or four images at most in any given performance. This is not a physical or complete Tarot set. These are very special images of the Tarot imagery mentioned here, that allow you to do all of these wonders, and much more.

Combine this with Signs of Influence or SOI 2, and you have a complete act!

This may be performed alone, as an introduction to why you should be booked for Tarot readings for a group, as an altered state performance piece, a bizarre magic act, a sincere demonstration of the power of imagery and Tarot on the subconscious, as metaphors and symbol adjustment to help people overcome issues, and much more.

You get the PDF book and resizable, forever reprintable special artwork and images for an incredibly low introductory price. We're not sure how long we'll keep this at this price, but we're hoping it spurs on more people to get into Tick Tarot and other Signs of Influence works too, so we're keeping this ridiculously low for now.

An unusual effect with Tarot images for small groups or on a stage the likes of which no one has seen before...unless they have witnessed Kenton himself.

Now it is yours.

Tarot SOI is here.

Welcome to the fourth dimension.


  1. Signs of Influence 3 - Tarot - Book and Images (19.02 MB)

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