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Kenton Knepper

Products by Kenton Knepper

  • Completely Cold Expanded Audio Downloads

    Completely Cold Expanded Audio Downloads

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Learn how to do readings without memory virtually overnight
    • Hear live real world examples so you can apply it instantly
    • Apply the secret methods to other things like equivoque
    • How you can never be wrong using this readings method
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  • Wonder Words: The Complete Course

    Wonder Words: The Complete Course

  • Audio Psychic - Reverse ESP (Download)

    Audio Psychic - Reverse ESP (Download)

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • A highly entertaining routine with nothing for you to memorize.
    • Hit the play button on your phone or MP3 player and entertain!
    • This has surprised and fooled mentalists and magicians.
    • A favorite at lectures by Kenton, this set gives you all the material you need to do the routine right away.
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  • Beyond Limits Lecture with Kenton Knepper

    Beyond Limits Lecture with Kenton Knepper

    5.0 Stars
    Online Course
    • Learn how to actually implant ideas, suggestion and intuition into audience members without their knowledge.
    • Discover how you can make audience members into real intuitive performers, without instant stooging or Dual Reality.
    • Learn Kentonism style secrets that push far past ordinary methods and effects.
    • See Kenton perform this work for his peers, and then learn how you too can create realistic, seemingly impossible, mentalism.
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  • Dunninger's 2 Plus

    Dunninger's 2 Plus

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    Digital Lesson
    • Complete 3 phase routine of Mind Reading, mental influence and clouding the mind.
    • The full routine that has fooled mentalists and laypeople that Kenton has kept to himself.
    • All new material never tipped by Kenton before.
    • KNOW what card a person will be thinking of, even predict it, before they have taken their card from a deck.
    • Includes "A Touch is a Connection" in which a couple surprise each other, and the mentalist surprises everyone.
    • New and classic Kentonism psychology that fools regular people and performers alike.
    • Memorable and meaningful mentalism using nothing more than a deck of cards.
    • An brief essay on why cards can and do work in mentalism, and how not to be fooled into not using them.
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  • Bent Cent

    Bent Cent

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Learn instantly with three streaming videos. No video downloading required.
    • Bonus ebook of Bent Cent working included.
    • No switches.
    • No extra gimmicks to hide.
    • No fake coins.
    • No moves.
    • No chemicals.
    • The spectator can keep the coin.
    • No props or special coins to buy.
    • Bent Cent is the original coin bend that is unlike any other.
    • You CAN use other coins other than a penny or U.S. coin.
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  • Tarot Trilogy Course

    Tarot Trilogy Course

    5.0 Stars
    Online Course
    • Learn correct and perform well-respected Tarot 24 hours or less
    • No memorization or previous knowledge of Tarot required
    • Based upon renown esoteric interpretations, rather than made up mentalist meanings
    • The best Tarot system for mentalists made easy and practical
    • 45 minutes of live readings to hear how the Tick Tarot system works in real life situations
    • Includes the special Tarot Audio Reprogramming Guide with full rights to use for your clients
    • Learn the deeper Tarot key words and meanings which take your Tarot readings to the next level
    • Learn the unique 5 Scent Reading using scented oils, complete with handout sheet
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  • MTP Mentalism Trance Powers: Relax and Chill Trance Mind Reading

    MTP Mentalism Trance Powers: Relax and Chill Trance Mind Reading

    No reviews yet
    Digital Lesson
    • Create the illusion and reality of instant trance states, without worry. You cannot fail with these methods.
    • Make standard mentalism effects more powerful and realistic.
    • Cause people to feel sand, cold, water, pavement, rain, stone, and all sorts of sensations that relate to a place the person holds secretly in their mind.
    • Help people reduce or eliminate migraine headaches apparently with your mental powers.
    • Mix mentalism and hypnotic trance effects without having to do hypnosis at all.
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  • I Have Been Influenced: Sealed Secrets

    I Have Been Influenced: Sealed Secrets

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • No Double Envelopes
    • No Thumbtips
    • No Switches
    • Participants make clear choices
    • Four complete routines and methods
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  • Kolossal Killer Complete Training

    Kolossal Killer Complete Training

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Three powerful Kolossal Killer tools in one place
    • Kolossal Killer (Original)
    • Killer Konceptions
    • K.E.N.T.
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  • Signs of Influence

    Signs of Influence

    5.0 Stars
    Online Course
    • The original way to have people look at words or images and see what others do not
    • Full-color photos with images, not just words
    • Telepathic Mind Reading and influence effects
    • A complete act without real hypnosis
    • Supplied with more images than you will ever need
    • Images help a participant heal issues
    • Beautiful images become ugly to a participant in a trance
    • Telepathic hypnosis causes participants to see hilarious things which are projected into their mind by the performer
    • Large Tarot images are used to make people hallucinate, go into trances, or become intuitive
    • Kenton's classic Signs of Influence using Tarot imagery
    • Includes the classic book Kentonism in PDF format
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  • Direct Control (KTFF)

    Direct Control (KTFF)

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Force someone to choose anything, large or small, even people
    • Force a gaffed book from a table or shelf full of books
    • Correctly predict a wide variety of choices, not just one
    • Force or control practically anything
    • Full effects and routines provided
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