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Audio Psychic - Reverse ESP (Download)

  • A highly entertaining routine with nothing for you to memorize.
  • Hit the play button on your phone or MP3 player and entertain!
  • This has surprised and fooled mentalists and magicians.
  • A favorite at lectures by Kenton, this set gives you all the material you need to do the routine right away.

GREAT as an audio trick on your Cell Phone or other MP3 Player...

For over 20 years, Kenton has kept audiences guessing about this one... now it can be yours.

A highly entertaining bit played on your phone, any MP3 player or CD. Perform it at home, at school, in the bar, at the coffee house... anywhere you can take an MP3 player!

Effect: A card is selected and then mixed among nine other random cards faces down. The spectator shuffles and arranges the cards freely in any order they wish. The performer does not touch these ten cards - the spectator can shuffle and arrange the cards any way they wish.

The performer, taking a guess, turns one card face up. This is unfortunately NOT the spectator's card. "So much for mere guessing" remarks the performer.

The performer claims to have an"Audio Psychic" who has already made a prediction on an MP3 file.

The spectator plays the audio prediction. It is a humorous romp around the remaining face down cards. The Audio Psychic keeps "missing" the spectator's chosen card!

This becomes more and more humorous  as nearly every card is turned over.

Never is the spectator's card found. The audio recording claims that this is bound to happen due to "REVERSE ESP"!

Finally, one card remains face down on the table.

Sure enough, the Audio Psychic has indeed been "toying with the mind" of the spectator. The final face down card is turned over and it IS the spectator's card!

Then the audio NAMES the chosen card on the recording, as a surprising finale.

This seems impossible, and even surprises performers. Kenton has often been seen performing this trick for mentalists and magicians who are shocked by the ending.

HIGHLY ENTERTAINING material that is easy to do. The humor and surprises are built-in to the effect and audio recordings.

You get THREE audio tracks so you can repeat the effect with three different cards.

You also get all of Kenton's devious instructions, the script and how to act along with the recording, and a few special notes you will find worthy of considering for other card effects and card mentalism as well.

This is a highly entertaining, funny and yet entirely mystifying routine that Kenton has kept hidden from most performers for over 20 Years. In these times, even mentalists need to provide a little levity from time to time. Here is one of Kenton's favorite ways to do just that - easily.

Have the spectator lay out the cards themselves, play the audio program, and you'll be entertaining everyone for over 5 minutes... while you listen along with the spectators!

The only "work" (if you can call it that) is at the very beginning, before the spectator shuffles the selected cards and sets them on the table. While Kenton supplies many ingenious tips, if you can force a card, you can do this routine. If you cannot - the instructions supplied will help you there too.

Please NOTE:

*The prediction can be sent ahead of time to a client on a CD

*The effect can instantly be repeated twice more. This is perfect for friends, at a bar, or for walk-around/table close-up performances.

*This is real entertainment! The comedic responses and bits on the audio program keeps everyone guessing what is going on, while making the utterly impossible fun to watch!

*Pure audience interaction and participation, while you relax and play along with the CD or audio program.

*HINT: Though not in the instructions, the effect can be performed over the telephone with the spectator calling a friend to see if they can figure out which card is theirs, once the performer's original guess is found to be incorrect. This is like "The Wizard" phone trick but without any hinting to your friend. Once your friend knows the script, they can do it anytime. Just have your friend act out the part that that is on the recording!

*The full set, with instructions, tips, and three special audio tracks will be in your hands instantly as DOWNLOADABLE PDF AND MP3 TRACKS.

*The instructions include Kenton's secret handlings that fooled the lucky few performers who were privy to Kenton's performances of this effect over the years.

LOOK FOR THE ENDING LETTERS OF THE DOWNLOAD NAMES once you download this set. The last two letters tell you which card revelation is which. The last letters also tell you which of the four downloads is the instruction book (look for the ending of "pdf").



  1. Audio Psychic Instructions (846 KB)

  2. Audio Psychic Audio AS (6.62 MB)

  3. Audio Psychic Audio QH (6.43 MB)

  4. Audio Psychic Audio 3D (6.45 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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