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Sherlock Holmes Readings Approach

  • Do readings as supposed rational analysis
  • Use observation as a way to do personality readings
  • Do readings without having to claim you are psychic or even intuitive


The Sherlock Holmes Approach to Reading Everyone

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do psychic readings without having to claim you are psychic?

How many more readings bookings could you make if you offered an alternative to traditional "Psychic Readings"?

In Richard Tenace's ebook (PDF Download) you will learn a system of reading people based upon observable clues...just like Sherlock Holmes!

Based upon real experience this system has been a boon for Mr. Tenace and his readings business. Now you can take advantage of this hard won experience and put it to use for you easily.

You Will:

  • Read people without them saying a word - at first glance.
  • Know a person's attitudes and attributes by shape.
  • Understand clothing tip-offs.
  • Associate colors with personal attributes.
  • Consider demeanor and the Awareness Factor.
  • Use simple worksheets to prime your mind.
  • Have a promotional piece that also acts as a tick sheet with clues right in front of you.
  • Learn the simple "Big Secret" and how to practically apply it.
  • Learn new outs so you cannot fail in your reading assessment.
  • Apply "Animalistic Behavior" anytime you need a boost of information.
  • Learn by reading actual transcripts of these logic and observational readings, with specific notes on each technique as they are being used.
  • Learn marketing ideas for these readings, including a simple pattern to get business quickly.
  • Learn Universal Statements as back-up to your perceptive abilities.
  • Book more events than ever because you do readings as an "Observationist*", Logic Reader, Personal Analyst, or Sherlock Holmes in character!

You receive all the ins and outs as used by Mr. Tenace himself in his highly successful business, along with additional commentary and input from Kenton.

You get patterns for promotional pieces, take home reading handout, and contest promotion, along with the over 50 page book in PDF format.

We KNOW many people want to do readings without having to claim psychic powers or you have a full readings system so you can do just that.

If you do S.A.R. or Mind Readings, you will find this a useful addition as well. You CAN do psychic readings with this information. You just don't have to do the readings that way now.

A real plus to add to your Mind Readings and readings toolbox regardless of how you work with and present this material.

If you have had access to some of Mr. Tenace's previous material from us there will be some overlap here and there, but such correlations also come with additional expansions and insights.

There are also some rather telling bits of information about Kenton hidden in here, as well as important suggestions from Kenton not found in any other material.

There are four downloads to this item.

A bargain that will have you reading others quickly, without psychic impressions - at last! Get it instantly in download PDF format by ordering now.

(Yes, You CAN use this material in psychic readings too!)


  1. S.H.A.R.E. Salon Tools (64 KB)

  2. S.H.A.R.E. Table Talker (51 KB)

  3. S.H.A.R.E. Tick Sheet (93 KB)

  4. Sherlock Holmes Approach to Reading Everyone Book (766 KB)

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Customer Reviews

  • This system should serve you well.

    4 Stars

    I've had S.H.A.R.E. for about nine months. Although I haven't fully implemented it into my readings--rather abandoned another system I have used for several years--I have incorporated it into my work.

    At this time I am using it for adding to my readings, a little icing on the cake if you will. It provides a logical framework for doing readings for those who don't want to go "supernatural" with readings.

    If you are just getting into doing readings this system should serve you well.

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  • A partial review from Jheff:

    5 Stars

    I'm always asked what the best cold reading system is. And many who ask seem to feel that cold reading is a series of stock lines that you say. Of course, that's not it at all. Any cold reading is based on a system, such as palmistry, Tarot, graphology, etc. However, I do understand that when one asks this that they are looking for a system that can be used without any other tools.

    ... SHERLOCK HOLMES APPROACH to READING EVERYONE by Richard Tenace and Kenton Knepper comes in at a very close second to the best readings material ever...I'll definitely rank this one as one of the tops.

    The Sherlock Holmes Approach to Reading Everyone (SHARE) is an approach that relies on the basic observation of people, just like Sherlock Holmes would have done. Several of these techniques have been published before, but Richard Tenace has combined them into one easy to follow manuscript which includes the way he does it. In other words, this is real-world work on the subject. For performers, this is also valuable because it will allow one to make casual and correct comments about participants while performing the effects.

    Read the entire unedited review at

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