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7 Deceptions

  • Luke Jermay's first book of original material, written by Kenton Knepper
  • This book began it all for Luke Jermay...find out why.

"This Material Is So Fantastic - I Bought The Rights To It! I have never paid for someone else's ideas to publish, and I may never do so again. But Luke's 7 Deceptions is in a class all its own."
— Kenton Knepper

Steve Banachek, Docc Hilford, Kenton and a few select others originally made additions to Luke's incredible work which became known as the classic book "7 Deceptions" created by Luke Jermay and written by Kenton Knepper. Here are a few of the effects from this ground-breaking book:

  • Stop your own pulse without gimmicks. Now the SHOCKER... Stop a spectator's pulse without touching the spectator. No stooges. Another member of the audience confirms this. You can even apparently change the pulse rate of the entire audience! This is the REAL inside work. An instant classic from which reputations have and will continue to be made.
  • A spectator looks at a playing card. You cause the spectator to forget this card, and they cannot remember it. Included in this full explanation is how to cause people to forget their name temporarily and much more. Yes, you CAN do it!
  • A spectator's actual phobia is seen to go away through a magical, psychological event. The spectator takes home a special paper to remind them of this dramatic change. Is it real magic? Psychological symbolism at work? How does it happen? Your spectators will be impressed - perhaps for a lifetime.
  • Two different spectators see two different words on one ungimmicked piece of paper without a single switch. You may also add to this, causing a third spectator to read a third word. A fascinating principle explained in full. Many new ideas will come from this one.
  • During a palm reading, the lines on the spectator's palm apparently move and twist on their own. A stunning combination of linguistics, psychology and neurology.
  • SEVEN deceptions PLUS other bonus effects and routines. Not to mention all the in-depth extras from guest contributors and fans of Mr. Jermay.

We wish we could communicate the worth of this booklet, but only reading this work will tell you the whole story. This work has changed the performances of many a mentalist and magician. There are principles and nuance here that will set your mind on fire. It was Kenton's pleasure to write and add to this awesome book. Soon you will see why Kenton and his friends kept this material to themselves before the release of this book. NOW IT CAN BE a download to obtain immediately, replace an old worn copy, and take with you wherever you go.

We could have sold many of these effects individually for more than the price of the entire book. Your good fortune is to get it all at this great price, with additional material and comments by Kenton and others. With a foreword by Banachek.

Not for beginners or the mildly curious trickster unless you just want to stretch your mind a little. This is real work for real mentalists, magicians and suggestionists.

50 FULL SIZE pages in the same format as "Kentonism". An astonishing amount of material magically packed into 50 pages as only Kenton can do.

This is THE book that made Luke Jermay a name in mentalism and magic and introduced Luke Jermay to the world!

Now instantly available and at a price that is better than ever too.


  1. 7 Deceptions Book (618 KB)

Tags Magic, Mentalism
Media Type Digital Lesson

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