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Modern Miracles of Suggestion - EXCLUSIVE Download

  • The classic work updated to 60 pages of practical insight on using suggestion and real influence in performance.
  • Discover how real suggestion and influence can be used in classic effects such as Equivoque.
  • Over an hour of additional audio tracks to help you hear how to make it all work.
  • With video demo and explanation of Kenton's Eyes of Svengali effect.
  • BONUS "Audio-ence" audio trick to prove your powers of influence instantly.

Use real suggestion and influence in equivoque, and other magic and mentalism effects too. The real work as only Kenton could tell. The original classic work now updated with important extras.

FIVE Audio tracks totaling over an hour in length support a 60 page detailed eBook in PDF form and an extra PDF to help you even better examine a bonus audio effect for audiences...

The original "Miracles of Suggestion" has been one of our most popular works by Kenton. 

It took seven years for Kenton to finally update and expand the original material. Everything is included in this new eBook from the original, plus updated information for clarity, and nearly 30 new pages of insider work on Kenton's use of real influence and suggestion during equivoque.

The original work was only 30 pages in length. It is now 60 pages in full size PDF format. That's 30 new pages of material in the eBook alone! 

But the eBook is only part of the story...

You also get additional audio downloads that describe more principles and hear for yourself how Kenton handles equivoque and influence live, in even difficult situations.

AND now you get two streaming videos that demonstrate and teach you Kenton's "Eyes of Svengali" routine. Some people wondered if this routine was practical when they first read it. Watch Kenton perform it, and be impressed yourself... and then watch the video to learn to do it yourself, right away.

Kenton is well-known for his work on suggestion and the application of suggestion to magic and mentalism. In this work, Kenton reveals simple and profound examples of suggestion in real situations.

Kenton hopes this book and supporting audio examples will excite more performers into considering how the real power of suggestion may be applied to any situation, at home, at the bar, close-up or stand-up.

To quote one performer:"This book is full of nothing less than sheer miracles. How dare you tell others, but thank you for allowing me to read this!"

The material is more than mere theory. It is truly the practical application of miraculous principles. The most timid performer will find ideas and effects he/she can use, as will the more adventurous sort. The more you will try, the more convinced you will become.

Imagine appearing as if you have erased a thought from a spectator's mind - all by a a few Svengali hand gestures! Or dream of forcing a person to choose a particular card, even though they get to shuffle, cut and choose a card all by their own hand. It is EASY, but devious, and yes, almost miraculous.

In this greatly updated and modern edition you will learn Kenton's ingenious work on "Equivoque" or "Magician's Choice". Kenton teaches how to use real suggestion and influence during equivoque.This material includes secrets never revealed before by Kenton.

Kenton gives in practical detail select principles of real secret influence. You will be able to use these principles right away.

Kenton has kept private notebooks full of his uses of secret influence that he refers to simply as the "Influence by..." notebooks. This is the first time Kenton teaches some of the principles from these cherished private notebooks. 

You will also learn "The Subconscious Book Test" and how Kenton's finger rings bend on the table while he is doing a "bending" effect.

Here is the work Kenton is famous for, and now made more direct and inclusive than ever.

Yes, you still get the original sampling of the incredible Luke Jermay material that has always been a part of this work. It is an interesting look back historically for any Jermay or Kenton fan, while reading this new work provides additional principles and applications for modern day use.

You get all of this and more in the now 60 intense pages, plus the many additional audio downloads to hear these principles applied in both equivoque, and sheer miracles, for one price. 

Modern Miracles of Suggestion contains download PDF files with additional audio downloads. Be prepared to smile slyly and have your mind reeling as you apply real influence and suggestion in all that you do.

The Modern Miracles of Suggestion is the first work that includes Kenton's "Influence By..." principles - secrets only a few private students and peers have been privy to until now.

One of our most popular works has just doubled in size, been given important audio support!

We're thrilled Kenton has done this for us, and we know you will be too.


*Additional BONUS - Just Added: Kenton has now included his Audioence audio program as yet another part of the new Modern Miracles of Suggestion. 

*Audioence* is a recording of special eqivoque and suggestion to be played for an audience or guests in your home. Burn "Audioence" on to a CD to play for your friends, family, guests at your home or audience. Spectators are given test sheets to write down the objects that come to mind as they listen to the Audioence recording. Amazingly, many spectators find they have been influenced or pick up on intuitive thoughts, consciously or subconsciously, as they listen to this unique audio program.

"Audioence" allows you to put on the recording and do equivoque without any effort at all,. It is also a perfect lead-in to your own equivoque, suggestion or mentalism effects - if you want to be taken seriously, especially.


You now also get two streaming videos so that you can see and do Kenton's "Eyes of Svengali" or "Kentonism Deck". This is taught in the main text, but some people will believe it only when they see it. Now you can. It's more amazing to see than it is to read!


You get:

The expanded 60 page PDF book

The audio of live equivoque performances so you can HEAR Kenton's secret word use at work

More audio with detailed explanations of Kenton's use of influence, additional principles not in the book

The complete Audioence effect program, including an additional four pages of instruction in its use, plus an additional secret second audio track that teaches you even more about how Audioence works

And... the two streaming videos of "Eyes of Svengali"

It's all here now in one package, available immediately as downloads ready to be studied and put to use right away, and at one low price for it ALL.

This was far more than we were expecting when Kenton said he was "working hard" at the new "Miracles". He wasn't kidding.


NOTE: MMS2 audio download has THREE segments on it... so keep listening after the first main live examples end. The audio files are in order as MMS1, MMS2 and MMS3 that go with the Modern Miracles of Suggestion PDF (msuggest.pdf).The Audioence audio has two tracks. "audioence1" is for the audience to hear. "audioence2" is the audio track to better help you hear how "audioence" works on your audience. The "audioencepdf" is of course the written work that goes with these audio programs. We're sure these files are self-explanatory to most people, but we wanted to be certain you were aware of the order of the audio programs. We divided these into smaller files to make them easier to download.

Downloads are 30.23Mb, 18.12Mb, 8.35Mb, 17.77Mb, 23.14Mb, 34.59Kb, and 646.04Kb




Modern Miracles of Suggestion by Kenton Knepper

Review by Fred Rosenbaum, January Linking Ring Magazine*

61 page pdf document

Bonus 4 page pdf document and 5 audio files (mp3)

$35 download only from

Kenton Knepper again improves on a previous work. In 2002 he wrote Miracles of Suggestion. He has now expanded it to over twice its original size and added five audio files. At the same time he made it downloadable to keep it affordable and accessible to anyone with a reasonable Internet connection.

As is the case with much of Kenton's work, this contains a mix of ideas, subtleties, recommendations and effects. To get the most from it it needs to be read several times. There are several effects you will be able to do immediately, some ideas that you will be able to apply to effects you are performing now, and some ideas that will come in handy as you develop new presentations.

The theme of the book is suggestion. Rather than give direct statements to your spectators you give them suggestions, which leads to more powerful presentations. An example is provided that explains how to perform a card in card box effect and how you can make it a better trick by using suggestion. 

A lot of time is spent on equivoque, explaining what to say, why to say it, and just as importantly how to say it. If you ever need to have one item of a group selected you'll get your money's worth from this section alone. This handling is very different than taught in his Kontrol effect and manuscript.

Along with equivoque Kenton describes how to force a spectator to just think of a specific card. While not 100% guaranteed, it will hit quite often when done as taught. 

Also taught is a book test that is totally impromptu, can be done with any book anywhere as long as you have prepared your presentation (always a good thing to do) and have the wherewithal to pull it off.

In Eyes of Svengali you shuffle a deck face up, have the spectator shuffle then cut and look at the top card. The selected card matches your prediction. While this reads like just another card trick, with the presentation provided this fools and entertains magicians and laymen alike.

The final trick taught has a spectator name a color or two and a shape. You produce a small package and the shape and colors match. Most of the time. When they don't you end up with different, but still good, effect.

The book ends with three effects by Luke Jermay, originally published in the original Miracles of Suggestion. Slip of Suggestion involves a verbal ESP card force, Blurred Vision is another ESP card effect and RGM (Reverse Gestalt Moment) is a suggestion-based effect in which a spectator forgets the name of the card they saw even though the entire audience remembers it.

The bonus portion includes a short pdf document that explains how to use the audio file and has a 1-page answer sheet that can be copied and passed out to the audience. You then play the 16 minute audio file and have the audience answer 19 questions. You then can give a lecture on why they answered the questions the way they did. The information for the lecture is based on the contents of the book, the short document, and a 20 minute audio file.

Also as a bonus there are 3 audio tracks (35 minutes total) that have Kenton using his verbal techniques on spectators and then he explains what he did.

Any part of the main book is worth the price. Whether you want the tricks, the equivoque advice, the tips and tricks to improve your performance, you will get your money's worth. But the real value comes when you reread the book again and again and pick up more of the gems you missed the first time through. Highly recommended for all performers.

Fred Rosenbaum

With a review like that, you can't really miss at this price. Includes all PDFs and audio tracks mentioned in the review!



* Linking Ring Magazine, 2010, Official Review by Frank Rosenbaum



  1. Eyes of Svengali - Kentonism Deck - Casual Demo

  2. Eyes of Svengali - Kentonism Deck - Explained


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