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Misplaced Memories (PDF Download) JCR and Kenton


John Charles Robinson is a Student of Kenton's whose name some of you will recognize. He has made important contributions to the Mind Reading Lessons. John Charles and Kenton teamed up to release "Envision" to much acclaim. 

Once again these two have combined their unique visions to reveal yet another entirely groundbreaking concept and set of applications in Misplaced Memories.

The result is a truly novel principle and set of presentations for the suggestionist, life coach, mentalist, hypnotist, therapist and yes, magician. This method and effect may be played one on one, in a small group, with friends, on stage, even via video.

This ebook contains a special and bizarre psychological principle. After explaining this amazing secret influence of real mind implantation Kenton and JCR teach you how to use their applications to help people sleep better, begin a trance, start to relieve themselves of pain, watch named objects disappear as their word is erased, implant ideas into the minds of a participant, and more.

Here is a basic effect:

A participant reads a list of words out loud. They put this list away in their own pocket. You never touch it. The performer claims this is a memory test. The participant is asked to name the words they can from the list without looking at the list again. The participant writes down what they can recall.

The performer then has the participant ERASE one of the words they remembered on the second list.

"Now that the word is gone from your memory, so to speak, it would have to no longer exist. That means that word you once remembered is no longer on the original list either. Check the list you first read and put in your pocket. That word is gone."


This is no linguistic trick. The erased word from the second list actually is gone from the original list. 

NO, the list is not switched nor is any sleight of hand involved.

NO the participant is not in on it, and YES they too are surprised if not flat out shocked!

That is the basic idea, but it only gets more bizarre from here. What Kenton and JCR do with this principle will astound you. 

You will be seen to give and take away memory effortlessly, put ideas into people's minds, cause physical things to change due to what a spectator does to his or her list, and so much more really new and, well, nearly "unforgettable" effects.

Use this method and principle to seemingly (or actually) implant false memory, create realistic magic in which things come and go due to Name and Form creation, predict which word someone will misremember, force thoughts or objects into people's minds with a list of words alone, and on and on.

This is not difficult to do. You are provided with the principle, our own unique presentations, applications, special suggestion lists, and formulas to help you create a plethora of your own special suggestion lists to use for this form of thought implantation and misremembering.

While this method may be used by life coaches, therapists, hypnotists, and counselors, this work is also aimed at the performer - to be used in classic magical and mental effects.

For instance, could you imagine that the old "vanishing or appearing candle trick" would seem like REAL mentalism or magick? IT WILL NOW with this method.

You are also supplied with outs, safeguards and additional routines so that you can begin performing this at once with absolute confidence while you are still learning. This is NOT difficult to do. It is something you will want to try out on friends a few times so that you realize that it works. That's because the principle may see almost "too good to be true" and only performing it for others will convince you that it consistently works as described. Besides, we give you plenty of tips so it MUST work...and you can never be seen to fail with this anyway.

If this sounds like something very different from the typical trick or methodology used in mentalism or magic today, it is. Most important is what John Charles Robinson and Kenton have done with the application of this principle that turns it into real miracle class stuff.

If you like real psychological secrets, Luke Jermay type material, or want to be seen as both highly knowledgeable and entirely special from the rest of the generic pack of performers, you'll love this.

Kenton says, "I finished explaining my part and I am still astonished how easily and amazingly it works. I know how it works, but it is still a very devious pleasure to watch it weave its spell in the mind of all who experience it. This looks like the REAL THING because IT IS. I always love that!"

Experience it for yourself by reading this today, and then remain in awe as you discover how it works, and all that you can begin to do with this wild principle and our unique applications today.

In an easy to absorb 30 page PDF ebook, available instantly as a download now.

Yes, we know this all sounds very weerd and almost too-good-to-be-true, but it is all true and reliable as you will see for yourself when you read this ebook. Entirely reasonable and logical, although it appears to the audience and participant to be anything but!

Be prepared for a new way of thinking about mentalism and magic once again, thanks to Kenton and John Charles Robinson...

NOTE: This is NOT the same as "Thought Implantation" elsewhere on this website. This is an entirely new work that compliments the ebook "Thought Implantation" but in no way duplicates each other.

Includes two bonuses that may be used as follow-up effects, just so we know you will have EVERYTHING you could want or need to do this right away.



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