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Thought Implantation (Download)



A collection of some of the most groundbreaking techniques and effects concerning the effect of Implanting Thoughts, real or imagined, into the minds of spectators.

This is a very special collection taken from portions of the acclaimed Mind Reading Lessons. Many have asked for a sample of what is in the Mind Reading Lessons, others wanted a book from the Lessons that compiled some of the most outstanding tricks and methods that have to do with real or seeming Thought Implanting. Whether you want a little peek at the Mind Reading Lessons before you delve into them, or simply want a complete work of practical methods for implanting thoughts in performance, we Know this collection will be sure to thrill you and make your mind whirl.

Written by Kenton and many of his famed Students, you will learn over fifteen effects and many additional methods regarding how to implant thoughts into the minds of others in your performances.

Please note: This is for performers only! We're not trying to teach you how to mess with your family or friends in real life (although the first part of this book can be used that way too).

Here is some of what you will learn:

* Appear to read people's minds because you implant the thought into their minds in the first place. Don't worry, it's easy and not at all as impossible as it sounds. It is so very natural they just miss it.

* Do personality readings that are accurate because you implant the trait into the person's that you have to be correct!

* Learn how a simple principle of suggestion forces a spectator to accurately guess the traits of people in photos that are sealed in three envelopes (from Kenton's "The Secret" book)

* Bottle caps with special messages inside seem to influence a spectator to choose the order they pick up the caps in, without any sleight of hand. Is it Mind Reading Bottle Caps or the performer's Thought Implantation at work?

* The performer Implants Thoughts into a participant's mind allowing them to accurately guess six different items sealed inside two envelopes. The spectator has no idea how they do it, and there is no sleight of hand or tricked envelopes either.

* The SSV Device literally puts thoughts secretly into the mind of a participant...You'll save thousands using this secret rather than the expensive devices sold on the market.

* Mind Read over the phone which invisible coin a person holds in their hand, or which invisible bill they place in their pocket. Is it really Mind Reading or Thought Implantation? Truth is, it's BOTH.

* A spectator reads another spectator's mind with a single touch and both spectators, as well as the rest of the audience, are fooled. No one writes anything down, or chooses anything. They name any idea and it is what the other person has in mind!

* A spectator is able to determine which other spectator has their matching ESP symbol sealed inside an envelope, even though no sleight of hand is used, and no spectator knows what sign they have chosen.

* A participant writes down a few character traits on a piece of paper. They do all the writing and the performer never touches the paper. The paper is given to another person that does not know the first person's name. Strangely, by reading the character traits the second spectator receives a correct impression of the other person's name. No one else writes anything on the paper, nor is it switched. This is truly different.

* The performer shows a small drawing of a brain on his business card saying, "Don't let my little mind influence you!" Oddly, the subliminal messages in the artwork seem to influence two people instantly.

* Have people just THINK of a card and be very close if not exactly correct about the card they have in mind. This isn't really Mind Reading but actual Thought Implantation methods. Read the original thinking that has started a brainstorm of activity.

* 80 Pages with effects and methods that are most unlike ANYTHING else commonly performed.

There is a huge variety of methods and effects so that you can pick and choose the ones you like best. Many are surefire, and some are a bit more risky but have built-in outs. You will start at your own comfort level and grow with this material as you desire. There is plenty of novel material from which to choose and use as you best see fit.

Both real and apparent Thought Implantation is at work in this incredible collection.

This special Thought Implantation collection features work by Luca Volpe, Fraser Parker, Leonardo Silverio, Pablo Amira, Allen Zingg and others, as well as original work by Kenton Knepper.

Over 15 Effects. 80 Pages. Material you will not find anywhere else except here and in the Mind Reading Lessons.

This collection also includes a trick from Kenton's "The Secret" and "Lasting Effects" books.

Even if you never do a single item from this amazing collection (and why wouldn't you do more than one?) you will be thoroughly entertained and impressed by the highly unusual and completely ingenious methods in this book. These ideas really will blow your mind, and that's not hyperbole.

If you want the inside secrets that make what Kenton, his Students and famous peers do the impossible, here is a true insider's look into the hidden treasures.

We hope this collection will convince you that the Mind Reading Lesson series is a must have for all mentalists, as well as serve as a fine treatise in its own right for those who want in one place a spectacular collection of tools for the performance of real or apparent Thought Implantation.

You'll never read anything like it, unless you have the Mind Reading Lessons.

With expanded commentary and additions, this is a collection sure to re-open your eyes and mind to performing impossibilities.


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