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Mind Experiments

  • Realistic mentalism
  • 11 Highly unusual effects and methods
  • Five Stars Out of Five - Magic Seen Review

"The greatest value in any book we read is not only the effects that are presented but the inspiration to create other routines based on the principles taught. Chris' book got my mind invigorated and my creative juices flowing. I will use effects in the book but the true measure of the book is in the amount of inspiration I received! One of the best books I've read in ages!"
— Daniel Macaluso

If you don't know who Chris Rawlins is yet, you soon will.

Kenton himself contributed to this unusual mentalism collection based upon Kenton's dual reality and other psychology, along with new principles and strange but practical twists on classics.

This is an exciting collection anyone interested in mentalism will be thrilled to peruse.

Here are a few brief descriptions of some of the very unusual and strong effects in this ebook.

Dunninger Reads A Spectator's Mind

Everyone in the audience thinks of a word. A completely random spectator is selected and told not to say anything out loud, but merely repeat their word in their mind. A second entirely random spectator is asked to hear the word in their own mind and tell everyone what word they hear. The second spectator correctly names the word the other spectator is only thinking about. There is no pre-show. This is a pure stunner.

Oxford Comma

The performer displays an envelope the contents of which no one else knows. The performer asks a spectator to verify that nothing has been set up and that they do not yet know what is inside the envelope. The performer states that the envelope contains a simple image, drawn the previous day. More than that, the performer will not say.

The performer blindfolds the spectator, and then opens the envelope to show the drawing to the audience. The performer asks the audience to lock the image in their mind and mentally send this image to the blindfolded spectator.

Amazingly, the blindfolded spectator names the image. A perfect demonstration of telepathy, surely.

No, there is no prompting, cuing or funny stuff with the blindfold either.

Touching On Mental Programming

Two spectators are told to close their eyes. One spectator is told to think of a color, and a second spectator thinks of a different color. Signs are placed in front of each spectator so the audience can recall which spectator is thinking of which color. The performer claims by switching signs the spectator's minds will be reprogrammed to believe the opposite.

Sure enough, the color signs are openly switched and the two spectators swear the new colors they have in their minds are the colors they always had in their memories.

Works with colors, secrets, names, images, almost anything. NO sleight of hand or sneaky stuff with the signs. A diabolical combination of principles are at work here.

It's All Lies...

The classic Rutledge Voice Print taken to new heights without any tricked apparatus or reliance on ink flow.

A spectator thinks of a favorite number and a favorite thing. The spectator writes their favorite thing next to the number they have in mind. Other numbers and items that are not the person's favorites are also written down. The spectator does everything. The performer sees nothing. The performer claims that by voice stress or body language he is able to tell which number and item is the spectator's favorite. The performer never needs see what is written down. Still the performer correctly names which item is the favorite one when the spectator reads the list out loud.

This may well seem like the real thing, but all is not as it appears. Yes, the spectator is entirely fooled and impressed, and no there are no peeks, shiners, electronics, secret helpers or other devices. Do this entirely impromptu.

Lucky Lottery

The performer claims that mind reading is actually thought implantation. Six numbers are called out by the audience at random and written down. The performer removes a sealed envelope which is signed and dated. The envelope is opened and inside is a lottery slip...with the exact six numbers that have been called out filled in on the ticket. EASY to do and one-hundred percent reliable.

Map Telepathy

Two spectators are blindfolded, both seated well away from each other. One is given a map. The performer has the person not holding the map to think of a country and send it to the other spectator. The other spectator runs a hand over the map until they feel it is time to stop. No one touches the spectators. Both spectators remove their blindfolds and the first spectator states the country they were trying to project to the other spectator. The second spectator looks at the area they stopped upon, and it is indeed the projected country. Great minds think alike.

* MORE Spectator to Spectator effects where spectators read the minds of each other... including being able to duplicate any drawing the other person freely draws (of ANYTHING), writing down the same word, color or to digit number and so on.

* The spectator finds their own bill and saves it from destruction in a reverse Bank Night routine


We have little doubt many will be rushing out to do the Drop Card effect also in this ebook. A hypnotized spectator finds the other spectator's card by feel alone, even though they cannot see any of the cards, and may even be blindfolded if desired.

ELEVEN highly unusual effects and/or methods, with additional principles, comments and applications by Kenton himself.

Rarely does Kenton stop to help write and add to another person's book in detail.

Here you will find Kenton commenting on the proper performance of dual reality, the boldness factor, getting the entire audience into a mentalism act and other important issues.

Kenton even tips a wild handling of a thought of word on shredded newspaper prediction after Mr. Rawlins tips his own.

If you want memorable, unusual, engaging, direct mentalism, this book is for you.

Once you read it, you'll know why Kenton had to help write and add to this amazing, practical book. You will also see immediately how you too can perform these outrageous and realistic works of mentalism without great effort or struggle.

Take a breath, and then dive in! It's rarely been easier to learn and apply such mind blowing Mind Experiments

Get your MIND EXPERIMENTS by Chris Rawlins now as an instant download and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


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Customer Reviews

  • Buy this book. Now.

    5 Stars

    Osterlind, Nyman, Goldstein, McLeod and now Rawlins.

    This 41 page ebook may seen expensive at $34.97 but trust me - 11 effects each featuring genius methods that will make you want to run out of the house, down to the local pub and start abusing peoples minds.

    Having read through a lot of mentalism material, it was a pleasure to see Chris perform some of these effects and still have my mind badly blown.

    It is a rarity to come across a multitude of effects that will fool magicians and laymen alike, and even more scarce are those books that feature ideas to fool and entertain everyone.

    The methods are devilishly clever, and far more than just a "peek". These feature ideas strong enough to get creators such as Kenton Knepper scratching their heads.

    It really shows when reading through this book, that Chris has put time and effort into creating each and every effect.

    If you are simply thinking of learning some mentalism to try out on mates, this book alone is not for you. Some of the methods, whilst foolproof, are not for everyone, and do require some confidence to pull off. But trust me, they will work - flawlessly.

    In other words - buy this book. Now. TC

    WHAT'S HOT: the methods, the effects, the theory, everything.

    WHAT'S NOT: nothing at all. This is pure mindreading at its best.

    FIVE STARS out of five.

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