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Masterclass 2: Conversational Mysteries

  • Non-performance Performance Approach
  • Do Relaxing Anti-theatre Effects
  • Be "The Conversationalist" Without Anxiety

Many magicians and mentalists deeply love magic and mentalism. That doesn't mean they want to be professional performers.

How can we share our love and knowledge of magic and mentalism?

What if we don't need to be a "performer" to share our mysteries? Is that even possible?

It is more than possible - and often more magical too.


In Conversational Mysteries, you will learn an original approach and understanding that will allow you to reach a new impact on your magical interaction with others.

Today many magicians and mentalists have other jobs. Many of us are not full-time performers. We might even dislike the idea of having to perform at all.

That doesn't mean that we are somehow not mentalists or magicians. We just don't want to be "on" all the time or have to get up and make a big thing about ourselves.


What can we do with our knowledge of mentalism and magic if we don't want to really perform?

Well, you don't have to hide your love for magic and mentalism or keep your tricks stuck away in bins at home. In this Masterclass, you will learn how to share what you know without pressure, fear, or worry about formal performing.

And yes, you will still be seen as a special person who knows special things, and who is a magician or mentalist.


Kenton and Pablo teach on this hour and a half video how to be a social sharer of magic and mentalism. You will share your amazing knowledge of magic and mentalism in memorable ways with others.

We all love mentalism and magic. We are fascinated by these ideas, and we know others are too.

We don't have to hide our secret knowledge, expose others, or officially perform to be thought of as special.

Kenton and Pablo show you how to do all of this and so much more in this very unique Masterclass.


This is the perfect Masterclass for collectors, hobbyists, thinkers, other types of professionals, casual learners of magic or mentalism, intellectuals, and lovers of magic and mentalism who are just not sure they want to have to go out and perform.


For you performers out there, this Masterclass can get you rethinking your ideas about performance! You'll also learn some great effects and new approaches to presenting your material too.


PLUS in the video, you will learn some of Kenton and Pablo's favorite effects they do in casual conversations, when they are out to eat with friends, or when they are hiding from direct attention in a conversation.

This is the ONE PLACE where we deal honestly and openly with the topic no one else has wanted to admit or discuss before.

We get it! We are more than happy to help people who don't want to be actual performers share their love of magic and mentalism in a casual way with others.


As if all of this isn't enough for this price there are over 12 effects and methods are included in this Masterclass 2 as well.

Effects include: Napkin Recycling, Knife Swallow, Casual Coin Bend, Melting Chocolate and Pliable Phone, 1234 Reading, Enchanted Finger Connection, Sugar Vanish, Sorcerer String, Zodiac Sign Revelation, Suggestion Spoon Bend and more.



  1. Masterclass 2 Video Talk with Kenton Knepper and Pablo Amira

    1 Video
  2. Masterclass 2 Your Additional Effects

    4 Videos
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  • "Real Magic" you CAN do!

    5 Stars

    Beautiful Demo Of "Real Magic" !
    Magical Moment's Happening In Ordinary Shared Moment Of Time & Space With The People You Like & Love...
    Thank you Kenton. This is why you are the Wizard Of Wonders...
    Michael S

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