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Secrets of the Ghost Tour Business for Magicians and Mentalists

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  • It's time to make more money in new and easier ways!

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How would you like to make more money just talking and doing only a few tricks?

What if you could do that without having to be a motivational speaker?

What if you could make more money doing less, have more fun, and get extra shows and tips too?

You can! How? The popular Ghost Tour Business.

Learn from a real entrepreneur in the Ghost Tour Business how to make good money, and book more shows too, doing what you already love to do. With this course, you will learn from an experienced Ghost Tour operator who has already taught well-known Ghost Tour business people, such as Paul Prater (see the video below.)



"Over 10 years ago I started my first ghost tour in my old hometown. It evolved into an unstoppable money-making machine for me! I made $1500 in cash in one night during Halloween weekend. Now - for the first time - I am revealing the insider secrets of the Ghost Tour Business, especially for magicians and mentalists.

In this exclusive video course, I will show you how to begin, how to present and how to grow a local ghost tour into a vibrant revenue stream that will also get you more regular performances booked, turn you into a local celebrity all at the same time.

Finding this course is going to be like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. A dark, shadowy rainbow! Sign up now before the introductory price goes back up."

-- Ed Underwood Ghost Master, author & magician


Ed Underwood is an entertainer, author, and real-world worker of ghost tours. In this course, you will learn the real secrets of making a Ghost Tour Business work for you. This isn't theory or someone sitting at home imaging what they might do. This course was developed by someone who made real money doing the very thing they are teaching. They are going to tip to you all the same details and insider information they use to make ghost tours highly successful. What they learned the hard way. you will learn too, the easy way.

Ghost tours are a highly successful business around the world. But you have to know how to create them and make them work. This is NOT "ghost hunting". This is a very real entertainment business you can build as extra income and a way to book many more shows too.   You can make back the cost of the entire course in just a night.


Here is just some of what you will learn:


Putting a tour together -content: stories, research, locations

Marketing: Partners and Publicity for little or NO cost!

Execution& Performance: The Art of Storytelling, How to pace the tour, how to close the tour, equipment, props, costumes, helpers.

Getting and Handling the Money: Tickets vs. Cash Only, collection time, tips, and safety.

Keep It Growing: guest photos, social media buzz, getting celebrity guests, booking private tours for groups, hosting contests. etc.

Add Ons: spooky show, merch, speaking gigs and much, much more.

The Book and The DVD: how to, why and when

Q and A Session with Ed Underwood


This is your chance to make more money, and have more fun, doing less.

You can make your investment in this course back very quickly doing these Ghost Tours.


Here are what a few of the attendees of Mr. Underwood's Ghost Tours have to say about what you will learn:


Crisp fall evenings, and a stroll downtown. What better way is there to take a walking Ghost Tour? The Jonesboro Ghost tour was very well done. The stories were intriguing AND historically accurate. Ed Underwood is a gifted story teller as well as an accomplished magician. Some of the effects I saw that night left me totally baffled. And the way Ed weaves them into the stories, I’m not sure it was mere trickery, but possibly, actual contact with the other side. If you have the opportunity to take a Ghost Tour with Ed Underwood, do it!! Now! Really! Quit reading this and get your tickets!! - Joe Mansfield Magician Brookland, Arkansas


My name is Wylie Marvin and I have lived in north east Arkansas all my life. I thought I knew every thing there was to know about the area but Ed Underwood’s ghost tour of Jonesboro was an eye opening experience! Educational and entertaining, the tour showed me amazing things that I never knew. I have since attended the tour many times and you should too! - Wylie Marvin Magician Paragould, AR


Edward Underwood runs tours that are engaging to the point they're phenomenal! His research is impeccable and his storytelling skills make you feel like you're right there witnessing the events. I highly recommend him! - Carolyn Quinn, Author New York City






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...or 4 monthly payments of $137.00