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Chiller by Kenton (PDF Download)

  • Appear to control the body sensations of others.
  • Seemingly put people into trance states instantly and alter their body temperature.
  • Invoke the superpower of making things freeze to reveal in ice startling mental impressions.
  • No chemicals needed.


CHILLER was named "One Of The Top Mentalism Products of 2012 by Jheff and

"You are offering this at a price that is way too cheap for all you get!" - A.Z.

"I love Chiller! I've used the board effect as a spirit writing routine and it kills. Another great gem from Kenton." - Anthony Guido

A Kenton classic now laid bare for everyone to learn in detail...

* Cause an audience member to feel cooler, then cold, then perhaps shiver, then become warm...all by your command, gestures or touch.

* Seemingly control the body temperature of others.

* 100% reliable and surefire.

* NO chemicals.

* Make a participant feel chilled, and then have them project their coolness...until the initials of someone they have in mind becomes etched into a frozen sheet of glass, sealed inside an envelope!

There is no way to properly describe all that CHILLER will do for you. Just imagine being able to apparently touch a person with empty hands, talk to them, and have them feel cool, or cold, then warm, then warmer, all without real hypnosis, having to use trance methods, or anything unreliable.

Kenton's methods simply must work. There are secret physical devices Kenton uses which he has never tipped before that account for these strange sensations and wild effects.

Be warned, this stuff looks real. It doesn't appear like a trick. It will seem as if you can make people relax, feel cooler, cold, warm, all without palming, using electronics, chemicals, or real trance states. You can add any of this to real trance inductions too, if you wish.

Included are how to make your own CHILLER devices in detail, quickly and easily, how to do the effect impromptu without any special devices, special wording and psychology that enhances the physical experiences, and more.

For the first time ever Kenton explains his "Chiller Board" effect, and how you can easily make your own too.

The Chiller Board Effect

The performer holds up a large envelope which he claims has a sheet of glass inside. A participant (who has been made to feel somewhat cold) names the initials of a person they have in mind. The participant attempts to project "their coolness" into the glass sealed inside the large envelope. Eventually, the glass is removed and...

The glass inside is seen to be entirely frozen white except for the initials the participant has in mind etched in clear ice writing on the glass!

The glass may be vigorously rubbed on both sides...the writing won't smear or rub off.

The participant may, if they choose, imagine the initials fading away as they mentally try to freeze the board again...and they do just that. They may even imagine the board will become warm, and it will, and they may examine it entirely too.

Look, CHILLER has some pretty twisted stuff in it, that's pure Kenton.

The bottom line is that you can apparently cause people to feel cooler, cold, or warmer, thanks to Kenton's ingenious work and devices.

Kenton taught a basic working of a Chill effect in "Miraculous Ploys" but never tipped the gimmicks, psychology, wording or his Chiller Board effect. Now you can learn it all, with details and secret simple devices you will be thrilled with, after you snicker in devious glee as to what they are.

Perfect for mentalists, trance illusionists, hypnotic performers, mental coaches or anyone who wants to look as if they have real mental influence over others, rather than perform a typical, obvious, trick.

Be better than a CHILLER.

CHILLER was named "One Of The Top Mentalism Products of 2012 by Jheff and


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