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Emo Book Test (Time Machine Book)

  • Allows you to reveal real emotions, not just words
  • People freely stop on any page
  • Predict pages for the finale
  • Free shipping worldwide

"That IS what a book test should look like. I look forward to getting a copy." - Clinton Combs

Book tests tend to be about books, and words, not people, or emotions. But audiences are moved by emotions, so what do we do?

Years ago Kenton created the Emo Book Test to make a book test into a more emotional and interactive experience.

This is the newly improved and expanded version of Kenton Knepper's Emo Book Test.

This is a very small, convenient, pocket-size version (as seen in the video) of the classic Time Machine novel by H.G. Wells is shown. It is seen to have different pages, of course, with many different words.

But this book test is not about the words. This book test is about emotions. The revelations from the Mind Reader come as feeling impressions, not just words and letters.

Three participants (you could use more or less) peek at any page. The participants are told to think about the emotions of what they are reading on their chosen page.

One by one the performer feels the ideas and main emotion each person has in mind.

For the finale, the performer can name the entire scene on the page or even predict the exact page the last person selects.

For the first time, Pablo Amira has created a special book with Kenton's specifications for a book test with emotions, not merely words.

The Emo Book Test is powerful, engaging, more emotional, and it looks impossible to audiences.

This unique book is made of a special combination of principles that allows you to do the routine easily, so you can focus on the emotive presentation.

This is what a book test should be. Now it is.

This book test is also a perfect routine to use before performing Kenton's classic Time Machine mentalism effect, as this book is made with the classic Time Machine novel.



4.25" X 6.88" pocket-sized book

180 pages



  1. Emo Book Test Online Demo

  2. Emo Book Test 1 Explanation

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