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Kenton's Time Machine

  • A classic in mentalism
  • See every detail now on streaming video

You heard and read about this in Wonder Words.

Now see it performed, and learn by streaming video all the details Kenton could not reveal elsewhere.

No hype. Not for the timid. This is the real work for those who want to do miracles.


This is a download lesson with streaming videos. No gimmicks are supplied. You can get the needed materials at home and in most magic supply stores.


The video is not part of Wonder Words, but it is a part of the Wonder Words MEMBERSHIP program in later months. Get it there after a year or so, or get it here.


Kenton performs this constantly. It is a trademark piece. Now you can learn to do it too, with all the secrets.


Originally only on DVD, we provide it as streaming videos for you to watch, see, and then learn. It is all right here in streaming video for less than the original DVD.


The videos also teach Kenton's "Training Touches" "A Quick Name Forgetting" and "2 Coin Trance" that may be added to your Time Machine performances, or other mentalism effects.


This is a reputation maker. It sticks in the minds of the audience for years. If you are ready to perform realistic mentalism that blows the minds of those who witness it, this is for you.


As this is an important part of Kenton's act, we offer this only for a limited time. There are no refunds, as we cannot get the secret back from you once you know it. Please be sure you are ready to act like a pro before you buy this lesson. This routine is not for those who cannot act boldly. It is surefire when you learn all of Kenton's details. 


  1. Time Machine Performance

  2. Time Machine Explained Part 1

  3. Time Machine Explained Part 2

  4. Time Machine Explained Part 3

Media Type Digital Lesson

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