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Enchanted Flower Production Instruction Only

  • Beautiful visual magic audiences remember
  • Original methods taught nowhere else
  • No steals or special holders
  • A secret lesson in real suggestion

“I love kenton’s flower magick… It fools me every time I see it. The optical principles and sleight-of-hand combine to make a very beautiful and deceptive display.” - Jeff McBride

Watch the video closely and see how open, fair and empty-handed Kenton's Enchanted Flowers From Fingertips looks to audiences, for instance.

You will learn how to easily make flowers appear the way that Kenton does in the video, but there is still much more to this release.

In this lesson Kenton helps walk you through how Suggestion can be used as a secret method even with seeming sleight of hand. That's right. When you watch the video you are seeing very real suggestion in action. How? Kenton will explain it all in detail.

This lesson in Suggestion will really get your mind reeling. When Suggestion becomes a gimmick, the possibilities are endless. 

There is a second effect you will also learn. It uses a small cloth bag that contains a few seeds in it. The seeds are poured out and a participant infuses the seeds with their dreams and most urgent needs. These energized "seeds of intention" are put back into the empty bag. Suggestion is already at work, but the audience doesn't know it. Using symbolism, metaphor, allusion, Wonder Words, and Suggestion, the participant's subconscious mind is filled with special implanted suggestions to help nurture and grow their dreams into reality.

So, while you will learn to do beautiful and memorable visual effects with paper flowers, you'll also love how you can use Suggestion as a secret method, implant positive growth and expansive ideas into the minds of an audience, and more, using mainly Suggestion.

You get two beautiful visual effects that audiences love. You also get a real study into the power of Suggestion that only Kenton Knepper himself can teach.

You get a 13 page PDF book, and streaming videos that show, explain, and teach you what you need to know. 

 You will need to get your own simple props.

If you are a Suggestion 101 and 102 Member you will learn this in Lesson 13.

If you know magic props, you know the ending big flower production is a deal item called, "Botania". That is something you either know about, might buy sometime, or don't care about. Kenton obviously won't teach you Botania, but what he will teach you is how to use it right. Kenton will also teach you his original method of making flowers appear. You can't download the gimmicks, but Kenton will show you in the videos how to make them quickly and easily. If you want us to supply you the props, we can do that too.



  1. Enchanted Flower Production Doc Version

  2. Enchanted Flower Production Explained

  3. Mojo Bag Live in Progress

  4. Mojo Bag Explained


  1. Enchanted Flower Productions Suggestion Book (2.14 MB)

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