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Gemstone Hand Reading INTENSIVE

  • Have amazing abilities audiences expect
  • Do hand, stone, intuitive, or psychological readings
  • Easy to learn, to do, and naturally remember
  • No difficult palm reading or cold reading


(Please Google time zones to be sure you know the current time difference. Phoenix does not change time!)

Can't make the event live? It will be recorded for participants, so you can watch it anytime!

These are opportunities to learn LIVE from me and I will take the time to answer any questions from you during our time together.


What happens when you have little or nothing with you, and people want you to do an extra hour or two?

Wouldn't it be nice to gladly get paid to do more, and work easier at the same time? Wouldn't it be nice to just relax and talk with people, and have them find you fascinating, insightful, and intriguing?


Audiences think that mentalists and magicians might know a little more than the average person. They expect, or at least hope, that magicians and mentalists could tell them things about themselves that they do not know. They imagine that magical performers might have some inside secrets about humanity, the mind, and psychology. In short, they think that Mystery Performers might have some kind of WISDOM.

After all, a "Wizard" means "Wise one."


The good news is that you can fulfill that audience hope, or fantasy, in an entertaining way. You won't have to work hard or do cold readings to make that happen either. You'll know a simple system that you can do instantly, that has plenty of ways of fitting whatever situation you are in.

This secret system is a legendary one among Kenton's students.

It is a system of readings that is different, memorable, visual, yet easy to master. It is a system that allows you to present an engaging intuitive or psychological reading, anytime, anywhere.


Readers tend to do the same old things. It is important to stand out and be recognized as special. This system makes it a breeze to do readings without memorizing stock lines, having to cold read others, learn palm reading, or any of the typical junk. In fact, you subconsciously know a lot of this system. Once we bring it into your awareness, you will naturally be able to do it easily.

If that sounds a little like real magic, well it sort of is - in a psychological sense.

You'll get to spend THREE HOURS with Kenton Knepper learning his special system, seeing different ways to present it, and practice it along with him too.

Kenton has never offered a live training in his special system before. This is a unique and powerful opportunity to learn an insider's tool of mentalism quickly and easily from the Master himself.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to get a special item at a discount at the end of this session.




Media Type Digital Lesson

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