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Gemstone Hand Display and Performance Tool

  • The wood hand stands up to get attention immediately
  • The hand is used instead of the person's hand
  • Sanitary, and built in with your secret clues
  • For use with the Gemstone Hand Intensive

If you have the GEMSTONE HAND INTENSIVE then you know why you want this!

Lightweight wooden hand and a small oval stand that it sets up in. Set the hand flat when using for the reading. Set it up in the slot in the oval in between readings to make a fascinating and eye-catching sign for your readings.

Perfect to get attention of onlookers or people passing by.

Set it up on a table in a coffee shop and go right to work!

The hand has all the secrets built into it, so you don't need to remember anything on the hand. It's right there in front of you! The lines are subtle, to keep your secret cues subtle, but you can easily darken them with a pen or brown marker if you want them to be more obvious.

GEMSTONES and INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED. Please see the Gemstone Hand Intensive for detailed instructions and use:

Lightweight, packs flat, easy to pack and carry anywhere!


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