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Mental Party


Wow all this for that price? Guys there is so much material here that is unbelievable! You will find also some works which me and Kenton Knepper we worked on! - Luca Volpe

There is some very special content here.  For those looking to genuinely learn not just effects but study the value of what is presented 'between the lines' - this is a an invaluable package.

- Steve Drury


We are having a celebration and you are invited!

Here is secret access to material that is hidden in memberships only, rare releases, and special work by Kenton Knepper and his students.

Learn truly different approaches to mentalism with Kenton Knepper, Luca Volpe, Pablo Amira, Steve Wachner, and more.

Just take a look at all the texts and numerous videos you get in this one package.

You may not have access to all of this material usually, but join the party here and see for yourself some of the secret works going on behind the scenes.

Imaginative, inventive, and useful mentalism.

Worth hundreds of dollars usually, but hey, it's a party!

Look below to see just how much you are really getting for this one price.

Why so low? Because we know once you see what goes on behind the scenes you will be convinced to join one or more of our memberships too!



  1. Real Open Bill Switch

  2. Real Sharpie Switch

  3. Pablo Amira's Remote Bills Original Effect and Presentation

  4. Kenton Variations on Pablo's Remote Bills EFFECT ONLY

  5. Kenton Variations on Pablo's Remote Bills EXPLAINED

  6. Cabalistic Pablo Amira

  7. Steve Wachner's Night Flight to Rio Test

  8. Pablo Amira RRV Remote Viewing Routine.

  9. Synergy by Pablo Amira

  10. Kenton Suggestion Tear

  11. Direct Impression Board Explanation

  12. Burning Desire Effect

  13. Burning Desire Additional Information

  14. Kentonism Reality Deck

  15. Kentonism Dual Reality Deck Explained

  16. Bent Cent Video 1: Performance

  17. Bent Cent Video 2: How to Make It

  18. Bent Cent 3: Presentation and Psychology

  19. Chill Effect Casual Demo

  20. Relax and Chill Video 1

  21. Relax and Chill Video 2

  22. Relax and Chill Video 3

  23. Relax and Chill Video 4

  24. Relax and Chill Video 5


  1. The Dream by Luca Volpe and Kenton Knepper (122 KB)

  2. Which Hand by David Karasek and Kenton (133 KB)

  3. Serial Number Double Cross by David Greene (83 KB)

  4. Imaginative Mind Reading (32.96 MB)

  5. Imaginative Mind Reading Bar Codes (196 KB)

  6. Imaginative Deluxe (776 KB)

  7. Sound and Note Readings Text (419 KB)

  8. Sound and Note Reading Audio (7.99 MB)

  9. Burning Desire Book (13.66 MB)

  10. Business Card Readings by Richard Tenace (935 KB)

  11. PK Handbook (4.87 MB)

  12. Mind Experiments Book (1.84 MB)

  13. One Night Stand (400 KB)

  14. Kenton's Clock Time Stopping (392 KB)

  15. Thought Bags (754 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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