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Back of the Room Pitch Books


Make Money After Your Reading, Show or Talk


Performers are often seen making money long after their show, reading or talk is over, by selling small booklets to the public at the back of the room or theater. These are known in the trade as "Back of the Room Books" or "Pitch Books". The books offered here are for that very purpose, designed and edited by J. Tank.

J. Tank, Kenton and others pitch these books after shows or talks that relate to their style of magic and mentalism. These books provide wonderful souvenirs as well as answer those often heard questions such as "Can you tell me what my dream meant", "Teach me how to make people do things", "Make me rich" or "How do I focus my mind"?

You get all the downloads that contain the following books as PDF files, as well as document files (.doc) so you can fully edit, print and make your own booklets to pitch based on these booklets. Feel free to edit the material, change the texts, rename them, add in your own promo, address, website, phone number, etc. Reformat the way they look, the layout, edit the text, make up your own covers, bind them any way you wish, and claim authorship if you'd like. Some of these texts are dated, so change them up to fit you and your audiences! We do know many performers write us to say they use these materials as their only pitch book sales... so work them! They can make you money!

NOTE: Many performers like to resize these books into a "saddle stitch" or 8 1/2 X 11" size folded in half and stapled as a booklet in the center. This makes the page length nearly twice as much. This half-size is common in pitch and souvenir booklets, so feel free to do that with these texts yourself. 

Titles of the books included in this set are:

* Secrets of The Richest People

* Dream Symbolism

* Meditation For Success and The Master Plan

* How To Influence People

* How To Win Contests

For example, sell each one for only $5.00 and you've paid for most of the cost of the set, and now you have an unlimited number to sell that is pure profit (after printing costs).

PLUS YOU GET TWO BONUSES: A sheet of simple, useful, wisdoms that may be used as a handout or as a promotional tool, and a very large book on the important subject of Drugs in Schools.

As you can see, the subject matter of these pitch books sell themselves.

How to use these: Sell these at any show, talk, lecture, reading or S.A.R. session. For instance, our symbolism booklet has elements from Kenton's own symbol tome for magicians and mentalists. This book contains many important insights on symbol meaning. Kenton has sold this symbol book after his Symbol Reading and Reprogramming and/or S.A.R. sessions (See these elsewhere on our website). Kenton has also sold the meditation booklet to those who asked Kenton how to meditate, before he wrote his own popular book on the subject. 

If you do an act that shows your influence in any way, then the book of "How To Influence Others" is a natural sale.

People think you know more than the obvious, so it's good to have the answers they imagine that you know. These books provide informative and entertaining answers while allowing you to make extra money after the show or reading. The price you sell these booklets for are up to you.

You get the downloads of the original texts to edit of five books in both PDF and Word files, plus full rights to print and publish these as your very own books. That's right. Put your own name on these booklets, call them anything you desire, alter the text and layout as you choose, and reprint the--keeping all the profits for yourself. See? Anyone really can publish his or her own book these days! Sell them at your own mentalism performances, readings, S.A.R. sessions - most anywhere the public might have interest in you and what you do.

People already ask you is you can teach them how to influence others, make them successful, help them win the lottery, control their own mind, and so on. Pitch books have long been the best and most profitable answer. Traditionally a mix of old and new ideas, pitch books are meant as souvenirs and tantalizing tidbits more than classical literature. But with our Back of the Room Books you can make of them whatever you will ! They will be YOUR books, after all.

NOTE: The only limitation to selling these books is that they cannot be repackaged and resold as back of the room books in any manner. You can make these books into your own to promote and sell at your shows, talks or on your website to promote yourself and what you do. You MAY NOT sell these on eBay or other sites as "Make money from these books". We retain all rights to the use of this material as pitch books or back of the room books. Only through us may you obtain legal rights to these materials and use them as your own to pitch and sell these as books to audiences and/or private clients. You will need to edit these original materials.

The start to writing your own latest public books have been done for you. They're waiting for you right here. Just download, edit, add, cut, modernize, mix in stock photos, slip in your own promo and whatever else you like. Soon you will have plenty to sell at your readings, sessions, talks and even mentalism performances.

Kenton's comment to you about these:

"Tank and Tim Parker compiled these and some of you may recall them from Weerd Weekend. They are source material and although it is mentioned in the website advertising I highly suggest you go through and edit, spell check, and adjust as you see fit. Some of it is updated and some of it may be a little dated - so cut and paste as you desire. It's not the usual finished product we put out. It is source material so you can edit to make as your own. I know you likely understand such things and will be doing editing anyway, but I wanted to make note of it to you personally, so you know what to expect ahead of time. It's always important to me that we be as clear as we can with our supporters and customers." - Kenton

DOES NOT INCLUDE THE S.A.R. Back of the Room Book. That book may be purchased in our S.A.R. Toolbox or S.A.R. and Toolbox Package only. A couple of these books are great for additional S.A.R. talk sales, as discussed in the S.A.R. Toolbox. If you have the Toolbox, you will probably know why these could be useful to you as well.

Even if you are only doing on quick mentalism effect, or a little talk about the mind, how you influence others, success, meditation, or even drugs in schools, there is a bok for you waiting to be sold. Just edit, and then add your own cover and promo.

They're ready... now.


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  6. borbtxtupload/borbmeditate.doc (44 KB)

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  9. borbtxtupload/borbinfluencepeople.doc (346 KB)

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  15. borbtxtupload/borbbonusnodrugs.doc (407 KB)

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