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Effects of Mentalism

  • Beautiful softcover physical book
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Practical, surefire, mentalism effects and original principles
  • Over 40 effects, presentations, and unique insights
  • Over 400 pages!


Finally, Kenton is allowing us to release physical books properly arranged to get the most out of his legacy material.

Effects of Mentalism is a softbound physical book that is what is sounds like: A book filled with mentalism effects.

It is more than that too. Effects of Mentalism teaches principles that mentalists and magical performers will find practical, and easy to use.

Certain ebooks by Kenton were secretly meant to work together for the greatest effect. Combining the legendary material of Influence Counts, Easy Mental Marvels, Memory Mashup, and Great Minds Think Alike, this physical book allows you to get the most out of these previous works, and kick them up to a new level when read together.


What Will You Learn? Here is a small sample:


Intuition Key
Another wonder by Pablo Amirá allows a person to perform the classic Seven Keys to Baldpate without key switches, with the participant examining everything, and with the participant handling EVERYTHING. 


The Emperor
This is Kenton's version of Brother Shadow's "The Empress" A large set of images are shown freely and members of the audience shuffle segments of the images to be sure the images are entirely random. Three audience members take portions of the shuffled images and imagines stories using the images they have.

The performer begins almost instantly to tell the stories and reveals the images each participants hold. There is NO PUMPING or guesswork.


Impromptu Intuitive
Scott Brown came across a concept and applied it in ways that got demands from the Las Vegas crowd for him to sell this secret to them. You'll learn it here.


Die-Fecta by Danny Proctor
A participant is asked to draw any number of spots on the drawing of a die. This is a completely free choice. The participant and audience are stunned to find that a die in full view from the start is made with this same number of spots ON EVERY SIDE OF THE DIE. No die switch.


One Card Killer by Pablo Amirá

Kolossal Killer with a single card, as created by Pablo Amirá. Need we really say more?


Symbolic Harmony Reading

Two people mix and deal a set of symbol cards in any way they wish at all. They look only at their own cards and discard any duplicates. The remaining cards of one participant is used for a reading. But that's not the odd part. It turns out these are the identical symbols their close friend has for their own reading! Not only that, the performer has predicted that these two people would be in exact harmony symbolically. A great effect for couples or teamwork.


A Short Question and Answer Routine

People write questions on your business cards. They mix their own questions back into your other business cards. After a few cuts, you take cards out one at a time, reveal the thought of information, and hand the question back to the proper people. This seems so casual and fair, you won't believe how easy it is to do, thanks to Kenton. No folds, double lifts or anything difficult. You can't miss.


Drawing Business

Two participants shuffle images drawn on the back of your business cards. They each look at an image, exchange them, and shuffle more. The performer mixes these images into even more images, and freely displays a few of the images. Then, suddenly, the performer names BOTH the images the participants have in mind. This method is based on an unusual system developed by Kenton, mixed with a long forgotten principle to mentalists.


Influence Counts

A row of people stand in a straight line. You remark that one of these people will be the president of the company, or the evening's featured speaker. You say that each person will be eliminated until only one person is left at random. That person will be the new president of the company of featured speaker. You ask the first person in the row to name a number or make up a name. There is no stooge or preshow. Whatever number or wild name the first person chooses, it is used to fairly count and eliminate people in the row, one by one. Nothing funny here. The procedure is always the same. The first person can do the counting if you wish. Amazingly, the only person left really is the actual president of the company of main speaker for the evening.

This secret method looks completely random, and in a sense, truly is random. There is no adjusting that you have to do, and no math or calculations in your head either. No one is in on it. There is no preparation in advance. Use it to randomly force a book, do surefire equivoque, Bank Nite, reveal or force practical anyone, or anything.


Lama Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are arranged in a circle during a celebration, such as a wedding engagement. Using a random name, fortune cookies are crushed and the messages inside examined. This continues until one cookie remains intact. "The messages in the other cookies were very random, not very positive, unless you really desperately wanted to learn to speak Chinese. But one cookie remains for you two to share. Open up your future, your cookie, and tell us what message there is for the two of you. The message reads, "Sure love is yours to have and to remain."  This may be performed for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, surprise announcements - YOU choose. There is no end to ways to use these fair-looking principles.


Lock That Securely In Mind

A simple, secure, easy way to do Mind Reading on the fly with your business cards and a metal business card case, without shiners or sleight of hand.


Kenton's Thought Direction

Random thoughts are shown written, and a participant concentrates on one. No force or pre-show required. The performer displays some of the thoughts, and mentions how these are similar to thoughts we all have floating through our minds from time to time. "But one thought you have freely chosen to dwell upon. I get the sense you are thinking to yourself that you need to focus better, and more clearly. You keep repeating this in your mind. You are very clear and focused about it. I would say if you will only choose to be clear and focused on anything, your mind has the power to follow easily, and even project your ideas clearly to others. That is what you are focusing on as your main thoughts, to focus and be clear, isn't that right? Yes, you have only those on your mind, and nothing else? Perfect!" No sneaky linguistics here. A direct method leads to memorable results for audiences large or very small.


One Card Name Forgetting

A Kenton original, often duplicated incorrectly in the writings of others. This method makes name forgetting effects easy and very clean.


And that's just for starters. There is MUCH more.


Over 40 effects and presentations, over 400 pages in length.

Your mind will reel with the possibilities of using this practical material in countless ways. You get full routines, original methods, powerful little known principles, and easy to work effects. Whether you are a pro, a hobbyist, or even relatively new to mentalism, the Effects of Mentalism book will do wonders for you, and your audiences. 

With actual performance material from Kenton KnepperPablo AmiráNewell UnfriedRob Chapman, Scott BrownDanny Proctor and more.



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