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Items tagged with "cards"

  • Dunninger's 2 Plus

    Dunninger's 2 Plus

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    Digital Lesson
    • Complete 3 phase routine of Mind Reading, mental influence and clouding the mind.
    • The full routine that has fooled mentalists and laypeople that Kenton has kept to himself.
    • All new material never tipped by Kenton before.
    • KNOW what card a person will be thinking of, even predict it, before they have taken their card from a deck.
    • Includes "A Touch is a Connection" in which a couple surprise each other, and the mentalist surprises everyone.
    • New and classic Kentonism psychology that fools regular people and performers alike.
    • Memorable and meaningful mentalism using nothing more than a deck of cards.
    • An brief essay on why cards can and do work in mentalism, and how not to be fooled into not using them.
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  • Effects of Mentalism

    Effects of Mentalism

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    • Beautiful softcover physical book
    • Free shipping worldwide
    • Practical, surefire, mentalism effects and original principles
    • Over 40 effects, presentations, and unique insights
    • Over 400 pages!
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  • The Las Vegas Card Trick

    The Las Vegas Card Trick

    5.0 Stars
    Shipped Product
    • The perfect trick to explain why you are a magician and not making money from being a card cheat.
    • The perfect trick to explain why you are a mentalist, but cannot make money from gambling in Vegas.
    • A really NEW plot and surprise ending that literally no one sees coming.
    • Very entertaining, with no real sleight of hand required. Do it right out of the box.
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  • No Equivoque Advanced Equivoque Intensive

    No Equivoque Advanced Equivoque Intensive

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    Digital Lesson
    • TWO sessions for one special total price
    • Learn how to force nearly any thing WITHOUT equivoque
    • A powerful tool and secret methods to mix into anything you do
    • A MUST have for those who got the Equivoque Intensive
    • Equivoque Intensive NOT required to learn this
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  • Subliminally Wild with Cards

    Subliminally Wild with Cards

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    Shipped Product
    • A Card Effect Perfect For Our Times
    • Demonstrate the Power of Media and Party Influence
    • A Visual Stunner, Highly Entertaining, Yet With a Meaning
    • BONUS: Cards of Influence eBook as an instant download
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  • POWer Deck for Readings

    POWer Deck for Readings

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    • Rare Deck from the Mind Reading Lessons
    • Very Limited Number
    • For Readings and Training the Mind
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