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Mind Reading Lessons Vol 2 Huge Hardbound Book

  • Hardbound Book
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  • Includes the 9 sheets of special images to print out and make your own One Earth Card Readings Deck

"For me Kenton's thinking is second to none. The Mind Reading Lessons are not a need or a want, they are a must! If you want to learn from a pro, no a master, how to do things the right way the first time, then you need Kenton's Mind Reading Lessons! I still use Kenton's work in my everyday life and I know I will continue to go back to it time and time again."
— Peter Turner

The Mind Reading Lessons are The Tarbell of the Mentalistic and Mystery arts. They are essential reading and some of the most important teachings available. If you are at all serious about learning the real secrets and concepts that often underline and weave through my own ideas and work then you need this course as a foundation."
— Fraser Parker

Includes FREE Worldwide Shipping. 

Almost 700 pages in a hardbound book (697 pages to be exact)

This is the second volume of The Mind Reading Lessons. It is a hardbound 6 x 9 book, 697 pages in length, with a TOC and no filler images or nonsense.

This is Kenton's classic work on Mind Reading, Mentalism and Readings, finally in a hardbound book, that changed countless attitudes, approaches, methods and psychology in mentalism, performing readings, psychological performance demonstrations and mentalism itself.

Nowhere else can spend this kind of money and get more modern mentalism with original breakthrough methodologies than here.

If you have the very basics of mentalism down and are ready to kick your abilities up to the next level of super-mentalism that goes beyond what most are able to achieve, then you are ready for this incredible life and performance changing course.

Nothing else is like the Mind Reading Lessons. These original methods and approaches not taught or found anywhere else.

You can stay where you are, buy all the little things new mentalists want to sell you, and end up spending thousands while getting you nowhere. Or you can learn from the Master directly for a fraction of the price, and elevate yourself to the rare levels only the very best in mentalism otherwise achieve.

In the Mind Reading Lessons Vol. 2, you will learn our famous approach to outs that never fail to make an impression, how to do readings without fear, POW images that let you print out and make your own images and unique readings card deck - including downloads when you order to print out and use right away, symbolic outs, our School's secret way of writing impressions and readings, surefire impressions, surefire readings with predictions, artistic and visual impressions, drawing duplication readings, impromptu and subjective book tests, slip of a reading effect, beauty and truth and ESP, "Date of Death", altered states and ritual, Ultra Mental Archetypes, TarotFried, White Envelope Test, Stand Up Z, Z Perfect Match, ESP Symbol Meanings, symbolism in readings, Tag You're It Book Test, Lo-Tech Secret Information Gathering, SSV Device (the forerunner to many things you spend thousands of dollars on), Capping It Off, Triple Intuition, Bottled Emotions, Fraser's Mind Reading Explained, Hezi's Kosher Test, Fraser's A Passing Thought, Kenton's Reverse Polarity Metaphor Spiel, and more.

Sure, that looks like a lot of material, but you get a great deal more than what we can mention here. This is a stunning amount of material and deep inside information.

This is Volume 2 of the Mind Reading Lessons in a hardbound book. This second volume contains all the material from the original Mind Reading Lessons 5 - 8.  Almost 700 pages in Volume 2.

PLUS you get the 9 sheets of special images to print out and make your own One Earth Card Readings Deck right here as an instant download.



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