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Honor Student Program Entry Level Special

$12.97 / month


Become a member of Kenton Knepper's HONOR STUDENT program for less than $13 a month.

You will rightfully be able to claim you are an Honored Student of Kenton Knepper, and get access to a large amount of unique Kenton Knepper material.

Each month you will get at least  one effect, online lesson, book, or video for this low price.


* Experiment with Kenton ideas that have been lost to all except Kenton's personal notebooks.

* Get secret peeks into Kenton Knepper's published material, and learn entire effects.

* Grab new ideas and concepts to play with that Kenton has never before released.

* Preview and learn with videos from all of Kenton Knepper's memberships.

* Get out of print, offline, and more expensive works and effects.

* Get special introductory offers and pricing from time to time.

* Get Member-Exclusive talks by Kenton Knepper.

* and MORE.


Each month you get a trick, new talk, arcane idea, lost concept, popular effect, membership video, popular routine, experimental ideas, or unique insight into magic and mentalism by Kenton Knepper and his students.

This is a rare entry-level opportunity to review Kenton Knepper material, learn work from Kenton Knepper's higher cost Membership programs, discover unusual ideas Kenton Knepper has yet to widely share or publish, discover hidden gems in Kenton Knepper's work, learn tricks of all kinds that Kenton Knepper routined or created, learn both magic and mentalism ideas by Kenton Knepper, get direct and simplified versions of Kenton Knepper material, watch sample lesson videos, and more.

The price here is kept very low to help more people discover the many creations, inventions, ideas, and material by Kenton Knepper, and to help Honor Students find their favorite types of material before choosing more expensive membership programs and options.

Whether you are new to mentalism or magic, or a seasoned pro wanting new ways of thinking, this is a real steal.

At a price you simply can't ignore or refuse.

We've finally made it easy for you. Now stop fidgeting and start playing for less than anyone else!




Each month will be a different set of teachings. Each month you gain access to a new set of materials to keep as long as you like on your online Members page. New file access will appear to the next month's lessons and secret files will appear about 30 days after your previous files.

We highly suggest you get in as soon as you can, to catch as much of these interviews and teachings as possible. Each month brings a new set of applications, study guide, interview, etc. 

Membership is a recurring payment, paid monthly. You may cancel at anytime. If you cancel, all access will be revoked.  Only current paid members will have access to new files, interviews, membership chat area, and other privileges.

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at the end of a payment cycle, before a new one begins.

We have made access incredibly affordable so anyone who really cares to learn directly from The Master his original principles and applications, with all the insider information, can do so easily.

For Review Then:

Monthly Membership (Renewed Monthly) - $12.97

You may cancel at anytime. Cancel by the end of the terms of your renewal to be sure you will not be charged for renewal in the next month. You will not retain access to your files online if you cancel. We cannot cancel retroactively, but we will be sure to cancel you right away if you so choose, so you will not be charged for the month to come. The videos in teaching memberships are for current members only. We don't release much of the membership material separately, and we don't have downloads of the videos to keep them out of the hands of non-members. If you ever leave a membership please be sure to take notes on the video sections as they are not accessible if you are not a member. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep our special membership teaching to those students currently enrolled in these memberships. The memberships get material other teaching sections do not.